MLG claims GOP ‘attacking our personal freedoms’ in desperate fundraising ploy

Ahead of December special session for redistricting, which is rumored to begin on December 6, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is frantically sending out fundraising pleas to supporters asking for donations. During a special session of the Legislature, Lujan Grisham would be barred from fundraising, per state law.

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So, the Lujan Grisham campaign has begun the desperate fundraising asks. Since Monday, November 8, the embattled governor has sent out nine fundraising emails, averaging at least one per day. The emails read anything from “December is coming” to generic “stop the GOP” messaging.

In one email, Lujan Grisham’s team writes, “Starting in early December, we won’t be able to fundraise AT ALL for three whole months because the New Mexico State Legislature is meeting for a special session.”

“If we fail to reach our $150,000 goal, New Mexico could flip red, just like Virginia did this month,” the campaign writes.

In one hilarious ask, the Lujan Grisham campaign wrote, “If the GOP flips New Mexico – just like they flipped Virginia this month – they could weaken our democracy and attack our personal freedoms. So, we need your immediate support to keep New Mexico blue.”

It is unclear what the campaign is referring to with “weakening our democracy” or “attacking our personal freedoms,” but the harsh mask and jab mandates the militant regime have instituted prove ironic for a campaign trying to claim it is a bastion of supposed “personal freedoms.”

In another fundraising ask sent by Lujan Grisham’s finance director called“Brandon,” he claims voting rights to reproductive freedom is on the line.”

The desperate fundraising ploys appear just to be getting more desperate as December approaches. Still, there is no lack of irony in Lujan Grisham’s campaign emails, as her administration has mandated many anti-freedom edicts that are harming New Mexicans and permanently closed 40% of small businesses in the state.


4 thoughts on “MLG claims GOP ‘attacking our personal freedoms’ in desperate fundraising ploy”

  1. Is this psychological protection, accusing others of doing what you are guilty of doing? Duh!!! That takes some big ones. The house of Lujan is worse than any monarchy to data!

  2. MLG Taking NM's Freedom Away Everyday

    The only one attacking personal freedoms are MLG and the Democrap party of New Mexico. Masks on our face everywhere we go is called “attacking our freedom.” No politician should have the right to force masks on anyone’s face, or force people to have a vaccination. MLG is the evil in New Mexico.

  3. My thoughts on this is..Lujan *the serial groper extraordiaire* is getting away with most things because people seem to forget and so does she. At least John Block is not forgetting and he keeps saying the things She has done to New Miexicans in each story…not letting her forget or us.
    This is something we all MUST start doing…or she may get elected again like Keller her in Albuquerque did. He didn’t deserve a second term as mayor, and dhe doesn’t deserve a second term as governor. REMEMBER and kick her out ….She and the demon-0-rat party of New Mexico are the ones destroying this state and our so called “democracy” whhich is really a Constitutional Republic. Remember and get rid of HER

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