Hero GOP senator ensures Heinrich’s bump stock ban bill fails miserably

On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich’s attempt to ban so-called “bump stocks,” claiming the accessory turns rifles  into “automatic weapons.”

He said, “I know there are those who say, ‘Guns don’t kill people; people kill people,’” adding, “But the reality is this: Bump stocks kill and injure hundreds.”

Heinrich, who claims to have used guns for hunting, sport, and self-defense (despite not knowing the difference between an elk and a bighorn sheep), stated, “Bump stocks serve no legitimate purpose.”

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that bump stocks should not be banned, per a previous federal decision.

Heinrich urged his colleagues to pass the Banning Unlawful Machinegun Parts (BUMP) Act through unanimous consent, a method that allows a measure to pass as long as no senator objects. 

However, Sen. Pete Ricketts from Nebraska objected on behalf of Republicans, labeling it a “show vote,” which it was.

Ricketts argued, “The majority leader knows this bill will not pass. It won’t pass because enough people in this building still believe in the Constitution, and the Constitution affords Americans the right to own a firearm. This vague, overreaching bill directly infringes upon that right.”

Heinrich stressed the supposed urgency of congressional action, declaring, “We need to pass this ban on bump stocks right away.”

Despite the measure failing miserably, Heinrich vowed that this issue would not disappear from the Senate’s agenda, asserting that the BUMP Act is a measure of “commonsense gun safety legislation,” which by definition goes against the U.S. Constitution, which Heinrich swore to uphold.


10 thoughts on “Hero GOP senator ensures Heinrich’s bump stock ban bill fails miserably”

  1. Our concerned Maryland resident trying to gather votes by trying to be important for the NM election. He needs to be gone!

  2. The SCOTUS had to overturn the “bump stock ban” that was implemented by the biden admin (ATF). The problem in my eyes is why are people in departments making “rules” that have the effect of laws. It is the legislatures power to pass laws.

    1. yes , Paul and those laws must be constitutional to be valid. That is the key. Any law that is unconstitutional is null, void and without effect. We as American citizens, living breathing men and women on/of the land are duty bound to ignore them. yes, we have duties and responsibilities and the people in New Mexico have failed miserably. Any public servant who violates their oath by passing or promoting such laws automatically vacate their office and no longer receive pensions or any compensation. They can be sued personally for damages.

  3. I think Heinrich represents the big arms companies – Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, etc. And, of course, the nukes.

  4. A question for all…Can anyone name ANY “mass shooting,” other than Las Vegas, which allegedly involved “Bump stocks?”

  5. Some politicians read the constitution, others do not. I believe our elected officials should live in NM. Maybe if they did, they would do something for NM.

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