Judge delivers bad news to Gov. Lujan Grisham over executive order

On Tuesday, a federal judge, David Herrera Urias, issued a temporary restraining order, blocking Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s revised public health order that prohibited firearms in parks, playgrounds, and other public places where children play in Albuquerque and across Bernalillo County — another blow to the governor. 

The extension of the temporary restraining order comes as Judge Urias considers a request for an injunction on the revised order. He has committed to making a decision on this matter by October 11.

The legal action follows at least five lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court, with plaintiffs asserting that the governor’s initial order, which banned carrying open or concealed firearms in public spaces in New Mexico’s most populous city and county, infringes on Second Amendment rights. The lawsuits primarily seek court orders to prevent the state from enforcing the gun ban.

The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), one of the complainants, swiftly filed a lawsuit within 24 hours of the governor issuing the public health order. Dudley Brown, president of the Colorado-based organization, emphasized the uniqueness of New Mexico’s situation, stating, “This is the most egregious ban ever produced in modern America.”

While Judge Urias evaluates the legal aspects of the firearms ban, the political landscape surrounding Governor Lujan Grisham is becoming increasingly tumultuous. Representatives Lord and Block have initiated calls for the governor’s impeachment, citing concerns over her handling of public health orders and potential violations of constitutional rights.

The federal judge’s decision to extend the temporary restraining order adds another layer to the ongoing legal battle over gun regulations. The outcome, expected by October 11, will have significant implications not only for Governor Lujan Grisham’s public health measures but also for the broader debate on Second Amendment rights in the state.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the governor faces mounting pressure on the political front, with calls for impeachment intensifying. State Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo) continue to pursue impeachment proceedings against the governor over her unconstitutional order and her claims that no law or oath is “absolute.”


79 thoughts on “Judge delivers bad news to Gov. Lujan Grisham over executive order”

      1. Being a female and a senior, if I spotted someone (a possible child trafficker) trying to kidnap a little boy or girl from a park or playground, I’d hope that some good citizen there could produce a gun as a deterrent.

          1. C’mon John Block.

            She’s not defying Judge Urias but she’s illegally using emergency health funds to have gun buybacks. She’s violating New Mexico law.

        1. I completely agree. I wouldn’t go to a park in Albuquerque unarmed, I feel I have the right to protect myself. I have a concealed carry license and feel it is my right to carry. It is also our right to protect our children to the best of our ability and I can with most certainty say those out doing drive By’s and criminal activity will not adhere to any mandates or laws about carrying in any area’s making laws does not ensure our safety nor the safety of our children. Maybe the governor should have thought of that when she told our police officers to stand down and let all hell break loose in our cities and towns during covid. She allowed criminals the run of the streets when the rest of us were at home wearing masks. She had not done anything since to gain control over crime in and throughout New Mexico. She wants to mandate ridiculous tyrannical, b.s like wearing masks, staying home, now no guns. It is not working try changing our laws. NO MORE CATCH AND RELEASE! Would be a wonderful place to begin. I don’t have the answers but neither does she and that’s her job.

          1. I would like to know how many persons with concealed carry permits have committed crime’s with their firearms.

        2. I totally agree. Sometimes just the presence of a weapon on an average citizen/parent is that that’s needed to let people know “Not today, Satan”.

      2. To protect them from idiots that don’t care about laws! I don’t know where you come from but if someone is going to hurt a child odds are they don’t care if they break the law. That’s their intention! Why is that so hard to understand?

      3. It’s about law abiding citizens being ready for criminals who don’t give a darn about children’s lives. We need to be close to where a criminal can do the most harm.

      4. I have some ideas…make more strict penalties for violent crime, make penalties mandatory so these liberal judges won’t let criminals out early, install judges and DA’s that will do their jobs and not be lenient on criminals. I have worked with law enforcement officers, and have watched them not make arrests because they knew the DA wouldn’t take it or the judge wouldn’t incarcerate.

      5. I for one would happily conceal carry in any public place that allows me to do so for te sake of myself and the safety of others and most importantly the children. The state does not need to suffer any more than it already is with gun violators who could care less of another individual’s state of opinion and would rather carelessly shoot at whom ever they care too just because they can. That’s where someone who is carrying on their person a gun for one helps those in need first and then if need be yes put their personal training to use their weapon and fire back. Only because response times are well they aren’t as fast as truly any one wants them to be.

      6. Why not, they are everywhere else you may go and many gun owners that them in their home. Parents surprisingly enough. like to be able to protect their children outside the home as well as within. Guns have probably been on playgrounds for decades and it’s never been a big deal until it became political.
        Time is better spent trying to learn why these people who suggest such things as this do not respect the Constitution Of The Untied States and why the want an unarmed populace so badly!

      7. The stricter the gun laws, the more the criminals benefit. This is why places like Chicago and DC have high crime. Do you think the murderers, gang members, and drug dealers thought to themselves, “Oh no, the Governor banned guns. We to leave our guns at home!”?

      8. The bad people don’t care if there are kids in the park, they will shoot them also. The bad people don’t care.

      9. If someone carries a firearm throughout their day the most dangerous time they have associated with that firearm is if they have to take it off their person while sitting in a vehicle, unloading it (if they do so), putting it in a secure place and then praying to God that no one breaks into their car and uses it to kill other people. Ideally when it comes to guns for self-defense, one should keep it secured on their body permanently once they leave their home. Handling a loaded firearm from a seated position within the confines of a car is a stupid thing to do when the alternative is just to leave it safely secured in its holster.
        Accidents with firearms happen when people are handling firearms, not when they’re in a holster. Forcing others to handle loaded firearms against their will simply because they want to carry a firearm for self-defense is reckless and inhumane.
        And if what you’re actually pondering is related to whether people should carry firearms at all, that’s a completely different conversation. It’s pretty well established that in the United States people have a right to bear arms. Perhaps in New York or some other (hoping to be a utopian crime-free with their fingers crossed) tyrannical city, not that many people carry firearms. But in the other 99% of the country, people are caring conceal weapons all around, everyday. Way more than the military and way more than cops.
        Love it or hate it, people carrying firearms in the United States is just a fact of life that people that do not carry firearms will ever be able to change.

      10. The guns carried in parks can protect our children in those parks keeping them safe the thing is these orders ain’t about safety for anyone it’s about controlling us and taking away our rights she don’t agree with and controlling us not safety

      11. A child most likely get a gun at a playground. Better chance would be to find one at home not secured by an adult or given to them by another child who have parents with the same lazy, unsafe mind set on gun safety even if they already have been educated in gun safety. These parents should not have children or pets as they are not responsible people.

    1. I heartily concur, but I would like to see more.
      We should start with impeachment, proceed to trial then prison, then when she gets out, she should be stripped of her citizenship and expatriated to a country that would appreciate her socialist and communist ideals.

        1. Please tell me how a health order against carrying guns is going to stop more murders? Someone with murder in their heart is gonna GAF about some stupid order?

      1. You are right, New Mexico state we have the majority in democrats, not republicans, at least the governor try to stop more murders by those useless guns.

        1. I don’t think there are more ‘citizens’ voting blue. NM actually went red for 2020. So we really don’t know if these Dems in office really won or stole their seats.

        2. She does not understand the law…or the consitution. What she thinks will nt stop the violence in NM she won’t listen to anyone!

        3. Please tell me how a health order against carrying guns is going to stop more murders? Someone with murder in their heart is gonna GAF about some stupid order?

  1. Good most the US government don’t care bout are rights or amendment and abuse there power I hope them lostsuits don’t get ignored !!!! And she does gotta go she never responded to a judge she picked that has grosly corrupt conduct has in bad faith allowed a worthless heartless housing authority s director and management get away with depriving me and my family of a peacefully living and a wrongful eviction get dismissed when there was clear evidence against them and not me !!!!!!

  2. She needs to be held responsible and immediately removed from office . She should lead by example disarming her personal security detail and locked down for Covid for two weeks……….. years show she knows what unconstitutional order feels like

    1. Are you meaning the Pinion Post? If not disregard, the Pinion Post is “the best” government watchdog site in NM. I would say in the US but I do not look intentionally for other state issues. Articles are well written and folks can comment. You state partisan and biased. Well if you are a marxist democrat you may even say racist because the is what you say when you know you are wrong. The web site is informative, it does have a conservative vibe, but the majority of the state of NM is conservative by their beliefs. Yes the schools try to turn out democrats, but after a few years if folks read, and stay informed they realize they are conservative which is closer to being a republican then a Marxist democrat which is where Santa Fe leans. That is why NM is last or close to last in almost every measurable element of government programs, spending, reform.

      1. Pinon is biased, but biased on the side I need it to be. I read many opinions for the full picture. I would suggest others do the same. Seek the Original sources. Do not just blindly trust. Use wisdom.

  3. Lame website, doesn’t work on most browsers. Nothing but partisan, biased BS and conspiracy theories. What a freaking joke.

  4. Lujan Needs To Go!
    Taking away constitutional rights won’t make things better…it only intensifies the lives of good Citizens.
    Criminals will always have gun’s…that’s why their criminals!

  5. She needs to be impeached. She should be an example to other state governors that the people of the United States won’t tolerate having their rights taken away. What was her plan? To impose new ‘so called’ health orders every 90 days? We need to start looking very closely at the people we elect, especially if we want to remain a free nation.

  6. She needs to go. Not right what she’s doing. Us Good citizens are trying to protect our family and our loved ones we’re not out there doing crimes don’t matter what the criminals will get their hands on guns.thier doing wrong she’s wrong.

  7. Sure impeach her is a start. However, she needs to be arrested for treason as she violated the Constitution of the United States.

  8. Impeached for what?!! Trying to keep us and our children safe?.. At the same time, you all continue to complain and whine that New Mexico has a high crime rate. Sheesh. You all don’t know if you’re coming or going.! 🤪🙄

    1. MLG supports the murder of children in the womb, even up to birth. Her stance is a merry-go-around of horrible policies. If she wanted to save kids, she would do it from the womb!

    2. Safety is a personal responsibility not the job of the government. Founding fathers said if we were willing to trade our liberties for safety then we deserve neither (paraphrasing). SCOTUS has ruled in the past that the police do not have the responsibility to keep us safe they are only responsible for enforcement of the laws. So the Governor has overstepped her bounds and if she is not held accountable then this will only continue. Want real change then get the legislature involved and make it that if one has used a firearm in the commission of a crime it is an automatic 10 years added to the sentence which can not be reduced or plea bargained away. Then make the DA’s and judges do their jobs.

    3. Explain please how that is going to keep anyone safe? It only ties the hands of law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their children. The ones doing these drive byes and crap are CRIMINALS, therefore are not going follow the law and will have guns in these places and no deterrent from using said gun. 🙄

    4. Violation of our Constitutional 2nd amendment right to bear arms which shall not be infringed. We are sovereign beings, our rights come from God not government. We ALLOW to be governed but it is their duty to uphold our rights not diminish them. If you do not stand up for your rights, Marxist commies will slowly take them away. How? By creating a problem like gun violence to justify the removal of innocent law abiding citizens because she refuses to do her damn job. She is tyrannical and has overstepped her authority. She needs to be impeached and held accountable with severe penalties.

  9. Elizaida Quintana

    My goodness, we are living like the old west!! Everyone can carry a gun!! Our children in the line of fire?? Their not even safe in bed or Our vehicles?? God help us all. MLG is just trying to keep us safe from punks that think that macho acts come from carrying a gun !!!

    1. Thank God someone with some common sense!! I totally agree!!! She’s just trying to help us all and ESPECIALLY all children in this state, WHY does everyone feel so insecure right away? That poor kid died leaving ISOTOPES GAME because people think they can do whatever they want. It’s sickening. I’m all for our rights but ALBUQUERQUE is out of control , the entire country really but at least we have a governor that is TRYING to keep our kids safe!

      1. MLG attempts to care only about the kids that made it past the abortion clinics that she supports. Care about ALL OF THE CHILDREN, inlcuding the unborn. Until then, MLG needs to stop restricting the God given rights of Americans. Period!

      2. The hoodlums that shot that boy thought the truck was a rival gang members truck! Bet their guns weren’t legal. If you ban guns, only the criminals will have guns! They don’t care about the law!

      3. No, she is manipulating a tragic situation to justify a disarming of law abiding citizens. The criminals will never obey and she will be leaving a whole populous unarmed at the mercy of violent criminals who still have guns. We are living in a time our forefathers warned us about. They gave us the 2nd amendment because they just finished defeating a tyrannical British government. History is repeating itself. Never, ever give up your guns. She needs to do her job and create policies that actually work, but she won’t because “out of chaos comes order”. And MLG is part of the globalist club.

  10. What is wrong with you people? Most of you on here are FOR PEOPLE CARRYING GUNS into parks and other city owned establishments? Is that right? I’m all for protecting my self, but I don’t want the gang of guys all having guns at the end of the park or the people arguing in the parking lots having guns…. cause you know one of them is gonna get mad, can’t control their emotions, THEN PULL OUT A GUN to settle it. Then here comes the bullet flying by me and my kids. Why on earth does everyone feel so insecure? And need a gun to feel safe?

    1. People carry guns for the exact reason you mention above. It isn’t the legal gun owner, it is the criminal element. If, MLG and Mayor Keller along with law enforcement would keep criminals locked up and not turn a blind eye to the cartel presence in this State, then there would be far less random shootings. Punks shoot each other, legal gun owners hope to never shoot anyone.

    2. Because communism is invading our country and Democrat Marxist governors are salivating at the thought of using gun violence, which they perpetuate, as an opportunity to disarm law abiding citizens. Never let a good opportunity go to waste is their motto. Cannot you not see we are living through Maos cultural revolution?

  11. Bad idea for the left to be trying to restrict gun luberties right now. Everyone, including the moderate right is in danger from the far right groups. They’ve spent over a decade prepping for the civil war they keep screaming about. You DO KNOW they will be the ones trying hardest to start it, yes? How will you defend yourself or create well organized militias (as is your constitutional right)to defend against them if you start making the average citizen have a harder time getting guns.

    The proudbois, thinblue liners, neonazis, and every other group that self designates as “patriots” aren’t giving up their stash just cuz a law passes, they are waiting for that reason to strike. And they intentionally recruit veterans and cops and politicians from the bottom to the top. Blues need to get prepared with some trans rainbow militias, not keep throwing themselves under the bus like this. Personally I plan to nope out to a place where there aren’t other humans, I won’t be staying and fighting the good fight when SHTF.

    1. You are inciting violence and advocating for the rainbow militia to arm themselves against Patriots in a civil war??? Did I get that right? Your ignorance of Patriots and history is laughable. Turn of msm it is rotting your brain!

  12. I’m Sick and Tired of the Killings of Guns, Drugs, every Night on the NEWS. You out there have a Answer to Clean up this “LAWLESS” STATE ! ! ? NOT TOMORROW BUT TODAY !!!!

  13. If you notice the criminals have gun charges, and you see it every day felon being charged with felon in possession of a firearm! Taking away from any1 with the right to carry is only harming the situation!! Obviously no law has stopped any individual from having 1 or using one when they want to commit a crime! You also don’t see any gun owner using their registered gun to commit a crime! This is not the way to fix the problem, only helps out the criminals!

  14. Reproductive health? To reproduce you do the same thing over and over with the same result. So the only thing that abortion does is produce the same thing over and over again with the same result. That result is killing babies,human beings. Explain how that has anything to do with health?
    On September 17, 2023 the Albuquerque Journal called every parent a “Extremist” if they believe in the fact that parents have the only say in their children’s lives. Just because parents agree with organizations like Mom’s For Liberty and the US Constitution you are an Extremist? Look out when a knock on your door at early hours is not a Mary Kay or Avon sales person! They probably want even knock!

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