AG argues against local gov’ts rights at NM high court in abortion ordinance case

Far-left pro-abortion Democrat Attorney General Raúl Torrez presented arguments in the New Mexico Supreme Court on Wednesday, contending that local pro-life ordinances restricting abortion are unlawful. Attorneys representing conservative counties and cities, however, defended these ordinances as a means to ensure potential abortion providers comply with federal law.

While abortion is legally permitted in New Mexico, several local governments have implemented ordinances restricting access to the procedure. Torrez sought to have these rules struck down, citing New Mexico H.B. 7, recently passed by the state legislature, which prohibits interference with access to reproductive healthcare by local authorities.

“The terms of House Bill 7 simply foreclose the opportunity for enactments of this type,” asserted Torrez.

He further argued that local authorities lack the jurisdiction to regulate healthcare, contending that the ordinances are preempted by the state’s decision to restrict local governments from establishing independent licensing requirements for physicians.

Torrez urged the justices to make a sweeping ruling, asserting that access to abortion is a constitutional right in New Mexico, referencing the state’s equal rights clause. He emphasized the need for clarity in light of the Supreme Court of the United States eliminating the federal right to abortion last year.

Representing Lea and Roosevelt counties and the city of Hobbs, attorneys countered Torrez’s stance. Valerie Chacon, representing Hobbs, argued that their ordinance did not restrict abortion access but rather regulated businesses providing abortion.

“We have the inherent right to create ordinances that regulate business,” Chacon contended.

“The licensure overlay here is, frankly, the argument is a ruse. It’s designed to prevent any provider or clinic from offering reproductive health care,” far-left Democrat Justice Shannon Bacon remarked.

The hearing concluded with Justice Bacon announcing that the court would deliberate on the matter, refraining from indicating a specific timeline for reaching a decision.


19 thoughts on “AG argues against local gov’ts rights at NM high court in abortion ordinance case”

    1. There are far better arguments that have not been offered… like. Where are all the medical staff with it? and that question is for ALL THE MEDICAL STAFF INVOLVED… since like hey…they are the ones performing the death dance with the devil too. Shouldn’t THEY get a say in this fiasco?

        1. The Gooberment in this matter, is not looking out for the number one person in this death dance… the unborn. They cannot utter a statement so on their behalf cannot someone else?

          1. How about this one… Why cannot the State differentiate between UNRESTRICTED UP TO THE MOMENT OF BIRTH EXECUTIONS… and early abortions or in the case of life of the woman or child?

  1. Merry Christmas to the Christians & Catholic’s of New Mexico. May your holiday season be filled with joy and happiness…

  2. WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE GOVERNMENT. The NM Constitition says in Art. II, no 2 ” All power is vested in , and derived from the people: all government of right originates with the people, us founded upon their will and is instituted solely for their good.’
    Eventhough, the representatives we hired and are paying for, currently refuse our rights, God does give us our rights. The Constititution is there to prevent these representatives from.infringing on those rights. We just need to exercise and articulate them.’
    So, remember, we ARE he government, and must hold these sharks accountable. Learn the law because attorneys are brainwashed by their corrupt professors and the BARR. Use notices and affidavits to make people accountable for breaking the law.

    1. Agreed Ella. Communities should be allowed to say what is allowed. As you stated, the elected should listen and vote according to those who elected them.

      I once received a letter from both a US Rep and US Senator, both representing NM. They both clearly stated that the US Congress did not think Americans knew what was best, so they voted what they “felt” instead. Now we have Obamacare.

      Until the voters: #1 hold politicos accountable and #2 hold politicos accountable.

      NM is the worst when it comes to legalized abortion. Edgewood and the surrounding community is a short drive to Albuquerque. A woman choosing to abort their child is mere minutes away from such services. Edgewood should be allowed to live a life without child murder on their conscience.

    2. The State Gooberment now is showing they have the “right” and the “power” that dictates to you what your morals and ethics are through political majority…not what they should be or what you “feel”.

      They and only they, can say what is right and wrong. If you fail to subject to them, they can punish you until your compliance…

  3. Abortion is not “health care.” Let’s call it what it is, its murder of an innocent baby in the womb. If you do not want a baby conceived then use precautions or give that precious child up for adoption.

  4. Torrez has no balls– let me say it again -no cajone`s Pendejo !! he’s scared shitless of moochie loserjan and is doing her dirty work..

    1. ..Lol…we can only hope. For this mindset these individuals have however… your statement means nothing to them.

      No soul, no heart, no regret, no similar morals or ethnics.

  5. Our “elected leaders” can turn on the point of a pin – just recently Her Thighness, queen mlg proclaimed that no right is absolute, that us deplorable peons should leave the thinking to the elite geniuses and STFU.
    Now princess torrez says the right to murder babies is absolute, inalienable and here to stay so pay your taxes and STFU.
    Neither are right, and their law degrees must be from Cracker Jack U – don’t let these pinhead pendejo’s try to fool you.
    Constitutional law has been twisted to suit the elite. The Bill of Rights grant no power to the People – they are LIMITS ON THE GOVERNMENT. Limits to what a government may or may not do.

    NATURAL LAW, God Given Rights are exactly that – God Given Rights, inalienable rights that people, by birth, are endowed with by our Creator!
    No matter what these posers say, We the People are endowed by Our Creator the NATURAL RIGHT to Life, Liberty and Self Defense – we require no license, no permission from any government paid stooge or flunkey. The only reason they get away with their BullSchiff is because We the People allow it, and it’s past time to quit playing their elite control game. DO NOT COMPLY..

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