Liberal group warns that CD-1 blowout win is not a bellwether for Democrats

On Tuesday, the liberal group “Progressive Majority PAC” sounded the alarm about New Mexico’s First Congressional District June 1st blowout win for Democrats and how it should not be a bellwether to determine how liberals will do in 2022.

The group noted how the Republican nominee, state Sen. Mark Moores, lost to epic proportions, getting an 8% lower vote total than Deb Haaland during her 2020 run for the seat she vacated. 

The PAC noted that “This district has trended towards the Democrats in recent years and isn’t the best example of tougher purple districts we need to win in 2022 to expand our House majority.” 

It also noted how “New Mexico is controlled by Democrats” and the voter fraud efforts in the state by liberals have not been hampered by Republicans, such as in states like Florida or Georgia where voter laws have made it easier to vote but harder to cheat. 

Progressive Majority PAC wrote that the institution of these anti-fraud laws “will make it even harder for Democrats to compete on an even playing field.” 

Moores’ blowout loss is closely tied not as much with fraud as it is with voters being disenfranchised by the closed-door primary comprised of a couple of hundred people and not the entire GOP electorate in the First District. 

That mixed with Moores’ votes with radical Democrats on things like the Green New Deal and his hollow campaign messaging all contributed to Moores’ monumental loss to socialist Melanie Stansbury. 

On Tuesday, RINO has-beens spilled their guts to the liberal Washington, D.C. paper POLITICO trying to criticize President Trump for Moores’ embarrassing loss. Naturally, the hit piece fell flat among Republicans.

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