Glorieta Camps could house thousands of illegal migrant kids from Biden’s border crisis

On Tuesday, it was reported that Joe Biden’s White House had asked the Glorieta Camps near Pecos to “house and feed potentially 2400 unaccompanied children” from Biden’s border crisis set forth by his failure to protect the southern border with Mexico.

The Glorieta Camps are run by a Christian faith-based non-profit called “Glorieta 2.0” which “offers a variety of lodging options for families and kids, including hotel-style rooms with full private bathrooms for families and bunk-style dorms with in-room sinks and shared bathrooms,” according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

According to the Washington Post, more than 8,500 unaccompanied illegal alien children and teens were being housed in Department of Health and Human Services shelters, and a record-setting 3,500 children were backlogged at a Border Patrol station, as of March 10. That number has likely skyrocketed since. 

Over the past few weeks, Joe Biden has been blasted for his failure to control the ravaging of New Mexico’s southern border after he encouraged these criminal alien children to cross into the United States with his weak immigration messaging.

Many illegal immigrants flooding into the U.S. can be seen wearing Joe Biden shirts and holding Joe Biden flags with the messaging “Please Let Us In” written on them. 

There are thousands of illegal migrant children currently in federal custody who are in cramped makeshift holding cells while other children are being housed in metal prison-like boxes outside. 

Josh Nelson, an executive assistant for Glorieta Camps, said he expected the Glorieta 2.0 to issue a press release regarding a federal contract about housing the children, but “he was unsure when the deal would be finalized,” reports the New Mexican.

Congresswoman Yvette Herrell and other members of Congress previously toured the Southern Border to shine a light on Joe Biden’s border crisis after he encouraged illegal aliens to flout immigration laws and stopped construction of the wall built by President Donald J. Trump.

Early in her term, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham left the border defenseless when she removed the New Mexico National Guard troops stationed near the border who were assisting the Department of Homeland Security. 

Previously, Gov. Lujan Grisham claimed President Trump “failed” in his response to the border crisis despite him bolstering the border with resources, leading to fewer people crossing the border illegally. Trump had lower deportation numbers than the Obama administration, which Biden was a part of.


2 thoughts on “Glorieta Camps could house thousands of illegal migrant kids from Biden’s border crisis”

  1. One of the few places NM children and families can enjoy will now be turned into a shit hole and I am sure New Mexicans will have the honor of paying for it even though they didn’t have a vote in the proccess.
    I’ve seen these innocent children in the Emergency Rooms on UNMH, kids with knife wounds and totally drugged or drunk. Kids so small they can’t even get a drink from the water fountain. They are not accompanied by adults, if and when the adults do arrive they are drunk as well and turn around and leave them in the emergency with the medical staff to attend to them.
    Others knocking on your door for cigarettes ( for themselves) , flour, milk, sugar and coffee every weekend for their hung over parents or guardians who were outside arguing and fighting all night because they were drunk out of their minds. No shoes in winter or summer on their feet. You think the same Child Protective Services that loses kids from the foster homes they placed them in, (who by the way are found in the custody for Child Traffickers) are going to do anything constructive for these kids?
    I don’t know what spirit has beguiled you people into being such blind idiots but you sure are blinded by something otherworldly!!
    You people couldn’t even take care of American Children in your custody and now you take on the world.
    The kids will continue to suffer, maybe not as much as they did at wherever they came from but it will happen. I know, I was one of a Wards Of The State for 7 years. as a child. I still remember some of the abuses today and it’s been 45 years ago.
    You have no idea what these kids are going to go through or how hard their lives will be here. You’re all fools.

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