BernCo GOP ED turned down voter registration help from pro-Trump activist Scott Presler

On Wednesday, conservative firebrand activist Scott Presler announced that he would visit the great state of New Mexico on July 31, 2021, for a rally and to help with voter registration efforts. Presler is well-known for his volunteer work cleaning up Baltimore and other Democrat-heavy areas plagued with poverty and violence. 

He has been an outspoken pro-Trump activist who has pledged to fight against “Republicans in name only” or “RINOs” and register more Republicans to win elections across the nation. 

Now, Presler is coming to New Mexico to help the Land of Enchantment drain the swamp. He is teaming up with New Mexico activists, including Tammy Martinez, Audrey Trujillo, and others to turn the state around. On Twitter, Presler wrote, “I’m coming to New Mexico, but it wasn’t easy. Woman I’m working w/ reached out to her Republican Party & the exec. dir. said they have voter registration under control. Turning down free help in states you don’t win elections — smart. Not naming names. Truth will come out.” 

He added, “If you live in the Albuquerque, NM, area, please mark your calendar for Saturday, July 31st. We’re putting on an event with or without the help of the Republican Party, since they have things “under control.”

On Twitter, many have named Bernalillo County GOP chair Julie Wright and anti-Trump Bernalillo County GOP executive director Geoffrey Snyder as the culprits behind the snub of Presler. Wright previously defended Snyder after he came under fire for calling pro-Trump activists in New Mexico “Nazis.” 

The Piñon Post reached out to Wright for comment, where she defensively asked why I was inquiring about the matter. She apparently claims to not have directly spoken with Presler, however, has not disclosed whether Snyder or any other Bernalillo County GOP relayed such information.

The Piñon Post now learned that Geoffrey Snyder was the one who snubbed Presler’s voter registration help in an email to Tammy Martinez, asking for other volunteers and monetary contributions instead.

He wrote the following in an email dated March 24, 2021:

I’m very glad you reached out to us.  I trust that our 2nd Vice Chair, Dauneen Dolce, has contacted you by now regarding our operation.  It’s definitely our goal to elect candidates who are as conservative as possible and I appreciate you bringing Mr. Presler to our attention.

Our Party currently has a whole host of voter registrars who are capable of registering new voters.  What we currently do not have is the funding to pay for a full scale voter registration drive.  However, even if we did have that money, a registration drive is required by NM law to register voters from any Party.

Because any operation we implement must keep our candidates’ best interests in mind, we won’t be dedicating our resources to voter registration efforts until we can implement a program that is specifically tailored towards helping our candidates.

Our current operations revolve, specifically, around grassroots volunteer recruitment, fundraising to cover Party costs, and soon will involve assisting candidates in their goals of 1) getting on the ballot for this Fall’s municipal and school board elections, and 2) getting the necessary contributions to achieve their goal publicly funding their campaigns.

To be blunt, we need volunteers and donations, as well as people to join our efforts at gathering volunteers and donations.  We hope you will find the time to assist us!

Thanks so much,


6 thoughts on “BernCo GOP ED turned down voter registration help from pro-Trump activist Scott Presler”

  1. It’s really simple to figure, the Republican Party in NM is controlled opposition. Although they claim to be conservative they always vote and kowtow to communist (democrat) interests. The communists gave the only republican Gov. in decades ( Susana Martinez) a very hard time hamstringing her efforts to better this state, keeping it poor and ignorant. Yet rinos “play ball” with the communists and refuse help that could turn it around .

    1. Exactly. Hey, help us out on Nextdoor. We have a group called, “Republican Pure Partisan Discussion.” We need some energy, and it sounds like this state needs some serious conservative energy!!

  2. SantaFe Resident

    We started asking questions of the NM Republican Party and got the same double talk. The GOP here seems satisfied with their subservient role as the controlled opposition.

  3. The NM GOP needs to be disbanded and new leadership needs to be installed… they are worthless as this past election proved in spades!

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