Disturbing truth uncovered about Lujan Grisham’s abortion hotline: Report

According to an investigation by the pro-life group Abortion Free New Mexico (AFNM), Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s recently created “reproductive health” hotline through the New Mexico Department of Health appears to be doing as expected — pushing abortion and only abortion.

According to a recent KOB 4 report, “The governor’s spokesperson says the hotline is also meant to connect women with housing and transportation needs as well.”

AFNM noted, “​The representative that answered the call confirmed that she was with the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) and when the investigative caller tells her that she is [eight] weeks pregnant and calling for resources, the NMDOH representative immediately assumes that the caller wants an abortion.”

“When the investigative caller says she’s not sure if she wants an abortion or to keep the baby and asks if there are pregnancy resources, the NMDOH representative gives her phone numbers for pro-abortion groups, ‘All Options’ and ‘ReproCare.’ The representative then circles back and gives the caller all of the Albuquerque abortion centers names, addresses and phone numbers.”

The report continued, “The investigative caller then asks about other resources like maternity homes and housing during the pregnancy,” as previously mentioned were offered by Lujan Grisham’s office. “The investigator is told to call the New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (NMRCRC) for housing information. However, upon calling the NMRCRC a recording instructs women to visit their website and fill out their Abortion Fund Application.”

However, according to the NMRCRC website, the group is solely an organization aiding women in obtaining abortions and nothing else. “UNLESS YOU ARE SEEKING ASSISTANCE OBTAINING AN ABORTION, PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR PATIENT HELPLINE,” the website reads in bold letters.

When the AFNM caller asked the NMDOH hotline about prenatal care and parenting classes, “and was told that all hospitals provide those instead of referring to life-affirming organizations like CareNet that provide free parenting classes outside of a hospital setting.”

Listen to the full audio via AFNM:

Abortion Free New Mexico’s Tara Shaver wrote in response to the revelations from the call, “​​It is misleading and downright dishonest for the Governor to state that the NM Reproductive Health Hotline is comprehensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. During the investigation conducted by Abortion Free New Mexico, the New Mexico Department of Health representative had to research housing on the spot and only referred to domestic violence shelters and a radical group that ONLY helps women obtain abortions.”

Last year, there were 11,000 abortions committed in New Mexico, with most of those (6,000) being done on out-of-state women. Abortion up to birth with no restrictions or protections is legal in the state. 


24 thoughts on “Disturbing truth uncovered about Lujan Grisham’s abortion hotline: Report”

  1. I’m sure that they are herding the women so that they can harvest stem cells. Big, Big Money! Vile, disgusting, and disturbing. It never was, nor will it ever be about Women’s Health or Help…

    1. I agree 💯 %! They just want to murder babies and to hell with those who really may want to keep their baby. They are being pressured to have an abortion, no information if you want to keep your baby! Why don’t they want children to survive? I don’t get it

  2. andrew sciabarassi

    DISGUSTING! The only good news is she and the rest of the murderous
    Scoundrels will one day answer to Almighty God. But they don’t believe
    there is a God.

  3. I understand our NM government on the post part is full of people that are POSs. The are marxists democrats. They do not represent NM views but with NM schools being the worst in the country and there is no sign they will improve as the NM government does not want citizens to learn how bad they really have it. With these facts, family members need to get involved. If you have a young female in your family (daughter, niece, grand daughter) talk to them, ask if they are having issues. They do not have to be sexually active and if they are you would most likely not even know. Anyway, stay alert and keep babies alive.

  4. YES!!!! Governor Lujan Grisham should be applauded for this effort. You know… when you pro lifers do whatever you feel is necessary to remove a woman’s right to choose & govern her own body it’s fine. The Governor with whom every person who is the least bit political knows is a pro choice Governor & has fulfilled her duties admirably by fighting for a woman’s right not to have some right wing pro lifer in her uterus- establishes a phone service which has resources for pregnant women. And you’re appalled that one of the resources given is a list of abortion services why? Because it should be given. Did that service also give numbers for adoption services? Because they did when I called. Let’s call a spade a spade. You guys are trying to make a a correct & positive service for the community into some lecherous act. When the only negative thing going on here is your fascism!!!

    1. You’re delusional and part of the problem. Take the scales off your eyes. I wasn’t provided any helpful information about anything but abortions.

    2. But if you kill the babies…where will Nithingr like you get your sex toys? And your slaves? You won’t be eligible for welfare either. Did you think about any of that while you were…”salivating”…at the thought of dead children? Ghouls have more honor than Nithingr like you.

    3. I am also glad that there is clear instructions for how to obtain an abortion if that is the direction you need/chose to go. However, I also don’t think its okay to have that as the only information. Choice is only truly possible if both options are presented. Its not right that details on how to care for yourself and your baby are not represented on the hotline. They should work to remedy that.

    4. You are obviously an idiot! Wish there was a more gentle way to put it…but your statements leave none.

  5. If all you can do is complain from behind the keyboard them move to where there’s nothing you can cry about. Otherwise get off your asses and do something about your issues.
    Me? I ain’t complaining, got my own problems to worry about.

  6. The woman’s choice happens the night of conception in the vast and overwhelming MAJORITY of cases (you could argue about rape and molestation as a different topic – but, at that time, don’t forget to include the practice of sexually grooming children pushed by the left).
    Sex equals responsibility.
    And don’t muddy the water with “what if there are medical issues or x” – I’m speaking generally, not about niche situations.

    Plus… Where were all you “keep your laws off my body” people when I was forced into receiving an -experimental- vaccination???
    How long did it take for approval prior to con-vid?

  7. I’m just so disheartened, it’s hard to find words. 😥 I’ll just say this, I am not seeing democracy in our country any more. When a person calls a government funded holiness and asks for resources both for abortion and for keeping her baby, and all she is given is abortion resources- this is not democracy. This is not a neutral government funded agency. So sad at what’s happened to New Mexico.

  8. Savannah Ordonez

    For all persons that comment on how bad abortion is, no it’s bad reading the news everyday And there’s 5+ stories about mothers hurting or killing their babies or children, torturing them, starving them, abandoning their children. That’s disgusting. If a woman get an abortion she knows she won’t be a fit mother. Think about that, you all prefer reading about abuse and child murders? Get real people

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