Bone-chilling 911 calls reveal horror behind governor’s dark CYFD curtain

Children under the care of the state in New Mexico, lacking suitable placements, find themselves resorting to overnight stays in office buildings, a situation acknowledged by the New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD). While efforts to address this issue are underway, the reality inside these offices reveals ongoing challenges for both the children and staff awaiting a resolution. In one instance, a location is regularly summoning law enforcement for assistance with the children.

Over the past year, Roswell Police responded to the CYFD Office 120 times, as disclosed in records spanning from October 2022 to October 2023. During one incident on October 5, 2023, captured on a police sergeant’s lapel camera, frustrations were voiced about the persistent housing crisis for these children. A CYFD employee expressed the difficulty in controlling the situation, acknowledging it as a recurring problem. The recorded conversation underscored the frequency of law enforcement responses to the office.

Listen to the 911 dispatch conversations at KRQE here.

The particular incident involved two teenage girls who were likely facing a night in the office due to the shortage of foster homes in the city. However, following the police intervention prompted by an altercation, the girls ended up in juvenile detention centers instead of suitable housing.

During the intervention, an upset mother, whose parental rights were allegedly revoked using a false police report, confronted CYFD employees. The lapel footage showed the chaotic scene inside the office, with the girls running amok, uttering profanities, and impeding the CYFD staff. The situation escalated when the oldest daughter, not under state custody, was told to leave and reacted by causing disruption and assaulting a CYFD employee.

Multiple 911 calls were made, describing the chaotic scene and requesting additional officers. Dispatchers labeled the incident a ‘riot,’ prompting a substantial response from law enforcement, including on-duty officers, the Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police, fire, and paramedics.

The situation outside the office involved the older daughter and the mother being escorted out, but not without physical resistance. Inside, a conversation between the police sergeant and a CYFD employee highlighted the limitations on CYFD staff in handling such situations, emphasizing the need for law enforcement intervention.

Records since October 2022 indicate that CYFD frequently calls 911 for various issues, including children running away, damaging the office, and threatening staff. The escalating frustration of law enforcement and CYFD employees was evident, with concerns raised about the potential for a dangerous outcome if the situation persists.

Barbara Yehl, running a foster family support organization in Roswell, expressed anger at CYFD and the state for failing to ensure a safe environment for these children. She pointed out that the kids staying in the office have behavioral and mental health issues, contributing to their disruptive behavior.

CYFD’s Cabinet Secretary Designate Teresa Casados acknowledged the shortcomings of the current situation, mentioning ongoing talks to secure an alternative place for the children to sleep in Roswell. Despite efforts to provide resources and support, the thin availability of providers statewide remains a challenge.

In response to concerns about diverting police resources for these incidents, Casados emphasized that it is not solely a CYFD issue but a community problem. Trauma-informed training is being provided to CYFD staff to better handle challenging situations, and Casados encourages continued collaboration with law enforcement until a more sustainable solution is in place.

Since December 2022, CYFD reported instances of children sleeping in 19 offices across the state, with the maximum number in the Roswell office reaching four at one time during the summer. The ongoing struggle highlights the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to ensure the well-being of children in state custody.


20 thoughts on “Bone-chilling 911 calls reveal horror behind governor’s dark CYFD curtain”

    1. No, most of the time, they’re not better off in their original home. I was one of those kids back in the 80s, and I would have done anything to get out of the situation I was in with the assaults I suffered at the hands of my stepfather. He even shot at me with his .357, leaving burn marks on my face and arms.

      Remember, this was the early 80s when children were at the mercy of their parents. Finally, when I was 16, they removed me after he got me pregnant and forced me to have an abortion. Two weeks later, they sent me back.

      SO, no, I’d rather stay in an office than go back. I wonder how many of these kids are saying that today.

    2. I don’t think anyone wants to “kill” children, but my complaint is about the story not matching the headline and the implication whoever wrote it is trying to make. For some reason, the headline is that somehow it is all the governor’s fault? I know Pinon Post is ridiculously biased, but come on! Perhaps someone from this rag would start taking these kids in since it appears it is a lack of willing foster parents that is causing them to sleep in offices? Either way it isn’t a political problem, but a human one!

  1. No one wants to build facilities that would eliminate this issue.

    A prison is a prison. Do we need more? Yes and reinstitute the Death penalty for extreme cases.

    An office is…AN OFFICE. Use offices for office work not holding cells for kids.

    Multiple housing units are…Housing units. Equipped with monitoring & security and people who are dedicated to kids, not pedophiles.

    1. What was the budget surplus from oil and gas last year? $3.4 Billion dollars?

      40 acres in a remote area, $34,000. Drill well. $17,000. Septic systems, $5,000 x like 12, $60,000. Single story building 40 rooms with kitchen, $1,200,000.00.
      X by 20, ( 20 locations through the State), $1,316,000 x 20, $27,320,000.00, first year expense.
      Employees 12/site @ $55,000/a year avg) $660,000.00/year, benefits for employees add $460,000.00, continuing employee resolution $1.12/million year.

      Facility maintenance $120,000.00/year x 20, $2.4 million
      $32.84 million first year, $3.52 million thereafter.

      About a percentage of the budget surplus.

      Nothing says we care about kids in NM until we put up or shut up.

      1. I would support your solution. Unfortunately, a majority of NM legislators are chasing after their own pet “progressive” agendas.

  2. Just another example of how Useless Our Governor is. She has no regard for human life so she doesn’t care if these kids are harmed or killed. She’s more concerned with Blowing We The People’s Money for Green energy projects that she claims will save lives. She ONLY cares about Herself and ADVANCING her Career. . But SADLY,The IGNORANT Voters in New Mexico will vote another GODLESS
    Democrat to replace her because they’re afraid they might OFFEND their dead relatives who were DEMOCRATs also .Its time for people to let go of those idols they cling to and VOTE for Someone with Christian morals and Convictions.AMEN

    1. I’m glad to see that someone saw
      the really bad report writting in this
      made up ” riot “. I struggled to see
      4 children leading a RIOT in an
      office building filled with inepte
      Roswell Police on the scene of
      CHAOS they could’nt control,
      Sounds like Toilet Paper not News

  3. First step is the get voting uncorrupted, so our votes actually count. Second is for good people to fun for office. Then we can get real work done.

  4. This chaos is all by design~the more the better. I don’t believe the gov is going to do thing one about these kids! The plan all through the country is to dismantle the order and rule of law and have people fighting each other. Communism 101~upside down, inside out. Induce fear whenever possible, fight or flight keeps the public in a confused state, easier to control. This will escalate incrementally until the agenda is satisfied and the US is collapsed. I feel for these employees and these troubled kids. It is beyond cruel to not build a facility to house these kids in a safe environment for all concerned.

  5. Sous like propaganda. Child protective services and foster ca5have been a disaster all over the country for years. It’s the American way to neglect, abuse,and kill children.

  6. New Mexico citizens need to wake up to this CYFD problem. We need all New Mexicans to look at our representatives who we elect. Our Representatives go up to Santa Fe for their sessions but do not pass bills that will not help the State much less the children of New Mexico, only their self interests. Then we have a Govenor who appoints political cronies to these staff positions who do not know how to handle the job they were given. All this and the CYFD Cabinet Secretary can only say “we are working on it”.

  7. Look into the number of families denied being foster parents. I know 2 separate families who were denied. One is a retired state police officer and the other one is a clerk in the courthouse. Both were denied because they might have unfair advantages over parents trying to get their kids back.

  8. This article only touched the surface of the problem. 1) Why do we have a shortage of placement homes? 2) Why is CYFD pulling kids out of homes when they don’t have any place to put them?

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