All the New Mexico legislators who are retiring

Democrat Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino (Albuquerque)

Ortiz y Pino, first elected in 2004, currently serves as the chairman of the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee.


9 thoughts on “All the New Mexico legislators who are retiring”

  1. Happy to see the Dems retire as there are way too many in the state legislature and they have done significant damage to NM over the years. Hopefully we can find strong, conservative leaders to replace ALL OF THE RETIREES of both parties. NM could be stronger and safer with new leadership.

  2. That’s a good start.
    EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM So there’s still Too Many Still There

  3. Gail Chasey… you made my day, my week , my month. So over the moon that you are finally leaving. You never had my vote. My next over the moon moment is when MLG is no longer in office.
    Thank you Gregg Schmedes you served our State with honor and integrity. God Bless you for untiring service. Wish we had more Greggs.

  4. Kind of makes you wonder why Republicans are retiring? Kinda like they are as guilty of running this state into the ground as the Democrats. As soon as I retire I’m going think about running but until the Republicans obey their charter, call for a constitutional convention, and ban all lawmakers, state and fed from benefitting off of insider trading, and call for term limits, I would run independent.

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