MLG appoints perennial failed Dem candidate to seat held by Couy Griffin

On Friday, the Alamogordo Daily News reported that far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham appointed perennial failed Democrat candidate Stephanie DuBois to the seat held by County Commissioner Couy Griffin. A Santa Fe state judge, using 153-year-old case law, ordered Griffin removed, although the case is still on appeal. 

Despite the case remaining on appeal, the Democrat governor went ahead and appointed DuBois, a dog groomer and ex-Democratic Party of Otero County chair.

DuBois has previously failed repeatedly in the attempt to win election to the state House and Senate, Otero County Commission, Otero County Clerk’s Office, judgeships, and New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, among others going back to at least 2002, with failed elections spanning over 20 years. She appears to have been on election ballots in nearly every cycle in recent history.

The leftist candidate said on Facebook in June, “I have been endorsed by State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero and I have received a generous donation from our Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland. These two outstanding women are my friends and I am very thankful for their support.”

An ardent supporter of abortion, she has been at rallies and other pro-abortion functions around Alamogordo. 

DuBois appears to be running a joint campaign with a Democrat state representative candidate and Gabe Vasquez, a Democrat challenging Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-NM-02), despite these independent expenditures not being disclosed on campaign finance reports. 

DuBois told the Daily News following her appointment, “In a very red county to appoint a Democrat is monumental.” 

Despite the County’s Second Commission District voting for Griffin, a Republican, in 2018 and a 2021 recall attempt failing, the Democrat governor appointed the Democrat DuBois, who the voters have rejected repeatedly for over 20 years. 

In the past. DuBois has branded special county commission meetings held to discuss stopping fraud in elections as “propaganda meetings” while bashing her Republican opponent, Amy Barela, erroneously claiming she is a supporter of “voter suppression.” She has also attacked other Republican candidates in Otero County.

DuBois, who is headed for an almost-certain election defeat in November in the conservative district, even despite incumbency, will be a lame-duck “commissioner,” only being able to sit at two County Commission meetings for November and December 2022. 

This is a developing story and will be updated when more information is available.


22 thoughts on “MLG appoints perennial failed Dem candidate to seat held by Couy Griffin”

  1. Wow, such a corrupt and shameful appointment.

    DuBois appointment is not monumental… only another example of ongoing abuse of power.

    1. You sure can tell that thise replying to this “post” or blog or whatever it is, are staunch Republicans. Did you really think that people would believe a biased article like this? Go away and leave me alone. There is enough prejudice in the world, stop adding to it.

      1. That’s not what this is about, Rebecca. The bottom line is it is b.s. for the governor to appoint this democrat to a vacant post in a solid red county. That isn’t prejudice, this is politics and, again, it is b.s.

      2. I’m so glad that thief Couy Griffin is gone. And him being a big Trump supporters, did alot of illegal stuff by using all New Mexico tax payers money for going tho tha idiot’s Ex-President Donald Trump. Why would he go the capital to help raid the Capital? When he had better things to help get better for Otero County. He has done nothing for Otero County but collect a damn check. You all are just mad because she’s a Democrat. That’s not a good reason to.say she’s not a good candidate for the County Commisioner. I hope she wins the election so that all you haters can hate more, but I guarantee she will be better than the othe candidates.

  2. MLG Destoying Democracy

    MLG always putting far left psychopaths wherever she wants them. She hates the people of New Mexico. She thinks she is the ruler of our state. Hope Otero County fights back against this evil tyrant.

    1. Fortunately, she can be quickly voted out. I’m sure she won’t make friends in the few months that she warms the seat. Putting a Dem in a red seat isn’t an “accomplishment,” it’s a time-waster to the others and makes her look like a fool.

      When I read this, it reminded me of Denise Lang-Browne down in Alamogordo. That woman runs for EVERYTHING yet has never been elected. She’s another far-left clown. She was the one who started the Alamogordo Name and Shame group on Facebook. That was the group that bullied others who chose not to wear masks. I’m not comfortable with a person who takes photos of others, posts their personal info, trolls them on social media and encourages others to bully them simply because she doesn’t agree with them, being my Senator, Congressperson, on my school board or anything else. Before she locked down the group to “private,” I screencapped a lot of her posts. Anytime she runs for an office, I remind her constituents what she did to others in the community. We don’t need these kind of people in our government! They lose elections for reasons.

      I’m surprised MLG never reached out to Denise…they have the same values, ethics and thought patterns.

  3. C.Griffin was voted in by the people. What a blatant disregard for the people MLG supposedly represents. Common sense law is the county commissioner seat is his and a governor has no right to replace him.

  4. Otero county is almost the most CORRUPT COUNTY in NM. It’s in the top Three. The fix is always in there. So who cares?

  5. To the Pinon Post, I really enjoy your content being from the SE part of the state. My only problem is you keep showing pics of Chairman Luann she’s kinda hard to look at.

  6. When you elect a criminal, and they are booted from office, do you really expect to get a choice in who replaces them?

  7. Coy Griffin is not a criminal unless you consider ever attendant at the Jan. 6 peaceful protest criminals. They even jailed an 80+ year old woman with cancer. Is she a criminal too????
    I’ve known Coy for years and he’s a good man and great patriot. He should not have been removed from office. Purely political and not even done by Otero Co. residents.

  8. DuBois will see two meetings and then be gone. Just keeping the seat warm for Amy. Grisham did this just to p off the Republicans of Alamogordo. Making DuBois look like a fool. Stick to the dog grooming. These two meetings will be your only few minutes of fame.

  9. Spawned in hell and they not only hate God they hate those who do.

    “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”

  10. The fact is the story is a lie and propaganda. The Governors office has made no official announcement of an appointment. The Governor is vetting Ms Dubois and possibly other candidates. For the author to go with a false story and not retract that she is the leading candidate for appointment but no appointment has been made is fake journalism but that’s to be expected isn’t it from a candidate that attacks anyone that doesn’t follow his personal ambitions.

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