Keller appears to stand by rioters, cries ‘racism’ — Mob sets Albuquerque ON FIRE, shoots at police

On Sunday, Democrat Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller attended a rally supposedly in support of a Minneapolis man who died in police custody, George Floyd, decrying the man’s death and standing by the protesters across the country burning down cities and injuring people defending their businesses from looters. A black Federal Protective Service officer, Patrick Underwood, was murdered by Antifa rioters in Oakland, California over the weekend. 

But Keller appeared to support the lawless mob of protesters, saying in a speech on Sunday, “We stand with those calling for Justice. ‘I can’t breathe’ in so many ways is not just — it’s not just one more black man’s words. It is a cadence of suffering over oppression of racism that has gripped our country since our founding.” 

In a subsequent tweet, Keller wrote, “In this city, we believe that #BLACKLIVESMATTER. We are working hard to build an equitable city but we must do better. We see you. We hear you. We stand with you.” 

Sunday night, violent rioters “fired shots at police, broke windows at several buildings and set multiple fires,” according to reports by the Albuquerque Journal

Reports note that rioters shot at law enforcement in front of the historic Kimo Theater, threw Molotov cocktails at them, and started fires in the streets and in trashcans. 

UFC champ Jon “Bones” was present at the riots to break up the violence, taking spray cans away from Antifa terrorists, demanding, “Give me the spray can, give me the spray can.” 

He wrote in an Instagram post, “As a young black man, trust me, I’m frustrated as well. But this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse. If you really got love for your city (505), protect your s—.”


4 thoughts on “Keller appears to stand by rioters, cries ‘racism’ — Mob sets Albuquerque ON FIRE, shoots at police”

  1. Why isn’t Keller standing out in front of the Kimo defending it? That is one of the greatest small theaters in the U.S. and is an Albuquerque treasure. After his impotent speech he should have ran down there and made sure nobody touched the theater or any other business or private property. Instead he went back to his country club area house and ate cake. Worst Mayor Ever! Sad.

  2. This mayor is an idiot. So he stands with the rioters. He is also in charge of the police. So what message is he sending to the police? Stand down because I support the rioters? If the police stand down them the city is lost. Rioters can do what they want because the Mayor is with them. What message does that send to the citizens that are afraid that the rioters will burn their homes or small businesses looted. He its OK, the Mayor said he is with us so watch me burn your house of loot your business. Chill, Mayor said it is OK

  3. As a long time resident of NM I do not understand the ignorance of the electorate. The State is always last in the good things and first in the bad. The Democrat/career politicians have been in charge for over 60 years, yet the majority of the voters cannot connect the dots…even if I didn’t have undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, I would think that I should be able to see the connection. At least Marty Chavez had some common sense unlike the young ignorant fool currently in the Mayors office.

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