MLG applauds GOP senators selling out Americans’ gun rights

Over the weekend, it was reported that ten Republican U.S. Senators are joining with far-left Democrats to pass an extreme anti-gun bill that includes “red flag” legislation to rip away Americans’ due process rights and corrode the Second Amendment.

The Democrat senator leading the talks is Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, and the leader of Republican negotiations is Sen. John Cornyn of Texas.

Scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico, a far-left Democrat, could barely contain her excitement with the potential of new anti-gun legislation being passed federally.

She wrote on Twitter, “Today, there is hope for bipartisan action on gun safety. While we have taken significant steps to reduce gun violence, NM will benefit from @ChrisMurphyCT and @JohnCornyn’s commonsense policies.”

The Governor continued, “I call on the Senate to quickly take up this proposal — the time to act is now.”

Lujan Grisham also thanked New Mexico’s radical Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich, writing, “I’m grateful to the Senators including our own @TeamHeinrich. Together they found a bipartisan solution to address #GunViolence. This is a step in the right direction.”

The Democrats in the New Mexico Legislature, in tandem with Lujan Grisham, rammed through extreme anti-gun legislation in the form of a “red flag” law, among other measures such as funding $300,000 annually for an “Office of Gun Violence Prevention” to take away New Mexicans’ Second Amendment rights.

Despite Lujan Grisham’s rhetoric, her administration has overseen some of the highest crime in New Mexico, with her agenda being chiefly responsible for continued unrest in the streets. In Albuquerque, crime hit an all-time high, while homicides broke historic records. 

These results came while Lujan Grisham worked with far-left Democrats in the Legislature to strip away qualified immunity rights of peace officers, institute “social justice” reforms to the criminal system, and let dangerous criminals back on the streets to ravage New Mexico streets. She also applauded Antifa/Black Lives Matter protesters who defied her lockdown orders to hold violent protests in the streets of Albuquerque.

However, Lujan Grisham and her fellow Democrats in New Mexico continue to bang the gong demanding an erosion of Americans’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


6 thoughts on “MLG applauds GOP senators selling out Americans’ gun rights”

  1. Constitutional violations by government never equate to less crime or public safety, in fact the opposite is true as noted in your column. but the real goal of citizen disarmament is getting the public to accept communism first through coercion and then by force. People be aware the government is already communist they’re now just eroding our rights enough to drag us into this hateful satanic system that has caused misery throughout the world.

  2. MLG is mentally ill, she knows no limits to her narcissism, she has no sense of right and wrong or the boundaries of the office governor.

  3. Nancy Tannenbaum

    One look at her priorities reveals who and what she is. I wonder how many of her useful idiot supporters will finally figure out how to connect the dots when her planned statewide energy blackouts hit and already raging crime triples.

  4. Aiding and abetting the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic is treason.
    These “elected leaders”, along with the
    presstitutes of the enemedia are trying to destroy America. Our media is owned by China and their “news” is fed to them by their Chinese masters.
    Until proof is shown that these gasbag politicians are on the take is a question for another day. But there is no doubt that many politicians have violated their Holy Oath “to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States” – by trying to deprive citizens of their natural, God Given rights is TREASON – a Capital Crime punishable by death.
    To disarm citizens is to condemn us to the whims of those in power. Without the right to keep and bear arms, all your other “rights” are merely good manners from your masters.
    BE PREPARED for a call TO ARMS –

  5. These politicians have, or don’t care about history! In the 20th century 56,000,000 people were killed thanks to gun control! In 1911 Turkey established gun control & exterminated 1,500,000 Armenians. 1929 Soviet union, exterminated 20,000,000! 1935 China, exterminated 20,000,000 dissidents! 1938, Germany exterminated 13,000,000 Jews! 1956 Cambodia exterminated 1,000,000 people! 1964 Guatemala exterminated 100,000 Mayans! 1970,Uganda exterminated 300,000 Christians! All this after gun control was established. Is the United States next??????

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