Luján uses his late father’s cancer battle to promote his U.S. Senate run

On Tuesday, Democrat Rep. Ben Ray Luján (NM-03) revealed a new ad using the narrative of his late father’s cancer battle to promote his U.S. Senate run.

Lujan, who is a supporter of the socialist “Medicare for All” proposal backed by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, used his father, who was an ironworker, to promote his health care plans.

“When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, mom and dad were fortunate to have insurance and good care for him during those trying days for our family,” Luján said in the ad. “That’s why I’ve worked in Congress to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare, and why I’ll bring that fight to the Senate to ensure every New Mexican can receive the affordable medical care they need.”

“I’m Ben Ray Luján. Mom and Dad were lucky to have insurance. To many, a cancer diagnosis means bankruptcy or losing your home,” the ad says.

According to, Luján has not passed a single bill with his name on it into law despite over 11 years serving in the House of Representatives. Now, it appears he is using the image of his well-known late father to boost his image on television commercials for his U.S. Senate run. 

Luján’s father served as the Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives from 2002 to 2012. Ben Ray Luján is running against Republican longtime television weatherman Mark Ronchetti for the U.S. Senate seat.


2 thoughts on “Luján uses his late father’s cancer battle to promote his U.S. Senate run”

  1. What a crock. He makes it sound like his father died young. Not true. His father was a Bill Richardson and Jeffery Epstein cohort for years. He died at an old age, filthy rich from his service to New Mexicans.

  2. Corruption runs wide and DEEP in that Loserjan family!!! Little Benny boy wants to live high on the hog off the backs of New Mexico taxpayers. Enough said —

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