Congresswoman Yvette Herrell shreds Biden over ‘international embarrassment’ in Afghanistan

On Monday, Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of New Mexico’s Second District did not mince words in her reply to Joe Biden’s realized failure in Afghanistan, which is now nearly entirely ravaged by the Taliban.

Herrell said, “After 20 years, it was long past time to leave Afghanistan. But it did not have to be this disaster.”

She added, “The Biden admin. presides over a complete tactical failure and international embarrassment, as well as a tragedy for families who will suffer under a new Taliban regime.”

Biden was nowhere to be found amid the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, with the White House frantically releasing a photograph of what some are calling a “feeble” and “impotent” Biden staring at a screen while sitting alone at a conference table at Camp David. 

45th President Trump, an ally of Congresswoman Herrell, brokered historic peace deals in the Middle East, including a plan to exit Afghanistan safely. But once the Joe Biden regime came to power, all bets were off, and the emboldened Radical Islamic Terrorist group the Taliban took America’s perceived weakness for everything it has got. 

Afghani President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai fled the country hours before the Taliban took Kabul and descended upon the presidential palace in the country’s capital. Taliban members can be seen sitting at the presidential desk while reading the Quran and holding American weapons. 

Even far-left propaganda network CNN blamed Biden for his failure in Afghanistan, with Jake Tapper saying, “It seems shocking that … Biden could’ve been so wrong.”

President Trump has called for Biden to“resign in disgrace” over Biden’s Afghanistan catastrophe. No other members, including Reps. Teresa Leger de Fernandez and Melanie Stansbury or Sens. Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Luján of the New Mexican delegation have commented on Biden’s Afghanistan failure.

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  1. Everything and I mean everything that Resident buffoon does is a disaster letting the illegal immigrants with covid in.. the economy is tanking …our energy Independence is gone but Russia in Europe is allowed a pipeline ..
    and now this …the worst so-called president in history of presidents

    And Wuhan Lujan is the worst governor of all time

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