Colorado gov. signs bill banning women’s choice to stop chemical abortion

A new law signed by Democrat Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, S.B. 23-190, bans women from accessing abortion pill reversal if the mother chooses to terminate a chemical abortion.

The medication progesterone, taken within 72 hours of the first abortion pill, mifepristone, is effective in reversing the abortion pill’s effects, allowing the mother to save her child’s life. Heartbeat International, which runs the Abortion Pill Reversal Network, says it has confirmed that over 4,000 babies have been born since 2013 2013 after women underwent the reversal process.

Now, the Democrat-controlled Colorado is ripping away this choice for women by banning access to progesterone to counteract the abortion pill.

A summary of the bill indicates, “A health-care provider engages in unprofessional conduct or is subject to discipline in this state if the health-care provider provides, prescribes, administers, or attempts medication abortion reversal in this state, unless the Colorado medical board, the state board of pharmacy, and the state board of nursing, in consultation with each other, each have in effect rules finding that it is a generally accepted standard of practice to engage in medication abortion reversal.”

According to a report by PBS, “The bill also limits advertising by pregnancy resource centers, which do not offer abortions; rather, they are known to try to talk people out of getting an abortion.”

“Abortion pill reversal (APR) offered me a second chance at choice after starting and regretting a chemical abortion in early 2013. Because of the help I received, my son was one of the first of over 4,500 babies saved and born perfectly healthy because of the progesterone reversal-treatment,” said Rebekah Hagan, the research education coordinator for the Vitae Foundation. 

“I am deeply saddened and concerned by S.B. 23-190, which seeks to eliminate a woman`s choice to reverse her abortion by banning the practice of APR. Without this much-needed help as an option, women will be forced to complete abortions they no longer want to complete, and children who have the potential to be saved will now perish,” she added.

Democrats passed the bill using the pretext of a 2019 study by Mitchell D. Creinin, which attempted to disprove the efficacy of abortion pill reversal via progesterone. However, the researchers had to halt the study after too many women hemorrhaged and ended up in the emergency room. 

Dr. Creinin incorrectly attributed this effect to progesterone and deemed the reversal process unsafe. In reality, only one woman from the reversal group went to the emergency room and did not need emergency treatment. Several women from the control group (the group that only took the abortion pill and did not have the reversal treatment) needed blood transfusions and a dilation and curettage (D and C).  Creinin’s study proved that the abortion reversal process is 80% effective and that the abortion pill, mifepristone, is dangerous. 

Colorado now awaits word from the Colorado Medical Board regarding its results on abortion pill reversal in the state. 


3 thoughts on “Colorado gov. signs bill banning women’s choice to stop chemical abortion”

  1. Well, maybe women won’t go through with taking the abortion pill when they find out they’re pregnant and choose life instead.

  2. Dear God, what won’t these demons stoop to??? “My body, my choice” ONLY to terminate a life but not change one’s mind & save a life????

    I’m sure Wuhan-Grisham will tee this up next.

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