Dem senator reports fellow Dem to FBI over alleged extortion attempt

State senator Daniel Ivey-Soto (D-Bernalillo) has reported a fellow Democrat, Senate Pro Tem Mimi Stewart (D-Bernalillo) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation over an alleged extortion attempt, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican. Ivey-Soto has faced a barrage of attacks from Stewart and leftist organizations claiming he has sexually harassed women — claims he has denied. 

The report notes, “Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto said an unidentified third party delivered a message to him from Stewart the day prior: Resign as chairman of the Senate Rules Committee and Stewart would make sure a confidential report that revealed new allegations against Ivey-Soto wouldn’t get leaked.”

“But if I did not agree to resign, then the report would be leaked,” he said to the New Mexican. “That is the very definition of extortion, and that is the reason why I reported that to the FBI at 3:30 [Thursday] afternoon, which was prior to [the report] being released.”

“The message was delivered through a third party, so there’s a witness to the communication,” said Ivey-Soto, adding, “I did inform the FBI who the third party was.”

Ivey-Soto says he “felt the need to contact the FBI because threatening an elected official is unlawful and threatening an elected official to take an official action [resign from a legislative committee] falls under public corruption. I took that very seriously.”

When the third party delivered the message that Ivey-Soto declined to be extorted, Steward leaked the report, as she allegedly threatened. 

The complaint filed over the sexual assault allegations was suspended according to Ivey-Soto, who said, “Last week my attorney was informed that the current matter before the [committee] regarding the complaint is indefinitely suspended, with no further action to be taken.”

Some of the sexual accusers are former Michelle Lujan Grisham staffers and have previously made bogus sexual assault claims, including that of lobbyist Marianna Anaya.

As we previously reported on Anaya:

Anaya is a far-left activist who supported now-Gov. Lujan Grisham’s failed pro-voter fraud bill, S.B. 8 and S.B. 144, that would have instituted widespread voter suppression and election corruption, is now apparently bringing forth the claim after she didn’t get what she wanted — stolen New Mexico elections.

“You deliberately prevented the bill from receiving a timely hearing, knowing that such delays were an effective death sentence for any piece of important legislation during a short session,” Anaya claimed.

Anaya further claimed that at a recent dinner before the voting bill was considered, Ivey-Soto became “aggressive,” while at dinner where she said she confronted him over said accusations. She claims he “put the breaks” on the bill Senate Rules Committee, which he chairs, because of her.

She wrote, “The way that the bill was slow-pedaled by Sen. Ivey-Soto after this confrontation in his capacity as Rules chair had the indicia of retaliation.”

Anaya hired the same lawyer, Levi Monagle, who participated in the slander of former state Rep. Carl Trujillo (D-Santa Fe), which led to Trujillo losing his seat in 2018. Trujillo’s case happened in tandem with Planned Parenthood lobbyist Juliana Koob, whose dark money organization she represents spread the false accusations against Trujillo.


5 thoughts on “Dem senator reports fellow Dem to FBI over alleged extortion attempt”

  1. NM voters, get rid of voter machines, as they are fake and dishonest. Vote out criminal politicians, get rid of the murder of babies. Vote for Roncatti and Gay and Baker and all the good candidates. PhilipofJMJ Go Mike Lindell and go Couy Griffin. Go Pres. Trump, who is our current president. Go Mr. Block and thanks for your paper and help in Sierra County.

  2. It really is disgusting to real sex abuse survivers to see women pull these stunts. One can only hope she one day actually knows how it really feels to be violated

  3. Such a conundrum: I sincerely hope that no one was sexually harassed, yet, I sincerely enjoy watching DemoRats eat their own… What to do…?

    Sending ketchup.

  4. My dad you to say” give them enough rope and they will hang themselves”. I see that rope is getting longer and longer, not only in our State but throughout our Country. Let’s paint the State Red, learn from the Blue and make proud the Red, White and Blue. God bless America.

  5. People of NM WAKE UP !! Stop continuing to vote (back in) those who have oppressed us, lied to us, misrepresented us and stolen from us (since before this lawless territory was even a state) !! Just because they’re “Elected Politicians” does NOT allow them to make stuff up as they go along, and CERTAINLY does NOT entitle them to a different set of rules and laws, despite what they’ve tried to convince us of. These same SCUM SWORE to uphold the NM and Federal Constitutions, and yet, here we are !! WAKE UP, THINK, USE YOUR GOD-GIVEN DISCERNMENT AND VOTE THE ISSUES, NOT THE PERSON !! Lets all make a stand for law and order, for accountability, and for a NEW DIRECTION !! NO MORE OPPRESSION !!

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