Opinion: The time is now

Reject the one-party rule at all costs! Democrats have weaponized the DOJ, FBI, and the IRS against you and your families. The media will push a certain narrative to fit the elitists’ agenda. The media is known for feeding you disinformation and forcing you to reject what you know is true. 

America is at a pinnacle tipping point. We are headed for a socialistic regime of one-party rule where the opposition will silence, raid, and remove anyone who speaks out against the Democrats and their operatives. True Americans must now stand up and fight back against this ideal; we must reject this nation’s Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, and Michele Lujan-Grisham. We must ensure that we elect real Americans to this office and pursue them to uphold and maintain the constitution of the state of New Mexico and the United States of America. 

The point of no return is upon us. The Democrat elites will take any measure to silence you.  They will start by watching how you move your money, just like how they watch what you say on social media, then they will silence you for your beliefs and freeze you out of your assets. 

While not everyone likes 45th President Trump, remember, if they can raid his home, who’s to say they won’t raid yours? The current leadership of the US government is no longer for law and order. They no longer wish to uphold the rule of law. Instead, it will be used as a weapon against anyone they deem harmful to their plans this November and beyond. We must elect real Americans and show the elites in Santa Fe and Washington that we will not lose our freedoms to their show of totalitarianism against our republic. 

Reject the hurt that Joe Biden and the Democrats have placed on you and your family; reject the media for echoing the establishment’s decree that we should be grateful that they brought down gas prices by 40 cents. We are not peasants of the Democrat and GOP establishment elites: we are their bosses. We, the American people, need to remember that we are not electing our oppressors but our representatives who work for us. It is high time they remember that the American people are in charge of this union. 

In November, we must send a message that we, the American people, will not become the second Roman Empire and crumble. This Republic will not fall from within. We will not bow to this type of fear-mongering and oppression. 

For far too long, the American people have allowed the establishment and elites to go unchecked, and they must be put back in their place. It is important not to remain idle. It was President Trump’s house that got raided this year next year, it may be your house. We must remove all Democrats who applaud this tyranny and who vote to raise your taxes during the worst inflation in over 40 years. 

The time is now for the American people to stand with one voice and reject totalitarianism that the Democrats and GOP establishment are trying to push on us, the American people. We are the makers of our own destiny, and we will not allow this regime to put us on our knees and force us to lick the scraps from their boots. 

The time for the Democrats to be removed from power is now. The time for the DOJ, FBI, and IRS to be cleansed of their political bias, if not abolished for their treason, is now. These unspeakable acts of terror that have been placed on American citizens are egregious, while the elites like Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Michele Lujan-Grisham and all their operatives place themselves above the law must end. Now, my fellow Americans, it is time to make a stand, or our children will have nothing left to stand on.

Jordan Juarez was born and raised right here in the Land of Enchantment. He is a husband and a father to one son. Currently majoring in political science in addition to fighting for a better life for all New Mexicans and bringing change to our home.

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