Dems’ extreme election code rewrite heads to governor’s desk

On Monday, the New Mexico House of Representatives voted 42-25 to concur with the Senate’s changes of H.B. 4, an extreme rewrite of many portions of the state’s election code. The bill now goes to the governor’s desk.

Provisions in the bill would erode election security by letting felons vote, mandating a permanent absentee voter list, ballot drop boxes, and mandating voters be automatically registered at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), where they would have to opt out by mail.

There were many concerns in committees and during floor discussions about the bill infringing on religious freedoms because some religions do not permit voting. Forcibly registering people to vote would be a violation.

According to the bill’s fiscal impact report, the Taxation and Revenue Department reports that “implementation of this bill will have a high impact on its IT Division. The estimated time to develop, test, and implement the changes is approximately 2,704 hours or 17 months and approximately $717,700 ($567,800 contractual resources including gross receipts tax and staff workload costs of $149,900). The bill will require MVD to partner with [the Secretary of State’s office] to make changes to the interface between the two agencies.”

According to the New Mexico Sun, “The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) strongly opposes HB 4. NMBC President Carla Sonntag published a letter arguing that the legislation would endanger both voting rights and voting system integrity in many ways, including automatically registering voters without their consent, increasing the likelihood of non-U.S. citizens being registered to vote and giving full voting rights to felons prior to completion of parole/probation.”

Provisions on the Senate side that were amended in include giving county clerks the opportunity to get waivers from the Secretary of State’s office to opt out of ballot drop boxes and clarifying language regarding prisons and detention facilities.

The bill now goes to Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s desk for a signature.


9 thoughts on “Dems’ extreme election code rewrite heads to governor’s desk”

  1. Probably the worst piece of legislation passed this session. This bill shows are legislators care nothing about the integrity of the voting system. A more realistic bill would require proof of residence and showing a valid ID to cast a ballot.

  2. New Mexican DemocRats guarantee CHEATING, CRIMINAL AND NON CITIZEN CORRUPTION OF ALL ELECTIONS… When will people wake up? Never, as long as FAKE NEWS is rampant statewide and nationally.

    1. Geez, I’m so glad that Spaceforce captured all the cheating for military tribunals, which according to the NY Times, ( which is garbage propaganda) stated that they would be happening mid 2023. Was it a warning to their commie buddies??? Maybe….Thank goodness Trump left us a trail to follow of what “The Plan” was. When DNI Ratcliff presented proof of Foreign interference, Trump declared a National Emergency and as President, extended his power as President via law and order of the Constitution. 47 US Code 606- War Powers of the President. When the US Congress and the Supreme Court of the US failed to address the National Emergencies declared by Potus in 2020, the power of the US Executive was used to devolve the US Government, turn provisional control of the country over to the military, and address the emergencies that way. To learn more… and
      May our righteous God rip the veil open for all to see the evil controlling our country and the world. God bless.

  3. Why should nay of this matter? The dems have a lock on the state, normal conservatives have left this state in droves, sitting republicans will continue to sit upon their butts rather than go out and vote. We have lost the country to apathy and trust that dems will have the best interest in running a competent state. Or did I mean a corrupt state? We are becoming mini California so that MLG can impress Neusom so she can become his running mate in 24. She always loved Washington DC and considers herself to be Hillary’s replacement.

  4. Nothing surprises me anymore. Just makes me sick. Just remember however long it takes God will win. Truth and justice will prevail. Pray

  5. As long as we have those in Republican leadership in New Mexico not doing the job they signed up for we will have these DemonRats forever. When will the people get their act together and get rid of those in charge of the party and let others see what they can do. Like maybe involve all the counties in making decisions.

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