Billionaire-funded eco group pushes ‘electrify everything’ agenda in NM

The far-left enviro-Marxist dark money group 350 New Mexico, funded by billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, is holding an event on May 22, 2023, called “Electrify New Mexico,” which aims to push policies that push electric appliances and vehicles in the place of those that run on gas and other natural extractive resources.

The group wrote in a post, “Concerned about health-harming gases in your kitchen? Want an EV, but don’t like the choices available for purchase? Join us as we unveil our new Electrify New Mexico website. It will answer these and other questions about how going electric will save you money, clean your air and reduce carbon emissions.” 

Some of the items the group says it wants to become electric include heat pumps, induction stoves, heat pump water heaters, heat pump clothes dryers, electric vehicles, and EV chargers.

“They offer superior efficiency, precision, comfort, and health benefits at the same or lower cost as gas appliances,” the group claims. “And because electricity generation grows cleaner every day, switching to electric is better for the climate too.” 

The far-left group has joined others in recent weeks in blasting a veto of hefty electric vehicle tax credits from a recently passed tax package and claims the state Legislature did not do enough to help stop “climate change.”

The group says on its website that it aims at cutting “eliminate 80% of US energy-related emissions” by switching all gas appliances and cars for electric. It says, “Our largest carbon emissions come from our gas cars (50%), home heating (25%) and water heating (10%).” 

350 New Mexico also believes that natural disasters and drought weather are due to “climate change,” along with wildfires and reduced snowpack.

Democrats, such as Democrat New Mexico U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, have made similar calls to “electrify” everything for the sake of “climate change.” Recently, the Joe Biden regime has taken steps to develop rules limiting the sale of gas appliances and even targeting water usage in dishwashers. 


19 thoughts on “Billionaire-funded eco group pushes ‘electrify everything’ agenda in NM”

  1. Control, Power & plain old Stupidity. New Mexico is just too set in its ways. Only the Santa Fe crowd would totally buy into this nonsense.

  2. The climate change hoax is all about control. The very name was changed from “global warming “ because the charlatan billionaires and their earth worship religion dupes could not prove the earth was actually warming. Al Gore made millions from a fake science book about it where 0 none of his phony predictions came true. Do you think that all these new politician millionaires like Obama would buy multi million dollar homes on beachfront property if they were soon to be underwater? Do you think the scamming insurance companies would insure them? No my friends this is just an elitist scam to get the public off “their “ land and herd us into cities easier to control each and every aspect of our lives. Communism!

    1. Amen! You are spot on! Some pushing this stuff know they are lying and trying to control us. The others ae so clueless that they believe this crap! The rest are what Joseph Stalin called “usefull idiots”. Do these useful idiots not study history at all??? I guess when the Anasazi or Ancestral Puebloan people abandonded the Four Corners area because of drought and moved to the Rio Grande area, they did so becasue the drought was caused by all those gas powered cars they were driving around!!! The weather changes people!!! You are right….that’s why they changed their teminology from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”. Since the weather is changing all the time…..they are always right! What a bunch of bunk!

  3. I’m old enough to remember when it was “global cooling” in the 70s. When that didn’t pan out, they went to the opposite extreme of “global warming”. When THAT failed to materialize, some mental midget came up w/ “climate change”, which is actually a pretty good tag line since the climate is always & always has “changed”, so who can argue w/ that? Except the “change” is NATURAL, & not the made-up “man-made” change they’re flogging to control every aspect of our increasingly pathetic lives

    1. Amen Cindi! I was in elementary in the 70s and I remember the same thing. They were predicting another ice age then. Then in the 80s it became Global Warming. Now it’s just “Climate Change”. That way they are always right! What a bunch of bunk!

  4. An event on May 23rd. But where? What sort of access will there be? We rational people need to show up en masse to let these nitwits know that they are not in the majority in this state.

  5. Climate change lie by the Club of Rome and other NWO groups as a means of population reduction. It used to be colling then warming now simply climate change.

    Hydrocarbons are not the problem, geoengineering such as stratospheric aerosol injection, HAARP, CERN, microwave, EMF etc. are the problems.

    With electric comes total control of we the unwsshed masses. Soros snd Steyer know they have a room temperature IQ demon they can control in Santa Fe!

  6. The pushers own stock in lithium and precious metals mining operations and really don’t have any other reason to push their agenda! Add to that the piglet squatting in the roundhouse is getting kickbacks from these people.

  7. I’m sure the Forest Service will be happy to help the cause by starting some ‘controlled burns’ when it’s windy and scare more people in to buying this monstrous lie.

  8. It is control of the subjects but they will never be able to control the weather or the wind and when those elements, especially the wind, cause long term power outages I pray that it is those simpletons that suffer the most.

  9. Wind towers are spreading throughout the Southwest, and they sure look ugly. Gotta plow new roads through pristine desert to the tower sites, run power lines. Those big blades are not recyclable either, and they have a limited use life span…
    No more clean horizons to contemplate as you drive in the New Mexico desert, now its big tech trash as far as the eye can see. What a triumph for us all.

  10. You can shut down electrical power from a central location. Hard to do that with natural gas. So if you want to force people to do your will, get control of their energy supply.

  11. My fellow Pinon Pals:

    Alas, I am not a billionaire. I am not a socialist. I don’t want to control anybody. BUT, I am a Santa Fe-an, so I guess that makes me suspect.

    But, more than that, I am a person who understands science. The science is clear; humans are warming the planet, and, if we don’t reverse course, the results will be catastrophic. There is ample evidence of this all over, and, indeed, the impacts are already being felt – here is just one example from todays news:

    And, I promise that I don’t want to control anybody. I am not a socialist. I am an engineer, and I am working to develop ways to make peoples lives better, and less expensive and environmentally friendly. Surely, that is a good thing.

    I hope we could all take a step back from our fear and loathing of each other, and pay attention to the science, and then find ways to come together to hear one another and to support all of the people of this great country and world.Let’s listen to our better angels.

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