Far-left Dem legislator calls MLG’s July special session a sham

In a candidate survey submitted to the Las Cruces Bulletin, far-left Democrat state Rep. Angelica Rubio (D-Las Cruces) blasted far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s plans for a July 18th special session supposedly focused on crime, with additions such as panhandling legislation, and possibly anti-gun measures.

“I have and will always stand by restorative justice as we head to a special session in July (to consider) legislation related to incarcerating those deemed incompetent and individual(s) who are panhandling and increasing penalties for felons with guns. I will not support it,” she said.

She then focused on Lujan Grisham, writing, “This special session is purely for political optics and will not do anything to address any of the issues communities around the state (and nation) are facing.”

The shift in perspective on the governor is interesting, as Lujan Grisham is lining up many Democrat primary challenges to more moderate legislators, but now even her farthest-left allies are breaking from her on the July special session, which is being panned as a political stunt. 

Recently, more moderate state Rep. Marian Matthews (D-Albuquerque) ripped into Lujan Grisham and other far-leftists targeting her seat, calling them “Woke” progressive bullies. Matthews has often put forward legislation that is an alternative to the farthest-left bills, but the fringes of the Democrat Party refuse to pass them.

In contrast, Rubio, who never debates any bills and whose sole focus in the Legislature is to secure herself a salary and kill more babies through abortion, has mostly been a backer of Lujan Grisham’s agenda, including her help in killing many crime bills in committee that could have saved lives. Read Rubio’s full questionnaire here.


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  1. All that MLG (the evil queen) does is a sham. She need to be impeached and thrown out of office. Maybe in November (if people wake up) we will get more control of the round house and start proceeding to impeach MLG who is in violations of the US Constitution on many things she does. We need to vote out her comrades and take control of our state once again and change it for the better. Also close all those murder machines aka abortion clinics that she has been promoting and using tax dollars to build. I could say so much more, but will leave it at that.

      1. Paula Moore, Las Cruces author, wrote “Cricket in the Web” in 2009. Story about Ovida “Cricket” Coogler, 18, who was raped,murdered and dumped in the desert Mar 31st or early Apr, 1949.
        Police, mafia, Santa Fe politicians are the suspects in this story.
        First Republican Gov was elected after this happened.
        There are other books I think; this is the one I read.
        The story is NM history.

        1. TLC, Thank You. I just ordered your recommended book “Cricket in the Wind”, $14 on Amazon.
          New Mexico – Corruption Capital of the US.
          I think the 3 key State political positions are the State Auditor, Sec. of State & Attorney General. These 3 positions keep our evil ways going for the past 80+ years.

          1. Will, you wrote Cricket in the Wind but the book I’m recommending is “Cricket in the Web: The 1949 Unsolved Murder that Unraveled Politics in New Mexico”
            by Paula Moore | Mar 16, 2009
            Perhaps spellcheck?
            It’s a fascinating and sad story.

    1. I absolutely agree with you Karen. And I actually agree with Mrs. Rubio too. This so-called “special session” that’s going to happen in July is a sham. Hard to believe that I would actually agree with a far-left New Mexico state representative like Angelica Rubio, but in this case, Rubio is actually right. It is a sham. Gov. Lujan Grisham would like you to believe that she actually cares about public safety, that she cares about protecting the citizens of this state who are law-abiding from criminals or maybe even terrorists, or what you will. And I know that many of her supporters in New Mexico, possibly even a number of them from outside of New Mexico, will believe that. Here’s the thing though, she really doesn’t care about public safety. She doesn’t really care about the law-abiding citizens. You really think that she actually cares about people who are law-abiding citizens, who want to protect and defend their homes and families from criminals who are actually trying to kill them?! She doesn’t. It’s like saying that Gov. Tim Waltz, in Minnesota where I am originally from, cares about public safety or law-abiding citizens in Minnesota. He doesn’t care about them either. In fact, the state legislature in Minnesota, and he most likely supports this and will most likely sign this into law, are now trying to pass a law where gun owners and law-abiding citizens will be forced, not asked, but forced, to lock up their guns to the point where if an intruder were to break into somebody’s home and actually literally tries to kill the owner of the home, that owner wouldn’t be able to unlock their gun in time. That is not right and it is anti-Second Amendment, however you look at it. And the Minnesota state legislature is now trying to pass this law as I speak. And how much do you want to bet that if Tim Waltz of Minnesota signs this into law, that Lujan Grisham would follow suit? I bet a lot. Lujan Grisham doesn’t care about the Second Amendment. She doesn’t care about law-abiding citizens. She wants to take away people’s Second Amendment rights and if you try to do that, then you are violating the Constitution of the United States and the state Constitution of the state that you are the Governor of. Because believe it or not, there is a Second Amendment in the New Mexico state Constitution too. But, Lujan Grisham doesn’t care about the Second Amendment and she doesn’t care about law-abiding citizens. All she wants to do is take away people’s Second Amendment rights so that the criminals will have guns, and what you will. That’s all she cares about and nobody can tell me any different. You wonder why the crime rate in NM has skyrocketed so much. It’s because of Lujan Grisham and her anti-gun policies. This is why New Mexico has become a dangerous place to live in and to do business in as well.

      Speaking of dangerous, the U.S News And World Report website have recently done a top 10 list for the most dangerous states in the United States of America for 2024. Guess which U.S state is at number one. No really, guess. You might say “Oh, the most dangerous state in the United States is California”. And surprisingly, it’s not California, although California is on that top 10 list of the most dangerous states in the United States, it is ranked ninth dangerous. You might also say “It’s New York isn’t it?” and the answer is actually no. It’s not New York either. As horrible as California and New York are regarding leftist policies and so on, it’s not them. It’s not New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Vermont, Delaware. Heck it’s not even Minnesota. The most dangerous U.S state out of all 50 U.S states for the year 2024 is……………..New Mexico! Yes, you heard me right. It’s us. It’s New Mexico. The Land of Enchantment. The state where the real first Thanksgiving took place in 1598. The state where numerous movies including Wild Hogs(2008), one of the Transformers films with Shia Labeouf, The Book of Eli(with Denzel Washington), and numerous others have been filmed in. The state where the hit show Breaking Bad was filmed in. The state where the Roswell UFO crash happened that was later covered up by the United States government. The state where there are likely underground bases where experiments are being done and have been done on both humans and extraterrestrials. The place that is one of the largest producers of oil and gas in the United States of America and across the globe and one of the largest producers of nuclear energy as well. And so on. Yes, that New Mexico. New Mexico is now the most dangerous U.S state in the entire country right now. I am not joking. I wish I was. But I am not. We are the most dangerous state in the Union now in terms of the skyrocketing crime rate, etc. That is absolutely terrifying. For me including because I live in New Mexico. Even where I live in New Mexico, in south-central New Mexico, it’s getting bad. I mean, where I live, thefts have gone up. There has recently been a guy who has been trying to assault people for no reason whatsoever, including trying to literally drag or pull people out of their cars to do it, which thankfully he has been unsuccessful. But still. And I have heard rumors, don’t know if this is true or not, but I have heard rumors that there is currently a gang running around in like Tularosa now and I have even heard that places like La Luz is getting bad too. I mean, it’s getting bad and dangerous out there folks. And the fact that New Mexico is literally the most dangerous state in the country now is even more scary. You think that’s bad, were 50th in safety in the United States. We are like literally last in safety in the United States! And you wonder why people are fleeing from this state now. Not only is our education system in New Mexico horrible, including with the fact that the woke agenda is now being shoved down children’s throats in certain schools in the state, not only do we have Jewish people in New Mexico being targeted by pro-Palestinian “protesters”, and so on, but now there’s the fact that New Mexico is now the most dangerous U.S state literally in the United States out of all 50 U.S states and territories due in part to the soft-on-crime policies of the Left and Democrats in New Mexico too. And this is why we must turn New Mexico red and why we must have a conservative or even a common sense minded majority in the New Mexico state legislature as well as in New Mexico’s United States congressional delegation too after the elections in November. It is impairative that we have that happen. Because if we don’t, New Mexico will be destroyed and ruined probably forever.

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