El Pollo Loco expanding to New Mexico with nine new locations

The popular fast-food chicken restaurant ​​El Pollo Loco, specializing in Los Angeles-style fire-grilled Mexican chicken, is opening new locations in New Mexico with the signing of new development agreements. 

“A deal with Mass Equities EPL LLC will result in 10 units over eight years with the first restaurants due by December 2024 for Larimer County and portions of Boulder, Broomfield and Weld Counties in northern Colorado. The second and third deals, signed by CB Pollo NM 1 and CB Pollo Tx 1, respectfully, includes nine units for New Mexico and seven in El Paso,” wrote FastCasual.com.

“El Pollo Loco’s corporate team has made it an easy decision to grow our franchise operations with them,” Mass Equities Founder and CEO Drew Sobel said in a company press release. “The brand’s growth over the past few years is evident and its unique offering supported by excellence in operations is a strategic fit for our portfolio of businesses. Fueled by the brand’s initial success in the Colorado market, we look forward to bringing the El Pollo Loco experience to northern parts of the state.”

El Pollo Loco (“The Crazy Chicken”), Houston via Wikimedia Commons.

The chain is looking to increase its national footprint by featuring its latest dining room design options, an enhanced digitized experience with self-ordering kiosks, mobile to-go and delivery pick-up areas, and digital menu boards.

Since 1980, the restaurant has operated 490 company-owned and franchised locations across the United States. 

El Pollo Loco describes its food as the “SoCal lifestyle meets Mexican heritage. It’s better-for-you choices like fire-grilled chicken and tradition-inspired temptations like Overstuffed Quesadillas. It’s burritos, taquitos and tacos with a fresh California Twist. It’s a menu that can meet any dietary need from paleo to vegetarian to straight out craving. Simply said, it’s L.A. active, it’s Mexican proud and it’s exactly what you’ll find at El Pollo Loco.” 


21 thoughts on “El Pollo Loco expanding to New Mexico with nine new locations”

  1. Christopher S Ray

    Weren’t they in Las Cruces years back (late 80s?)? If memory serves, they were in the Arroyo Plaza on the far east end for several years and then closed.

    1. KFC ,is not only too expensive but their quality has gone down ,smaller portions and extremely dry !!!! Having tried it twice since the new style KFC has hit the stores in LC !!!!!

  2. Gallup New Mexico nothing here but burger places our whole town not burgers beer place everywhere need a new place el pollo loco

    1. I agree need another one kfc to expensive and over the years lost most of its flavor and Popeyes the same to expensive and lost it’s flavor

  3. The best grilled chicken ever!!!
    I used to eat it in San Diego all the time.
    I wish they could bring it to El Paso.

  4. We need one in Artesia. No good chicken places to eat in Artesia. KFC serves chicken that looks more like game hen. Or even a Church’s Chicken!

  5. Roswell. I used to travel to El Paso for Popeyes. They got here finally then they reduced the spice.🤬

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