Gov. Lujan Grisham named as likely 2024 candidate

Embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has been under constant fire over her scandal-ridden administration. Everything from her Children, Youth, and Families Department deleting government documents under her direction to $250 million “missing” funds from the Department of Workforce Solutions, which the Governor’s office called “minuscule.” 

She used $62,500 in campaign funds to pay off her alleged groping victim and then used over $6,000 in cash to pay her daughter for styling and cosmetology, which are not appropriate campaign expenses. 

Lujan Grisham repeatedly skirted her pandemic directives, including having a shuttered jewelry shop open up so she could buy luxuries while no one else could and businesses closed for good. She feasted on $200 per pound Wagyu beef steaks and fine wine with her expense accounts while New Mexicans were forced to stand in hours-long freezing bread lines for food and necessities. 

While New Mexicans were standing out in the cold, her office claimed they were just “Republican talking points,” adding that “The state is not forcing anyone to stand in a crowded line, as you suggest.” That was not true, per the countless photographic pieces of evidence proving the contrary.

Lujan Grisham gave tens of thousands of dollars in raises to her staff while New Mexicans sat in line for unemployment.

She constantly shut down and reopened counties using a nonsensical “red to green to turquoise” system, which forced businesses to reopen at limited capacity then close down entirely again and again. This resulted in some of the highest unemployment numbers in the country, and New Mexico small businesses died. 

Lujan Grisham punished people of faith, forcing them to close down operations. Those who did not comply with her edicts were fined tens of thousands of dollars and taken to court. All of this scandal is just the tip of the iceberg for Lujan Grisham, who has done whatever she can, by any means, to advance her career and the far-left agenda.

But now, according to Politico, she’s on the list of possible 2024 presidential candidates, appearing next to names such as Kamala Harris, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Stacey Abrams, and others. 

Politico claims Lujan Grisham “improved” her “national standing” from her response to the virus. Ballotpedia also listed Lujan Grisham as a potential 2024 presidential candidate.

She would first need to win re-election in New Mexico in 2022 despite her laundry list of scandals and improprieties while serving as governor. 

Two Republicans have already filed to run against her, including Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block and businesswoman Karen Bedonie.

6 thoughts on “Gov. Lujan Grisham named as likely 2024 candidate”

  1. Karen is the only choice we have to replace her. But as we have said before, it will be shocking if she is voted out since they own the voting system now. Until the voting system is returned to the People, it will be in their favor. They can put a republican or a democrat just to mix things up and keep you thinking your vote matters.

  2. Outlaw Preacher

    Amen, until the fraud is fixed nothing else matters. Unless enough people are fed up and they overcome the built in rig for the Democrats. That list of potential Democratic candidates for 2024 is a nightmare list of Marxists and complete incompetents. But I have faith that the election fraud will be fixed and competent people will be rightfully elected.

  3. A Walk Away Democrat

    Your article is “right on”. I hope NM voters have an awaking. If NM keeps voting for the Dems, our state will keep getting the same pitiful results. We are at the top of every “bad” list and at the “bottom” of every good one. The Democratic party no longer represents traditional NM values and those on which our great country was founded. WAKE UP!
    A Walk Away Democrat

  4. Where is there an actual viable competent opponent??????

    I’m so sick and tired of the Republican party of NM running complete losers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were being paid by the Democrats to do it!!!

    Gary Johnson should be running the opposition campaign.

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