MLG copies former GOP opponent’s rebate plan she once called ‘socialist’

In a strange turn of events, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is urging New Mexico legislators to adopt a $750 to $1,500 rebate plan with the new windfall of over $1.1 billion in “new money” to spend in the new fiscal year due to increased oil and gas proceeds

The Albuquerque Journal reported, “The specific size and scope of the rebates remain under negotiation with the session just over a month away, but a spokeswoman for the Democratic governor said Tuesday the rebates could be in the ballpark of $750 per taxpayer – or $1,500 per married couple filing jointly.” 

“The governor has been working for several months to urge the Legislature to support using a portion of the one-time funds to deliver another rebate to New Mexicans as they continue to experience high costs due to inflation,” Lujan Grisham’s press secretary Nora Meyers Sackett said.

“The record-high revenue projections present a unique opportunity to keep more money in New Mexicans’ pockets, and the governor will continue to push for an additional round of rebates as we near the legislative session,” she continued.

Backtracking to the 2022 campaign, where Lujan Grisham beat her GOP opponent Mark Ronchetti, she blasted his campaign’s plan to give tax rebates based on oil and gas production — essentially the same policy she is proposing now. 

Ronchetti’s website read during the campaign, “At current oil and gas production and budget surplus levels, this would amount to more than $500 for every man, woman, and child in New Mexico.”

In July, Lujan Grisham’s campaign railed against Ronchetti’s plan, calling it a “fiscally irresponsible socialist scheme” that would eliminate funding for the state budget. The governor’s administration has now copy-pasted the Ronchetti plan.

Lujan Grisham’s previous critique of Ronchetti’s plan came after she approved robbing the Land Grant Permanent Fund of billions to pay for socialist “free” daycare, approved $75 million annually for socialist “free” college (including for illegal aliens), and promoted full-blown socialist policies, such as the state’s “Energy Transition Act,” also known as the Green New Deal to implement the socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-style policy.


16 thoughts on “MLG copies former GOP opponent’s rebate plan she once called ‘socialist’”

  1. The only platform the Governor ran on was Abortion, she’s not gifted upstairs so she’s now taking from Ronchetti’s platform and calling it her ideas. Wow what a scammer, what a loser. More to come from this vile Governor and her puppets in Santa Fe. Sad part of it all is we have a beautiful State with so much potential but a Government that’s focused on greed, power and corruption. It’s not what you gather, it’s what you scatter dearest leaders of our State.

  2. Any one that voted for her is an idiot. Why not keep the money and use it to help make our schools number one in the nation, heck I would be happy with not the bottom ten!!

  3. A responsible move would be to invest that money into industry or businesses in the state promoting growth of new businesses to offset those eliminated during the COVID lockdowns, those that MLG destroyed.
    And I’m not talking about more marijuana dispensary places, but the restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, etc. that we lost.

  4. There will always be detractors to an elected individual. I love Michelle and feel she has accomplished quite a bit, abortion, aid to the state, and many more successes. Ronchetti had a good idea, and michelle us wise enough to incorporate.

    1. Yes Governor, big industry in late term abortions good for revenue for New Mexico. 10 million to build abortion clinics under the disguise of Women Heath Care centers. Hmmmm wonder what the agent gods of yesterday produced and granted their citizens when they sacrificed their children? Satan and his gods are having a field today.

    2. Typical democratic replay. Can not list or number the good except abortion. Against the bible . What about stopping the illegals they sap the taxpayers…or no give them free $1000 and I’d and you dumb democratic leave the vets in the cold. No wonder NM is the worst with voters like you. Keeping us like a 3rd country

    3. Name the many more successes, Janet, I’d love to hear them. You are deceived beyond belief if you can’t see the damage the “one you love” has caused to this state.
      The “one you love” is for the slaughter of babies, the legalization of euthanization, violating our 2nd Amendment rights so we can’t defend ourselves, indoctrination of our children into the Marxist ideology, refuses to help the homeless, continues to raise our taxes……
      In short, “the one you love” loves death. Death to this state, our country, and our livelihood. Wake up fool!

    4. Your love for Michelle, abortion, etc., is a window into who and what you are: A useful idiot contributor to the utter destruction not only of this state but of the entire country. Congratulations.

    5. You indicate you “feel” MLG has accomplished quite a bit. This, in addition to your “love” for MLG, says a lot about you, basing your choices on “feelings” rather than thought, or facts.

      Fact: Abortion is to kill a human being before it can be born, or in the case of the sort of killing MLG endorses, and which you endorse with your approval of her, literally in the act of being born.

      Fact: Never is abortion required to save the life of the mother. Early delivery, yes. Abortion, no.

      To sign into law the legalization of killing of helpless and innocent babies is not an “accomplishment.” It is something to be ashamed of. Its proponents may smirk and say “well, it’s LEGAL now,” but to make something legal does not make it right and it is not right, nor will it ever be right.

  5. Mlg the Evil Idiot of NM

    She has to copy other people’s policy because she is not smart enough to create her own. I will not refer to her as the Governor of NM. She is more the state idiot. She is a Socialst, dictator.

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