Deb Haaland makes history: Becomes least qualified person to ever serve in cabinet

On Monday, The U.S. Senate shamefully confirmed Rep. Deb Haaland to head the U.S. Department of the Interior, dealing a crippling blow to the integrity of the country’s public lands, which will now be under the control of the radical anti-energy “Green New Deal”-loving extremist.

You have to give it to the Democrats, though. They did, indeed, make history with her confirmation, making her the least qualified candidate to ever reach a presidential cabinet position, not only with the support of every single one of their members but with four Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) lining up to support her, like sheep to the slaughter.

Despite vast swaths of Alaska under the control of the Department of the Interior and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) calling out Haaland for singling out The Last Frontier, she and spineless RINO Dan Sullivan (R-AK) joined Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Sen. Linsey Graham (R-SC) in supporting Haaland. The final vote was 51-40 with nine senators not voting.

To be crystal clear, Haaland has no accomplishments whatsoever to speak of other than being a walking, talking, breathing embodiment of the Peter Principle. The Peter Principle is merely a management concept about competent employees in a low role being promoted into positions for which they are incompetent (Congress and Interior in Haaland’s case).

If you did not watch Haaland’s confirmation hearings in the Senate Energy Committee, you didn’t miss much other than hours of painful lines of questioning demonstrating Haaland’s lack of knowledge of the Department of Interior and a lack of awareness of the department’s resources, which she will now be tasked with overseeing. She also demonstrated the lack of a coherent train of thought, using the sounds “uh” and “um” to fill every other gap while Haaland attempted to form a sentence. This can be demonstrated by the below clip, which is particularly painful to watch:

But then again, we must remember that this nomination comes from an illegitimate non-president whose allies weaponized election fraud to steal the 2020 election. Biden also can barely form a sentence and was likely advised to pick Haaland so he could meet a racist diversity quota in his administration while also claiming a “history-making” nomination.

Haaland tried and failed on multiple occasions to pass the bar after law school, then somehow became the Democrat Party of New Mexico chair, and then ran for Congress in the First Congressional District while hilariously claiming to be “fierce” in the process.

Then once elected, she hid from constituents, and when election time rolled around, she ducked debates for months until she finally was compelled to show to “remote” debates where she stumbled on her words again and again. She consistently lied about multiple issues and could not defend her radical agenda.

During a candidate debate in October, Haaland misled on multiple issues. She claimed she worked in “a bipartisan way” while in Congress, despite voting with socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 95% of the time, she called a leftist Black Lives Matter/Antifa mob committing arson and vandalism in Lafayette Square near the White House “peaceful,” she claimed she did not support Antifa, despite calling them “peaceful protestors,” saying she has never “missed a vote,” despite missing several, and falsely claiming President Trump called COVID-19 a “Democrat hoax,” which liberal fact-checkers have even admitted is incorrect. 

Now, Haaland, the least accomplished and most embarrassing cabinet pick of any administration in history will go on to lead the Department of the Interior, overseeing 480 million acres of public land, 700 million acres of subsurface minerals, and 1.7 billion acres of the outer continental shelf. She also has pledged to ban fracking, which will cripple states like New Mexico who rely heavily on the critical industry. We can only hope her incompetence keeps her from getting anything done because the less she does, the easier people, especially those who rely on these public lands, can sleep at night. 


2 thoughts on “Deb Haaland makes history: Becomes least qualified person to ever serve in cabinet”

  1. I have never liked Haaland. She always seems to be carrying a big chip on her shoulder. It’s like she has a “score” to settle. With whom, I don’t know … unless it’s white people?

  2. Deb Haaland has close ties to the Communist Party USA, forged during her time in the US House of Representatives and civic action campaigns, such as the XL Keystone Pipeline protests
    Communist Party USA was originally loyal to the Soviet Union and has now moved closer to the Chinese Communist Party
    Trevor Loudon: Haaland will be working closely with the Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, another prominent proponent of the Communist Party USA

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