Latest desperate smear campaign by leftist convict fails miserably

A desperate smear campaign by a disgraced convicted felon and leftist Alamogordo-based blogger Chris Edwards ended in defeat after a frivilous ethics complaint filed by his partner, Rene Sepulveda, was dismissed by the full State Ethics Commission. The complaint targeted Republican officials in Alamogordo, including Otero County GOP Chairman Josh Beasley, Republican State Representative-elect John Block, and Alamogordo City Commissioner Karl Melton. 

Edwards, a convicted felon and twice-failed candidate for Napa City Council in California, runs the blog “2nd Life Media,” which is now attempting to brand itself as conservative with the label of “Alamogordo Conserative Daily,” spewing similar leftist talking points and attacks on conservatives. During his failed political career, he was accused of “dirty politics” for misleading elderly voters during candidate forums. The frivolous complaint appears to be yet another Napa Valley-style political smear.

Sepulveda’s panicky eleventh-hour October 31, 2022 complaint, spanning 13 rambling pages, alleged there was a “consorted attack” by the three Republicans against pro-abortion radicals who attempted unsuccessfully to overturn Alamogordo’s sanctuary for the unborn ordinance passed in August. 

The conspiracy theorist’s complainant claimed the supposed attack, which never happened, was “orchestrated” by Melton and Block “via social media posts, a whisper campaign, and facilitated directly by the two individuals, and with their prodding of their supporters and the chairman of the Otero County Republican party, Joshua Beasley, rallied to their cause.” 

Hilariously, even in Sepulveda’s complaint, it acknowledged that Block, the founder and editor of the state’s largest online news publication, the Piñon Post, had factually reported on the petition. Still, he claimed Rep.-elect Block instituted the use of “malinformation.” No evidence was given.

The complaint then repeats a debunked conspiracy theory alleging Rep.-elect Block sent an unsigned piece of mail to those associated with Edwards sharing his federal indictment while claiming mail fraud. This false claim came despite Edwards being convicted of mail fraud previously and serving in federal prison for his crimes after defrauding 1-800 Flowers of nearly $1 million in an embezzlement and tax evasion scheme.

“Mr. Block directly mailed it or a member of the conspiracy did it on his behalf the fact remains an addition [sic] act of mail fraud was conducted having the return address of Mr. Edwards business on it,” claimed Sepuveda’s dismissed complaint, which provided no evidence.

Then, the letter adds defamatory accusations, erroneously claiming Rep.-elect Block and Commissioner Melton “conspired, instigated, and engaged in activities and actions of ‘voter intimidation and harassment,’” and “disqualify” the convicted felon from voting. It also claimed supposed “attempted economic intimidation” by printing news about Edwards’ illicit activities, of which he has repeatedly been convicted.

Previously, Edwards has doxxed Rep.-elect Block by publishing in his blog the conservative’s home address, email address, and phone number. He has done this on previous occasions against citizens who requested the pro-life sanctuary city resolution.

In conclusion, the failed smear tactic demanded the State Ethics Commission, which has no jurisdiction in the matter, grant a “cease and desist” against Rep.-elect Block from printing the truth about Edwards as well as a “retraction of the stories and an admission to intimidation tactics.” It also demanded a “cease and desist in attempts at voter intimidation and voter suppression and an admission of tactics not becoming of party leadership or those of elected office,” all of which have been unproven or destroyed.

The State Ethics Commission saw through the unhinged ramblings of Sepulveda and Edwards, with members of the Commission writing in response, “The claims that Complainant (Rene Sepulveda), filed against Respondents (John Block, Karl Melton, and Joshua Beasley), in administrative complaint No. 2022-041 are dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. See 1.8.3.l0(F) NMAC; Jurisdictional determination (Nov. 9, 2022). This administrative proceeding is closed, and the Commission will not disclose records relating to this proceeding.” 

Yet again, Edwards’ cowardly attacks on Alamogordo conservatives have failed, leaving the far-left California transplant with egg on his face following not only a failed petition drive to strip the City of its pro-life resolution but now a blow from the State Ethics Commission.

Read more about far-left Edwards’ failed smears against Otero County conservatives here:


2 thoughts on “Latest desperate smear campaign by leftist convict fails miserably”

  1. Sounds like the same thing from the non elected district 2 commissioner tried to do by introducing non sanctuary proposals to the county which failed.

  2. But you have to understand this… He got what he wanted… attention… and did so quite obstructively to your personal and individual moral and ethics.

    This convicted felon, planted the seed in the uneducated and the uninformed…(strongly evident according to the last general election by re-electing the queen crapper on the toilet seat in Santa Fe)… and he did so without even a qualm of responsibility. Not even a cease and desist issued by the Court to stop this frivoled pattern of conduct.
    He has nothing pushed on him to hold him responsible for his false flag published communications.

    No punishment… nothing…

    and to boot John, he will use the term “Not our Jurisdiction” in the findings to further the false testimony he has pushed against you and the other conservatives. HE IS NOT BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE BY ANYONE…but you in this post.

    To add insult to you, the queen of the tolite in Santa Fe will push in the next executive session (January 2023 BTW) to permit convicted Felons to vote in elections. Watch… there was already behind the doors collaboration in the majority led DNC to do just that in the past…and without the numbers in the House and Senate to veto this type of executive demanded action, you cannot stop it even if you desired to.

    No accountability…no punishment… wins.

    Figure out how to stop this…and the GOP and conservatives in other parties will win elections at a faster rate than ever before and the good honest law abiding and even the poor citizens of NM will benefit tremendously.

    Yes, your on line publication gets attention…it does some good for the honest people here.. but is it in Spanish and is it reaching every household in this State?

    You have no court in this State, and no prosecutors office willing to prosecute “Libel or Slander”, even the NMSC. .. So that’s not even an option any more, every critical court and prosecutors office is led by…the DNC.

    That would be the “normal” thing to do in your case. But we are no longer a “normal” State. We are ruled by one political party…and you do not belong to it.

    You keep trying though… at least you still got the energy to try to fight one party rule and you have the means to garner support…

    Just sayin’…

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