Gaslighting from Soros-backed MLG on election integrity reaches new levels

Recently, Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham tweeted out a link to a story from NPR titled, “How the Far Right is Making Voter Fraud Easier,” with an at-a-girl message for New Mexico’s corrupt SOS, Maggie Toulouse Oliver: 

The Tweet garnered 80 retweets – 60 of which were hidden by Twitter – all of which are skeptical of the linked article and the governor’s assertion that the Secretary of State supports a strong voting system and accurate election in New Mexico.

“You’re joking, right?” asked one Twitter user. Another simply stated, “crook.”

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One particularly informed Twitter user asked the Governor, “Without ERIC, Dominion couldn’t do what you all need it to do, no?”

The linked audio story from state-sponsored NPR decries a recent exodus of nine states (Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia) from the program called ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), and naturally, they blame the “far right” and their “conspiracy theories” as the reason ERIC is crashing and burning.

Not to be carried away by the radical left’s emotional name-calling, let’s take just a moment to examine the facts surrounding ERIC: 

Since 2012, ERIC collects member states’ registration data to supposedly collaborate with other states to clean voter rolls and reduce fraud by cross-checking data across states and alerting states of duplicate registrations.  At its height, ERIC had 31 members.  ERIC charges each of its members a hefty annual fee. New Mexico had its first year’s fee of $75,000 paid for by the leftist Pew Charitable Trust as an enticement to join.

A less-advertised feature of ERIC is that they cross-check data with other sources, such as each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database, to look for people who may be eligible voters but are not registered. Then they send lists of eligible but unregistered voters to the election jurisdictions, who then send out mailers at taxpayers’ expense to those people inviting them to register to vote.

An obvious problem with using DMV data to try to find new voters is that non-citizens are often in these databases. ERIC has a strange rule that states, “Under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.” So, ERIC wants DMV data, but they don’t want the data to indicate which people are citizens and which are not as they compile their lists of potentially eligible voters. 

Can we trust our election officials to filter the lists they get from ERIC so that they only solicit people to register to vote who are citizens? Apparently not. The SOS of Colorado was caught sending invitations to register to vote to 30,000 non-citizens. She claimed the mistake occurred because of a “database glitch,” but that “database glitch” may very well have occurred because of ERIC and its process of identifying adults over the age of 18 in each state. 

What has become clear in the last few years as citizens across the country have investigated the accuracy of their voter rolls by door-to-door canvassing is that ERIC has not “cleaned” the voter rolls in any state where it is present. The voter rolls in every ERIC state have only grown since they joined ERIC, and the data is a mess. 

The Otero County Audit conducted last year in New Mexico included a random survey of over 2,000 residences and found that 30 percent of those residences had people registered who were not actually living at those addresses – and 40 percent of those cast ballots in the 2020 election.  The canvass found a German man who was surprised he was being surveyed as he had never registered to vote, knowing he was not eligible as a non-citizen. How did he end up on the rolls? Did it have anything to do with ERIC? Our SOS has expressed no interest in finding out.

If ERIC isn’t really cleaning voter rolls or keeping them accurate, what are they doing? To answer that question – it’s necessary to investigate the origins of this shady program:

ERIC was founded by a Democrat election attorney named David Becker. The initial grant to create ERIC was provided by none other than George Soros’ ultra-radical Open Society Foundation. After Becker had gotten ERIC on its feet, he established another leftist non-profit called the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) in 2016. 

A researcher named Peter Bernegger discovered in April 2023 that ERIC was passing voter information directly to its sister non-profit, CEIR. CEIR works with another company called Catalist, which claims it “compiles, enhances, stores, and dynamically updates data on over 256 million unique voting-age individuals across 50 states and the District of Columbia.” Essentially, they have the goods on every human in the U.S. over 18. They also say, “Our data and models are continually improved with the data returned to Catalist by our partners and clients. This virtuous circle ensures the national file is more accurate and more powerful for our clients.” 

And who are Catalist’s clients? According to their website, “Catalist works exclusively with Democratic and progressive organizations that share [their] values.” These include political campaigns, Planned Parenthood, the American Federation of Labor, America Votes, and others.

So, states pay ERIC tens of thousands of dollars per year for the privilege of having data on virtually all their citizens and non-citizens harvested by a Soros-funded organization. This organization then passes along this data to CEIR, which has an intimate relationship with Catalist, which compiles data on essentially every voting-age adult in the country. Catalist, in turn, provides high-quality data exclusively to Democrat politicians and organizations. 

Since we know no state has ended up with cleaner voter rolls after becoming an ERIC member, we can safely assume that the purpose of ERIC and all its incestuous relationships with the radical left is to inflate voter rolls across the country and provide Democrat candidates and organizations an unfair advantage with the data it harvests at the taxpayer’s expense. Citizens of all ERIC states should be outraged that their election officials are participating in this obviously biased scheme to provide an unfair advantage to one party. 

So why would Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse-Oliver join NPR to defend the indefensible? Maybe because, like ERIC, they are both sponsored by George Soros and are staunch advocates of everything the radical left wants to do to unfairly tip the political landscape in their favor to enact its radical policies. 

The data cataloging the political donations made directly by George Soros include only about 165 officeholders or candidates in the last 13 years. Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Michelle Lujan Grisham were both recipients on this exclusive list. 

Contrary to the Governor’s Tweet and attempt to shield the Secretary of State from justified criticism – ERIC does not exist to keep elections free and fair. It doesn’t even do what it advertises. Rather, as all 80 people who responded to the Tweet have figured out – the real reason for the existence of ERIC is to keep the voter rolls as large as possible. That way, Democrats like Grisham and Oliver have plenty of available votes to work with throughout the Election Season to ensure they maintain control over the serfs.

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27 thoughts on “Gaslighting from Soros-backed MLG on election integrity reaches new levels”

  1. Just another way to hold on to power. The carpetbagger from Maryland, Lil’ Mattie Heinrich was in town to gather payola and plot with *nmg mlg on how to pass himz senate seat on to mlg and avoid a fair election. With himz fat taxpayer funded pension secure himz can resign and mlg be appointed to fill himz empty suit, giving mlg the incumbent advantage in 2024.
    “Whatever it takes” is the dimmoKKKraps motto for keeping their power.

    *not my governess

  2. And most of our do-nothing Republicans in NM do absolutely nothing to address the fraud. Spineless self-serving politicians.

      1. Ad hominem response that does nothing to disprove what JT claims. If you have nothing useful to say other than trying to libel someone, do us all a favor and say nothing at all.
        The Republican Party of NM has continually proven its fecklessness at every level of NM elections. They are indefensible.

    1. They have had the opportunity to join the The People of New Mexico as we fight our own war against the election fraud techniques that the Marxists made legal through the passage of HB4 and SB180. We have been working diligently to put a stop to these election fraud bills though a Referendum as well as HB7, HB207, SB13 and Sb397. Where have our legislators been? Leaving the People — their constituents — out to dry. Remember that, folks, when the primaries roll around. Find candidates who have the honor and the backbones necessary to fight against the evil that is trying to envelope this land. The evil will be defeated. But which side will our legislators have been on? That goes for the owner of this news magazine as well. I have been very disappointed in him and a few others who like to think of themselves as the fighters for the People.” Yeah, right

    1. No matter which party you are affiliated with it should be a concern. But one voter’s view of election integrity is another’s view that it’s voter suppression. It all depends on who’s in the position of power at the time. Ballot harvesting is wrong and it has been used by both parties based on the state who has the advantage. Neither should benefit from it.

    2. Fraud in NM been statistically proven and dissected by David and Erin Clements and others. Election manipulation isn’t a “MAGA” subject – it should concern everyone and both sides of the aisle. YOUR VOTE IS NOT SECURE AND YOUR VOTE LIKELY HAS BEEN TAMPERED WITH. Additionally, we have ex-cons, non-residents and illegals voting in our elections. Having a say in things that concern you when they shouldn’t have that privilege. Are you okay with that? Or let me guess from your ignorant comment – as long as a Democrat is involved or it gets a Democrat into a seat, it’s okay with you.

  3. Excellent article, you won’t hear about anything like this from the communist ministry of propaganda, AKA mainstream media . Voter fraud and manipulation is a reality that has to be dealt with or we’ll just keep on getting Soros paid communist stooges like we have now.

    1. Here’s the problem I struggle with regularly: HOW? Any time citizens ask questions, demand accountability, start legal proceedings….we get shut down. Commissioners being forced by Maggie Screwloose Oliver to certify election results that they rightfully (that’s their job!) question. Our Supreme Court refusing to hear cases. Our Legislature “tabling” things indefinitely so they are not heard. Maggie herself waging a “Truth vs Misinformation” campaign on the taxpayer-funded SoS website. And again, Maggie stating that the current Referendum Project is “invalid” – when our state constitution (as of 1911) clearly states that ANY law can be challenged and placed on ballot for citizen vote. She claims to have a “court decision” on that yet refuses to provide a docket or case number….and when I called the courts in Santa Fe, I was told that there was no such court decision! The Secretary of State should be transparent and truthful and she repeatedly isn’t.

      So I’ll ask again: HOW do we “deal” with this? Other than our state pulling a Marie Antoinette and bearing torches in angry mobs, there doesn’t seem to be a rational way to do it. Come to think of it…the Boston Tea Party started with tossing crates of tea into the harbor, so…..

      1. Bee , I understand exactly what you mean. It’s true that our corrupt (s)elected officials continue to place stumbling blocks and hurdles on decent patriots trying to use the system. That is their true function in this disaster called government .that’s why the election process is so tarnished, to ensure decent constitutional patriots never get elected. They control the process. As for change I’ll just say NO country has ever complied it’s way out of communism.

    2. Agree! But here in this state, those who actively try to correct the wrongs by crooked politicos are quickly told to:

      “shut-up,” “stand-down,” “don’t mention 45, you had better watch your step or you may risk your life!”

      All I did was make a correction to a false statement at a senior center regarding our former leader in the white house. The males who were gathered in the pool area immediately became antoganistic, ready to fight and annihilate! I had never experienced such hatred over an explanation concerning one individual. Some people no matter their age are stuck on stupid and ignorant when it comes to discussing policies and politics.

      I wonder if it’s pretty much similar at the Round House.

  4. Wow! Hostile much? Our SoS is a friend of Katie Hobbs, the new AZ governor. Who is a well-known racist and has gotten in trouble for it several times. She doesn’t like Hispanic people…kinda odd for a governor of AZ!

    Republicans worked hard this past election. We had some really good candidates but in all of the major offices, democrats won every one of them. The state senators and reps are so overly full of democrats that we might as well stop bothering to show up for the legislation meetings each year. Gee – I wonder how that happens?? If they have a quorum (usually) they just “vote” – even if no Republicans are there.

    Instead of being jerks, why don’t you help? The Election Integrity Project could really use some volunteers to follow up on suspicious addresses and records. Or you could register people to vote (that’s what I do). Volunteer to work as a poll watcher, worker, or challenger.

    One thing I have wondered about for a long time: What is so terrible about Making America Great Again? It’s your country, too. Why is that a bad thing??

    And yes, dems rigged the election. I know some of them are as demented as the president, but there simply isn’t any reason on earth to vote for him and Obama.

    1. Absolutely!

      Sure volunteer at the polls, etc. as soon as they see your name, they check your voting background.

      Once they see you vote opposite their party, they dump your application in the trash.

      I have half dozen voter applications sent to my residence, some are duplicates, none of them mine and I’ve been here over five years??

      They are from that leftist group with $ to burn.

      I’m ready to volunteer like always. Never give up doing what’s right.

  5. William Ontiveros

    If anyone checks NM history, they will find out that NM has been under the Thumb of the Democratic party for about 100 years. They have either been in control of the governors office and one house. Or both house’s for almost 90 percent of that time. Their answers to all problems has been throw money at it. In this same time period NM has ranked in the bottom of everything good and top of everything negative for a state and its people. I worked for this state for 26 years under both parties as government. With democrats it was how much your family donated got you a position. With Republicans you not only had to donate, you also had to know about the position you applied for. When students weren’t making grades to graduate the democratic solutions were to lower standards. Republicans wanted kids to be in school longer. Democrats said pay teachers more so they might teach better. Republicans said challenge teachers with raises if they can improve students grades. The union won with pay us more, less hours. Our smartest and brightest do not want to go to school here or stay here for work. They leave to go where they are challenged. As long as we do not wake up to truth. Nothing will change. It hadn’t in 100 years

    1. Amigo, 😓

      It’s the truth!

      New Mexico first in crime; last in protecting our born and unborn;
      last in protecting our children.

      God Save us from those who have no regard for humanity.

  6. I would not want to be any one of those cheating hateful commies on judgement day. Prayer is the only answer to saving this state and country along with each and every patriot fighting for our freedom. God help us.

  7. Here in Oregon, another ERIC member, we have had suspicions over the efficacy of ERIC to keep our voter rolls cleaned. Additionally, Oregon is the first state to have vote by mail, proven to have diliterious effects on voter fraud. Since mail in voting, Oregon had not had a Republican Governor. Another effect of ERIC is that it takes control of the voter rolls away from the counties and puts it into the SOS office. The SOS knows which ballots have been returned and which haven’t. They send chase lists out to the parties to make calls to those voters to get their ballots in. My suspicion is that democrats take these names, looking at their voting history, and can determine their liklihood of responding to a soliciting call to vote. With no identifying marks on a ballot that it belongs to a unique individual, the SOS could take any name from ERIC, give it an address from a household that has a lower propensity to vote, and voilá, an illegal ballot is cast.

    On the ERIC website, it proudly boasts that ERIC has identified over 56 million “potential” voters in it’s member states. How are these potential votes being used. We’ve seen examples of voter rolls being inflated just days before an election and then deflated several days afterwards, according to Dr Frank’s analyses.

  8. We know democrats control voting in this state, if you vote republican they just throw your vote in the trash in the time votes are counted and verified. So many who work the polls, count votes and ballot harvesting are democrats.

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