MLG fundraises off of her newly signed recreational pot bill

On Tuesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sent out a fundraising email lauding her signing of the Democrats’ extreme recreational marijuana bill, despite concerns from law enforcement about public safety.

Lujan Grisham relished in the bill’s signing, writing, “I was deeply proud to sign this bill into law because I know it will open up so many opportunities for New Mexico. Opportunities for workers and entrepreneurs to build prosperous careers. Opportunities to generate more revenue for state and local governments. And opportunities to mend the harm done by the failed war on drugs – which has taken a disproportionate toll on communities of color.” 

She claimed the bill is just what she was “dreaming of” when she introduced her extreme proposals before the legislative session, many of which she got, including abortion up to birth, assisted suicide legalization, raiding the permanent fund for free daycare, among other extreme measures.

“This is the kind of change I’m dreaming of when I talk about building a brighter future for New Mexico – a win-win that allows both individuals and communities to thrive. Together, we’ll keep fighting to make our bold agenda a reality. This session, we’ve proven that it’s possible.” 

Then she made an appeal for cash, writing that she wanted to hit a $10,000 fundraising goal, asking, “If you supported legalizing cannabis in New Mexico, will you donate $15 or more right now to keep our state blue?” 

It is unclear if Lujan Grisham’s appeal to her far-left supporters will yield success, but Democrats did everything they could to ram through the bill but failed in epic proportions by not getting it through the regular session. The initial failure resulted in the Governor calling a hurried special session to ram the bill through in record time and signing the proposal as fast as she could. 

2 thoughts on “MLG fundraises off of her newly signed recreational pot bill”

  1. It’s the typical grifter behavior from this fugly beast that we’ve unfortunately come to expect. I reckon she’ll need some more money to pay off some more brutally groped victims….this feral beast can’t help herself.

  2. Going to help whoever runs against this evil PoS……Need someone who knows the Constitution and upholds their oath to New Mexicans. Shes a public servant but acts like a tyrant.

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