Lujan Grisham’s new abortion hotline cloaked in secrecy

The far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham administration recently unveiled its new abortion hotline that is purported to support women’s access to “reproductive health” despite abortion forcibly ending the reproductive process.

The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) website claims it is meant to “​​help when looking for abortion information.” The hotline is likely to push abortion businesses like the Albuquerque-based Southwestern Women’s Options, the Las Cruces-based “The Pink House West,” and Planned Parenthood locations littered across the state. 

No information about life-affirming options other than abortion is noted on the NMDOH website despite many of these pro-life pregnancy resource centers offering free help for women in crisis pregnancies.

The website reads, “Help is available for people of all genders and ages. We can help people from any state. You will not be asked any information about citizenship,” apparently showing an aim to push abortion on illegal immigrant women and attempt to service the “trans” community.

“According to state data, there were more than 11,000 reported abortions statewide last year compared with nearly 4,900 abortions reported in 2021,” wrote the Associated Press.

According to a KOB 4 report, “A spokesperson from the governor’s office says the hotline is run by nurses already working at the Department of Health. They’re from the Epidemiology Division [and] helped with the COVID-19 hotline…. The governor’s spokesperson says the hotline is also meant to connect women with housing and transportation needs as well.”

“Call the NM Reproductive Health Hotline for help when looking for abortion information. Your safety and health are important. We do not share your information with anyone. The hotline is staffed by nurses who can answer questions and connect you to health care. The hotline is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. MST and weekends 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” reads the website. 

NMDOH also notes, “You can schedule an appointment with a provider to discuss your options. Please call NM Reproductive Health Hotline (1-833-76REPRO) in order to get information about clinics in NM, as well as wait times.” This appears to indicate abortion facilities are the main push of the hotline, contradicting the governor’s spokesperson.

Despite little to no information available about the hotline, it is prominently featured on the NMDOH website. The hotline remains cloaked in secrecy, but no doubt it is meant to continue pushing abortion up-to-birth in the state where no limits whatsoever exist on abortion, including no standards of care to protect pregnant women or their babies in the womb.


12 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham’s new abortion hotline cloaked in secrecy”

  1. This is about Baal worship. Human sacrifices to Molock. And is this one way to harvest adrenochrome for the elites? New Mexico is deep into Baal/Sun worship. Look at the state emblem, it’s a Sun symbol. Look it up.

  2. And where will the resources be to help young women traumatized by abortion? I’m guessing they don’t have a hotline for that.


  4. MLG and her cohorts have to use deception in their hotline because they know how unpopular their abortion stance is.

  5. I hope she doesn’t think she’s Catholic/Christian or even worse got married under the Church of God. Same with Biden. Do you know they say that he is the second Catholic president? Ha what a joke. He wants to solidify the old Roe vs. Wade ruling. He supports killing the innocent that are unborn and in Gods eyes they all have a soul. Sleepy Joe needs to go to Church more. I just hope when the time comes they get judged way more than us who support life and not them who promote aborting the innocent and Children of God.

  6. It has to do with babies…Now how can you tell that big money is in place with MANDATORY VACCINATIONS over a potentially man made virus never witnessed before in nature?
    You got to read what the scientists actually publish…. here goes, lets see if you can catch the proverbial bullsh*t:

    “There have also been VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] reports of infants dying of thrombocytopenia (low platelets) following maternal vaccination, and also evidence of infants having heart attacks in the womb following maternal vaccination. None of this is new information. It has simply been widely and systematically censored,” Dr. Christiane Northrup, an obstetrician-gynecologist.
    Dr. Dan McDyer, an obstetrician-gynecologist ,“To me, the recommendation of administering this medication to pregnant women was one of the most irresponsible actions in the history of modern medicine. I am so disappointed that the entities charged with the mission of protecting public health (FDA) and women’s health (ACOG) were derelict in their duties because it only took me about 15 minutes of online research to determine that these lipid nanoparticles were going to cross the placenta and infect the fetus,”
    “These authors observed a ‘notably high signal’ in the decidua, which is the lining of the uterus. This concentrated mRNA in the decidual tissues will be translated into high concentrations of spike protein, likely contributing to a myriad of devastating effects on human reproductive function—not just severe abnormalities of menstrual periods, but infertility, multiple pregnancy complications, and severe bleeding in pregnancy and in the post-partum period,”
    Dr. Thorp added that despite their “horrifying” findings, the authors still concluded their evidence “overwhelmingly supports” the COVID-19 vaccine’s effectiveness in mitigating the morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 in pregnant and non-pregnant women.

    And there you have it… arrogance and ignorance and money pays people in positional authority to make the World more in danger of itself from…them.

    1. …and?

      Why did I post those quotes?

      Legalized Abortion up to and at the moment of birth folks.

      This is what they do to qualify an execution up to the moment of birth as a lawful action… They (the sick M’Fers) playing political who*e games actually think outside the box to find a solution to…ABORTION UP TO BIRTH.

      When they cant justify execution and dismemberment of a child at the moment of birth, they will find something to make it…justified.

      That’s my point. These individuals are sick and demented…

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