Former state Sen. Ramos seeks to reclaim seat from progressive

Former state Sen. Gabriel Ramos (Catron, Grant & Socorro), a Democrat-turned-Republican, is running for another term in the New Mexico Senate after losing the June primary against progressive now-Sen. Siah Correa Hemphill.

In a press release, the former state lawmaker and veteran’s campaign wrote, “Ramos first engaged in public service when he was elected to Grant County Clerk at age 25. He was later elected to serve on the Cobre School Board, Hurley Town Council and then the Grant County Commission for eight years before being appointed to the New Mexico Senate in 2019.”

“A Hispanic Catholic, Ramos was pushed out of his seat by radical Santa Fe politicians after he not only refused to back down from his values of life, freedom, and opportunity, but also rejected their agenda of power and control.”

Ramos said, “My values have not changed. What has changed is the divisive agenda of progressive politicians in Santa Fe. They chose politics over helping New Mexicans. They left common sense behind, and they left us behind. Now I’m running to represent Southwest New Mexico again, and I’m just as strong and ready to fight for you as I have ever been.”

“I will not let the values and traditions of Southwest New Mexico be dictated by Santa Fe politicians and lobbyists who don’t care about or listen to us. I will be a true voice for Grant, Luna and Hidalgo County,” Ramos added.

In addition to his public service, Ramos has a background of service to our country and the state of New Mexico. He joined the New Mexico National Guard at 17, then went to work at the Hurley Mines before opening his own car wash business and working in the insurance business.

More information about Gabe Ramos can be found on his website


8 thoughts on “Former state Sen. Ramos seeks to reclaim seat from progressive”

  1. Ol Gabe’s an old school democrat like Saint Howie used to be. He’s a direct clone of Benny Altiamirano. Demos here in Grant County used to represent All of Us. Now they are Progressive Commie Fools. Gabe is a step in the Right Direction. Now if the Impotent Republican “Leadership” dosen’t cut his nuts off he just might get elected.

    1. Go, Gabe, and take more conservative Democrats with you. You are the role model for more Dems to walk away from a party that no longer represents them.

  2. As a republican that is going independent, I wish you luck. The NM Republican Party does not do the wishes of New Mexicans, they are afraid to stand up against the democrats from with lack of a spine or they are also doing crooked deals as well. Most NMs are conservatives and conservatives are only on the out skirts of both the parties. It is time conservatism took our state back. I hope you are part of that process, well I hope everyone I vote for are part of that process.

    1. Mike, you too can be part of the process! You can get involved at your Ward, Precinct and/or County level to make a difference! We need you and others like you!


  3. Mary-Catherine Meek

    GO GABE!!!
    Please let everyone you talk with WHY you left the Democrat Party. Lots of registered Democrats in NM are really Repiblicans….just ask former Governor, Susana Martinez!!!

  4. Every time I see a democrat turned republican I feel like they are only here to high jack and infiltrate. If Ramos is truly here and on the side of The People, not some agenda, not what the RPNM want, not some get rich quick scheme, but truly on our side he will fight for what’s important and he will DO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

  5. If only the rest of the New Mexican Catholics could realize they are conservatives. They hold conservative family values, but they keep voting for radical communists. That’s the result of the liberal propaganda we are bombarded with everywhere, from the news media, the government, the schools and universities, the pop culture, hollywood and globalist corporations and the corrupt democrats who run New Mexico.

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