An election integrity expert’s response to ‘Stolen election vs. unfair election’

This opinion piece by former US Senate candidate Mick Rich asks the question: “Was the 2020 Presidential election stolen from Donald Trump, or was the 2020 presidential election unfair to Donald Trump? There is a difference between the two, and that difference is essential for Americans in future elections.”  This premise presents a false dichotomy that assumes that the election can be unfair or stolen, but not both. In reality, an election can be both unfair and stolen.

Acknowledging the election was unfair is itself an acknowledgment that it was stolen if the party that played unfairly was given the victory on a razor-thin margin, as occurred in the 2020 presidential election. Trying to separate fairness from theft is a dangerous attempt to force Americans to accept unfair elections as legitimate elections. No election based on censorship, fake scandals propped up by corrupt government actors and the media, and hundreds of millions of dollars of private money being used to influence how we vote should be viewed as legitimate. Using the words “stolen election” under such circumstances is completely appropriate.

Mr. Rich inaccurately describes the people who believe elections are being stolen as “Trump supporters.” Multiple polls have shown that between 60 and 70 percent of Americans believe our elections are affected by widespread cheating, and not all those people are Trump supporters. In fact, it was Democrats who attempted to blow the whistle for many years on the vulnerability and hackability of the black box electronics that comprise our election system.  Many of these same Democrats are strangely silent on this topic now, but that doesn’t remove the fact that those who believe there is no widespread cheating are in an ever-shrinking minority.

Mr. Rich points to an AXIOS article that predicted a “false election day Trump win” as proof that the slow chipping away of Trump’s significant election night leads over days and weeks was somehow honestly done. Is Mr. Rich forgetting that the Twitter Files and recent US House hearings proved that the mainstream media has been colluding with leftist organizations and government agencies to manipulate the beliefs of Americans about COVID, the corruption of the Biden family, and the 2020 election? People who are powerful and corrupt enough to do those things are certainly smart enough to know they needed to establish primacy in the narrative by predicting what they were going to do in the swing states to make it appear normal and expected. In fact, they brazenly admitted that they were “working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” in a  February 2021 Time Magazine article.  

There are plenty of eyewitness testimonies and video, mathematical, and statistical evidence that prove that Trump’s election day win was not honestly erased as AXIOS would have us believe. I suggest starting with this website, which contains a wealth of information on the massive amount of evidence that points to widespread fraud in elections all over the country, particularly in the swing states. Anyone who is intellectually honest and wants to continue denying that the 2020 election was stolen must deal with the substance of this evidence because they can’t honestly continue to parrot that it doesn’t exist.  

This statement in Mr. Rich’s article was an odd one: “Trump supporters believe there were enough close states that illegal activity associated with ballot harvesting could make a difference. However, without knowing which states will be ‘close enough,’ millions of ballots would have been created, destroyed, or changed across many states, and there is no evidence that happened.” This is a straw man. Anyone who has run for federal office is aware that tracking and predicting elections is big business. Any moderately competent campaign adviser will have reams of historical trends and current polling data to help their candidate target exactly which voters they need to contact to win the right precincts, to win the right counties, to win their election. It is known ahead of time exactly which counties any election will hinge on and by approximately how many votes. 

Before 2020, most of us assumed that this campaign targeting was typically being conducted in a fair and legal way, but now we are certain it is not. The tiny margins of “victory” in the handful of swing states that swung 2020 in favor of Biden do not amount to millions of votes, as Mr. Rich stated, but rather a few thousand. Could a few thousand votes have been inserted illegally in each of these swing states, either through ballot stuffing or digital manipulation? Yes, they could have. And the evidence suggests that’s exactly what happened. 

I would remind the readers that mainstream media has staunchly insisted over the last several years that conservative viewpoints were not being censored on any platform. They claimed no evidence existed to believe such a thing. They called in their experts and sponsored studies to make the people who knew their voices were being silenced look crazy. But Elon Musk’s Twitter Files and recent US House hearings have proven the media lied about censorship just like they lied about the Biden laptop and Russia collusion. It’s only a matter of time before they will be shown to be lying about widespread election fraud.  

In closing, I reject the false dichotomy of an unfair versus a stolen election. Unfair is stolen. But that’s not even the fundamental issue. The fundamental issue is that the vast majority of Americans believe the current electronic election system is not trustworthy and leaves the door open to widespread fraud. This is reason enough to reform our elections in a way that restores confidence. That means voter ID and a return to paper ballots that are hand-counted with bipartisan oversight at the precinct level. It means full transparency and accountability in every step of the process and the rejection of electronic black box voting machines.  

Wife, mother, engineer, and election integrity activist. You can find reports on elections in New Mexico written, in part, by Mrs. Clements here and here

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18 thoughts on “An election integrity expert’s response to ‘Stolen election vs. unfair election’”

  1. Yes tell me why this last election I voted in one county in northern NM. Then I looked at my vote and it stated I voted in Abq. It steals votes from you. All the SOS Bureau of election did was change the name. I wrote a letter with no response.

    1. Hello Loretta!
      I also had a problem with election integrity in the 2020 primary. I sent pictures and filed a formal complaint with the SOS (Toulouse-Oliver) and never heard back about my complaint. I was told by our County Clerk that I should have heard back from the NM Attorney General or the SOS, but that didn’t happen.
      We need to get rid of Dominion machines, “Voting Convenience Centers” and other NM laws that make it easier to cheat in our elections.
      BTW, Erin Clements has helped me immensely to try to audit election results, but the new laws to make it easier to vote, also make it easier to cheat.

  2. NM has the Dominion system that is tied to the internet. That in itself is illegal.
    Our voting system has gotten to be a joke. No sense in voting again till the system is fair. People are seated.

    1. ALL the systems are tied to the internet. If you plug the system into an electrical outlet, it can connect to the internet. FACT — Hand counted paper ballots are the only way to clear out most of this corruption.

      1. We DO need to get rid of Dominion machines, “Voting Convenience Centers” and other NM laws that make it easier to cheat in our elections.
        BTW, Erin Clements has helped me immensely to try to audit election results, but NM laws that make it easier to vote, also make it easier to cheat.

  3. “Trying to separate fairness from theft is a dangerous attempt to force Americans to accept unfair elections as legitimate elections.”

    I completely agree! I distrust our election system at the state and national levels. As voters, we are being screwed!

  4. Right on Erin – my thoughts exactly as I read Rich’s article. It reflected someone trying to play both sides of the fence and trying to distance himself from MAGA but not at the same time. I’d say he portrayed himself as too smart by half.

  5. Very good rebuttal Erin! The Professor and yourself have always been a strong voice for justice in this state.
    I am curious to you and your husbands opinions on the AZ testimonies of Jacqueline Breger and the work of John Thaler? He mentioned NM crimes that have supposedly turned over to authorities.

    1. We think the AZ testimony is explosive. There are a lot of similarities between the setup there and the setup here. Handing evidence of crimes over to NM authorities, like our Soros-installed AG and SOS, will go nowhere. But I think we can all work to uncover what’s going on ourselves and force this stuff into the light.

      1. I agree about the SOS, AG and the Governor. But wow, money laundering and control by the Mexican cartels. Scary dangerous and scary over the top corruption. Then again, evil is the heart of man!

      2. Erin,
        there are many that believe in what you and the Professor are doing. We have NOT given up even though it appears that the people that are stealing our elections are winning!
        Naomi Christensen

  6. Thank you Erin. A well thought out and well written rebuttal. My opinion is that Mr. Rich is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, trying to get us to think ‘nothing to see here’ instead of getting involved and researching the truth. He even ignores the really big problem of the dominion machines! I agree with your conclusion: ‘That means voter ID and a return to paper ballots that are hand-counted with bipartisan oversight at the precinct level.’

  7. No. Don’t try to make it complicated. It is very simple. Any election where the winner used deceptive/unethical/illegal election practices is a stolen election. Allegations of those kinds of elections and practices should be heard by the courts, and in the case of the 2020 presidential election, the courts were derelict in their duties to do so. The courts had a duty to determine which side was lying and to charge them with perjury, etc., so there would be deterrence to having it happen again, but they refused to hear the cases either way. Mainstream media reported what it was TOLD to report and nothing else. That’s why there are so many new, independent news sites popping up over the last few years, and why CNN in particular keeps losing viewership and revenue. People are done with this mess.

  8. You hit the nail on the head!! EVERYONE knows that the 2020 election was stolen (among many smaller elections then and since). Anyone who denies this is either mentally deficient or lying. The question is, when are “we the people” going to say “enough” and not take no for an answer????

  9. I could not think of a better person to present the case the 2020 election was stolen. Clements presented her well thought out case on the election being stolen. However no matter how well her argues are, she was unable provide the necessary evidence in a court of law in Eddy, Lea, Chaves Counties to put Republicans in CD-2 & CD-3. Nor did Clements in Arizona for 2020 election. Fox 10 in Phoenix just published an article, “Arizona AG: No evidence of widespread voter fraud found in 2020 election”. The Republican AZ AG expended 10,000 man-hours investigating voter fraud, no over turned election results. Republicans are not victims of stolen elections, Republicans lose election because we fight amongst ourselves and we re-fight the last election won.

    1. You didn’t bring up courts in law in your original argument – but on that subject: hundreds of lawsuits were filed after 2020. All were dismissed on standing (not evidence) except two. One, in AZ, was given a one-hour hearing to cover a 400-page briefing before being dismissed by an Obama judge. The other, in MI, was taken all the way to the MI Supreme Court and proved how easy it is to electronically flip votes in Dominion machines using their existing programming.

      Kari Lake filed a lawsuit after the 2022 debacle, and was given a brief trial. She proved the Election Day voting machines in Republican-leaning precincts were centrally sabotaged with an inappropriately sized ballot image that was loaded into the Election Management System. This caused machines to malfunction throwing hundreds of thousands of ballots into question. The election officials admitted she was right about the cause of the machine failure. The judge dismissed her case anyway.

      So, courts of law are right up there with the fake news, which I see you still continue to quote. Click on the link I gave you and read what it says about what was discovered in AZ during those 10,000 hours – such as thousands of ballots having no chain of custody, deleted records, and the signature analysis showing AZ signature matching accepted tens of thousands of mismatched signatures. Fox and a coward AG claiming nothing was found are just more lies.

      Republicans already are united, Rich – upwards of 80% of them know there is widespread election fraud. The remaining 20% should get on board with the rest and stop making excuses for their part in holding up progress on making meaningful progress on achieving real election integrity.

  10. Hi Erin,
    Great report!
    This is where it should really be published:
    Keep believing this lie- as opposed to fixing your party- and keep losing.
    Only a matter of time- demographic are shifting and your conspiracy theories, gerrymandering, and fear tactics will not work much longer.

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