Extreme Dem attack on illegal immigrant detention facilities fails

In a massive blow to Democrats in New Mexico, a legislative proposal aimed at prohibiting local detention centers from detaining illegal immigrants for federal civil immigration violations was defeated in the state Senate on a bipartisan vote against it.

The proposal, known as Senate Bill 145, sought to prevent public entities from forming or renewing contracts with federal immigration authorities for the detention of illegal aliens in the U.S. 

Despite support from some lawmakers, the bill was rejected with an 18-21 vote on the Senate floor, highlighting a division among the senators.

Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D-Albuquerque), the bill’s sponsor, argued that these individuals who crossed into the U.S. illegally are treated as criminals despite breaking federal laws to enter the country. 

The debate also touched on the conditions within detention facilities, particularly the Torrance County center, which has faced a barrage of attacks by leftists for alleged unsanitary and unsafe conditions. 

The failure of the bill means that local governments in New Mexico can continue to enter into contracts with federal immigration authorities for detention purposes. 

The outcome has sparked disappointment among open-border leftists who argue that the debate was not rooted in factual evidence, and they vow to continue the fight against these facilities. 

The absence of two Democrat senators during the vote also drew criticism, with one being formally excused due to a conflict of interest and the others cited for other engagements, further fueling the controversy surrounding the bill’s defeat. Despite any anger over the vote, it still died. 


11 thoughts on “Extreme Dem attack on illegal immigrant detention facilities fails”

  1. Lamenting that they are treated like criminals when they’ve committed a criminal act to be here illegally ?? Communist logic I suppose by stooges trying to convince the public that snow is black and turning all truth on its head. Satan inverts truth and so do his communist followers.

  2. Every single rocket surgeon who sponsored or voted for this garbage should be slapped on sight.
    They should also be forced to live down on the actual border. Indefinitely. And without firearms or ammo.
    I would laaaaaaaaaaugh at how many minutes (seconds?) they’d last before begging for guns and ammo.

  3. If they want them here let them house an feed them in their house want last long before wanting law officer to come remove them sent them home

  4. All excellent comments. It’s amazing how Truth is twisted, “just because these border jumping criminals have broken the law by illegally entering our country THEY’RE TREATED LIKE CRIMINALS!”
    Oh boo-hoo! They ARE CRIMINALS! WTFU! If you think their treatment is bad, take them home with you – feed them, clothe them, open your wallet and let them use your car – but don’t expect me to pay for it…

  5. What is it that these dembocraps don’t understand? ILLEGALS are ILLEGALLY here and ARE CRIMINALS!! it’s plain and simple THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW!!!

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