Woman who birthed, killed newborn in hospital bathroom charged with murder

19-year-old Alexee Trevizo went to the Artesia General Hospital in Artesia, New Mexico on January 27, where she was complaining of back pain. 

According to KOB 4, “She reportedly denied being pregnant before doctors did lab work and found she was pregnant. For an extended period of time, Trevizo allegedly locked herself in the restroom.” 

After Trevizo came back, a housekeeper found blood splattered across the bathroom and the dead child in the trash can.

“Trevizo reportedly told doctors her baby wasn’t breathing when he came out of the womb. She allegedly claimed she didn’t know what to do with the baby because he wasn’t crying.” 

Investigators found that the child was, indeed, born alive and died shortly after birth. They suspected the baby died because he was trapped inside the bag without air. 

“An OMI autopsy ruled March 28 the baby’s death was a homicide. Police charged and arrested Trevizo with first-degree murder Wednesday,” the KOB 4 report continued. 

Lapel camera of police questioning Alexee Trevizo via KOB 4: https://www.kob.com/new-mexico/video-shows-moments-after-newborn-found-in-hospital-trash/

The Artesia Police Department wrote, “Our officers and crime scene investigator, along with the hospital staff, experienced a heartbreaking situation on that January morning and have been coping with what they encountered. One of the worst calls any first responder or public service person has to respond to, is the severe injury or death of a child.  We are expected to be “tough” in those types of incidents because of our job titles, but in all actuality, we are quite the opposite after we have time to process what happened.”

“Our routine calls of service or emergency responses are usually carried out easily with commitment and dedication to our city, but a call like this can be a breaking point for some or all of those involved. It’s important that we provide the very best resources, counseling, and stress management tools to help our staff cope with this traumatic event, so that they may continue their dedicated service.”


12 thoughts on “Woman who birthed, killed newborn in hospital bathroom charged with murder”

  1. She could have gotten help and if didn’t want the child she could have left it st the hospital and now she needs to be punished but educated at the same time. I wish well but prayers for that child

  2. Every bathroom in the ER has a call button to call for help. She was in the hospital and didn’t know what to do when that poor baby couldn’t breathe? She knew where to go for her back pain! God help her. I pray all those who had to experience this horrific event find peace and comfort, I can’t image finding that scene and that precious baby like that! God judges our final condemnation but we are called to judge actions on this earth righteously and I pray that baby gets justice!

  3. I’m not only amazed. I’m also confused that, while I absolutely do not condone what these girls are doing, I don’t understand how it’s different from the Marxists abortion to birth policy.

  4. If she was told she was pregnant and in labor why wasn’t she sent to the delivery room instead of the bathroom??

    1. I wondered this myself. NM has Safe Harbor provisions. She could have said to any nurse, “I don’t want this baby,” and the baby would have been taken from her, no questions asked. There are plenty of people who would be willing to adopt a healthy infant and give him or her a safe home. And if she was afraid of parents, boyfriend…all she would have had to do was say, “I don’t feel safe with anyone knowing I had a baby/people will hurt me if they find out about this,” and she would have been protected as well. There is NO EXCUSE for what she did and plenty of opportunities to get help and do the right thing.

  5. You can hire an abortionist to legally kill the baby at birth but, if you do it yourself it’s murder ?, It’s a strange, strange world we live in Cap’n jack.

    1. Exactly right! MLG and our Marxist legislators passed HB7 into law which legalizes this very thing! There are referendums circulating across the state to get these horrific laws put on the ballot so that the people of New Mexico can vote them down. Please contact your Republican party to sign the petitions so that a referendum can be held and “we the people” can correct this horrific act by our “elected”…..Most people don’t know what laws have been passed until it personally affects them.

  6. Is this a result ofMLG’s abortions policies? I think she has a lot to be accountable for too. As with all democrats that support abortions up to and including time of birth.

  7. As evident that she was not familar with the emergency light, that she didn’t at least call from the bathroom for help, throwing the baby in the trash and walking away, makes me wonder if she is from an undelveloped country, perhaps an illegal.

  8. I believe there are many people at fault, first the hospital for allowing her to go to the bathroom be there that long especially knowing that she was pregnant second the girl is at fall for not calling for help and doing what she did in the bathroom third the mother for not supporting her and making her feel worse than what she already did. But in the eyes of God what was done was horrific evil no words can justify what she did but there are many people at fault as to how this ended. But the final word is that Michelle Lujan Grisham has legalized abortion in the state of New Mexico and she needs to be prosecuted for this for all the murders that are being done to these babies so it all starts from the top and nobody likes it when the end has this outcome but also for all the young girls out there who are having unprotected sex this is what happens for a few moments of a good time this is what happens you make a child and then you want to dispose of it? No that’s not what you do. There is absolutely no excuse especially in this day and age for any girl to be getting pregnant there’s so much out there so much protection so easy to get it over the counter but they choose to be ignorant! Everyone at some point will meet their maker and the person they murdered and that will be the final judge for what they have done ! So MLG…… YOUR DAY IS COMING !

  9. I couldn’t agree more with the comments made by Danitha and others.
    This young ladies actions were murder! And she should be disciplined accordingly, not given the privilege of attending college.
    Our world is severely lacking in discipline for numerous actions! Until we separate right from wrong, wrong will prevail, and our world will be full of wrong doers running free and ignoring rules of society. We live in a troubled world and need to start by punishing her for murder, as that up is what it is.,

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