Dem group touts NM’s unlimited abortion law as its top 2021 accomplishment

The far-left Democrat group that works to elect state-level candidates, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, recently bragged in an email sent to supporters about the so-called accomplishments it had in 2021.

In the email, its top accomplishment was scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signing an abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill that has already purged New Mexico medical professionals from the state and led to the ending of countless lives. The bill passed after Lujan Grisham targeted pro-life Democrat senators and pushed them out, replacing them with far-left rabid pro-abortion extremists.

The bill stripped away all protections, including conscience protections, for medical workers in the state and virtually allowed unsafe, unregulated abortions statewide. Since Texas’ pro-life law saving babies after a heartbeat is detected, women have traveled to New Mexico to kill their babies due to the state’s extreme anti-life laws. 

In the email titled “Hate to brag…but look at everything Democrats accomplished this year,” it wrote, “New Mexico’s Democratic-led legislature repealed its pre-Roe law that banned abortion, preserving the right to choose in the state.” 

Among its other “accomplishments” included a Virginia law to weaken elections, anti-police bills in California, and a minimum wage hike in Delaware. 

“2021 was tough. From an attempted coup to a Supreme Court that has all but rejected Roe, it wasn’t easy to open your email. But this people-powered movement came together when it mattered most. So, thank you for believing in state Democrats and taking a chance on us. We’re really proud to have a passionate, tuned-in, and dedicated team on our side,” claimed the group.


4 thoughts on “Dem group touts NM’s unlimited abortion law as its top 2021 accomplishment”

  1. Hate to brag but our governor is the spawn of satan!!!
    The woman is too stupid to get a job in DC with the present reign.

  2. The evil democraps of NM

    What good does this do? The evil ruler MLG and her minion Egoff, do what they want. Everyone knows everything they do is unconstitutional, yet they are never stopped. Does anyone really care about New Mexico?

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