Gabe Vasquez initiates land grab in southern NM: Report

In an unexpected turn of events, a coalition led by Far-left Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez and State Sen. Carrie Hamblen has revealed their intention to establish a colossal national monument spanning 245,000 acres via a new website, per the Rio Grande Foundation

The proposed monument is set to encompass the Florida Mountains in proximity to Deming, the Cooke’s Range, and Good Sight Mountains to the north of the city, as well as the Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) peaks near the village of Columbus.

National monuments, known for their stringent land designations, have historically been utilized by presidents to make impactful decisions, often without the need for congressional approval. A precedent for such executive action was set by President Obama in 2014 with the establishment of the Organ Peaks Monument.

John Fowler, Wiki Commons.

Given the prevailing political landscape, where the Joe Biden regime has demonstrated a notable leftward shift compared to its predecessor, speculation arises about potential actions in the concluding phase of Biden’s term.

While it aligns with the character of some presidents to enact significant policy changes as they near the end of their tenure, only time will unveil the course of action. In the interim, the onus falls upon concerned citizens of New Mexico to assert their stance and resist unwarranted interventions.

In pursuit of this objective, the Rio Grande Foundation has arranged a luncheon featuring Gabriela Hoffman, a nationally recognized expert in land and environmental matters. This gathering aims to provide a platform for informed discussions and strategies to address the proposed national monument and related concerns.

Vasquez faces a fierce reelection effort next year against Republican former U.S. Rep. Yvette Herrell, who has the support of the entire GOP U.S. House leadership.


36 thoughts on “Gabe Vasquez initiates land grab in southern NM: Report”

    1. Nope. There are 14 far left liberals vegetarian’s and RINO’s who will scream, Santa Fe Gooberment will listen, and pass this ignorant legislation without a vote by the public. Want beef? Do you enjoy $18.95 a pound? How about $79.95 a pound? Coming soon to Walmart near you…

  1. Gabe Vasquez needs to lose all together. He is not good for New Mexico or any other state in the Nation. I know I will vote for anyone who opposes him….and every one else should too.

  2. This is like a scene out of “Yellowstone,” with ranchers facing off against environmentalists. Guess who’s gonna win.

  3. Attention Pinon Post Editor. I attended the Deming town Hall meeting on December 12. Aron Sera stated he talked to Gabe and in no way did Gabe acknowledge he was behind this and agreed with Aron that it was wrong. At the meeting Mayor Jasso stated he didn’t know much and was against it,I believe him,however I came across newspapers stating he was on record agreeing to the designation. Ray Trejo at the county was involved in this designation, an original Signer and did so with out the county involved. This meeting was full house of ranchers,farmers,hunters, miners and just regular people like me who feel totally trodden upon and unrecognized. I suggest you work with all local offices immediately,as this designation is on President Biden desk as we speak, which can be signed and IT’S DONE…OVER.

  4. It’s obvious to republicans are out doing their dastiarly deeds again.
    If republicans are unhappy why don’t they just move to Texas? Rejoice dear hearts they are among thier kind.
    Oh I know why they are against this great project for the area, it’s good for the people.

    1. You are showing you are ignorant of what will take place. All of this land grab a back door communist land grab by the communist in the white house. Just know you have been told. The left cares nothing about folks like you but they don’t mind using you to do their evil.deeds.

  5. A communist land grab by the communist state to control access and therefore usage. Another scam to deprive multi use as was originally the case in forming “public lands”. The commissars want you off “their” land.

        1. ..and ..and…and..? One of 3 Luna County Commissioners is on board with this… Ray Trejo… Doggone it if I don’t think of genuine flower puffing, leave smoking, brain dead cost of living squirrel fornificator comes to mind…

          1. and and and…? I went to school here, lived here for over 45 years. Been part of the land owner by family since 1964-66… So that should give me a say in your BS national cactus and rattlesnake habitat BS.

  6. Hallelujah – Yvette has already submitted the paperwork to run in 2024. Thank goodness! That Mr Vasquez won shows just how deep the cheating goes in NM. He didn’t win by much though. Talk to your friends; go over the party platforms of each party with them. Just because there is a “D” after their name doesn’t make them a good choice!!

    The dems winning ALL of the bigger offices is suspicious. Seriously – how else could all 3 congress critters, et. al. by elected? Did anyone really vote for any of them? Why on earth did The Empress give some of them ginormous raises?

  7. Greenies want to “conserve” 30% of US lands and waters by 2030. Their fervor to lock up lands by national monuments, and by other means is rabid.

    Far too much public lands in the western states have already been closed to multiple uses.

  8. ” I want to ride to the ridge where the West commences
    And look at the moon till I lose my senses
    I can’t stand hovels and I can’t stand fences
    Don’t fence me in.”

  9. Sounds like he’s being directed by Moochie Loserjan Gruesome!! Make it a “monument” and keep a wall or such from being built to keep ILLEGALS,(the future dembocrap voters), out of America. He can be arrested and escorted out of the roundhouse right along of her!

  10. Depending on the intent, and little details here are given, is this a grab of open land?
    Is it a former land Grant?
    is it land that has some level of intrinsic value for something?

    Lots of superfluous statements here but little substance.

  11. Liberal progressives are ALWAYS about Liberal progressives are ALWAYS about govt expansion (federal, state, & local levels) at the expense of individual freedoms. This is just another effort toward this end in the name of environmental preservation. Funny how you don’t hear them saying anything against the massive illegal migrant flow into the U.S. impacting the ranchers.

  12. Agenda 2030 and the Wildlands Corridor are right on schedule. If this land grab surprises anyone, it’s only because you haven’t been paying attention.

    They aren’t conspiracy theories, they are spoiler alerts.

    1. Wow just read that link! Orwellian! Thanks so much. I had no idea. At the rate this underhanded stuff is occurring …. America as we know it will be gone in a few years! I have never seen this country so pillaged and plundered. Keep spreading the word!

  13. Sounds like jb and his henchmen, leftists, 30×30 land grab; 30% of the land grabbed for conservation, controlled by the government, by 2030. Look it up and BEWARE.

  14. Wildlands project is on target, it’s got nothing to do with protecting the land and everything to do with burdening the people and destroying rural communities in the west.

  15. National Monument =

    BUT the dimmoKKKraps probably have a Global Change/Climate Warming scam in the works to level the land and install Chinese solar panels on 240,000 acres and the balance will be used to install a Chinese manufactured wind farm “Blight Without Light” Illegals will build it, Hunturd Xidung has got a front company set up, the permits/bribes are paid, Her Thighness, queen mlg is on the board of directors along with the Santa Fe Ring, Trejo is the janitor/clean up guy and a contract is signed with Gavin Pelosi-Newsom guaranteeing that New Mexico taxpayers will foot the bill and California gets any electricity this boondoggle generates for free.

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