Albuquerque Journal editorial chides Lujan Grisham’s extreme EV mandate

In a recent editorial, the Albuquerque Journal took a critical stance on Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s push for electric vehicle (EV) mandates with 2032 as the set goal, arguing that such measures could severely limit choices for consumers and have a detrimental impact on New Mexico’s auto industry.

The editorial, titled “EV Mandates Would Limit Choices and Decimate NM Auto,” questions the viability and implications of the governor’s ambitious plan to mandate electric vehicles. The Albuquerque Journal, a prominent voice in New Mexico, has raised concerns about the potential consequences of forcing an accelerated transition to electric vehicles.

One key passage in the editorial emphasizes the potential limitations on consumer choices that could result from an aggressive push toward EV adoption. The Journal argues that imposing mandates could disrupt the free market, restricting the availability of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles that many consumers still prefer.

The editorial points out the economic implications for New Mexico’s auto industry, expressing concerns that a rapid shift to EVs could have a devastating impact on jobs and businesses associated with the production, sale, and maintenance of traditional automobiles. The piece highlights the need for a balanced and gradual approach to allow for a smoother transition that considers the economic interests of the state.

The Albuquerque Journal also questions the feasibility of the infrastructure required to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The editorial suggests that implementing mandates without adequate infrastructure could lead to challenges for consumers, such as limited charging options and potential strain on the power grid.

“Mandating EVs is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse. If approved now, a practical governor in the future — maybe one who actually uses an EV — will have to scale back the mandates. They are simply unattainable now,” the board wrote. “There doesn’t seem to be any point in contacting state lawmakers, who long ago acquiesced their regulatory powers to the governor, allowing her to again go it alone through executive action.”

Governor Lujan Grisham’s push for electric vehicle mandates is undoubtedly a topic of significant debate, and the Albuquerque Journal’s editorial provides a platform for raising crucial questions about the potential impact on consumer choices, the economy, and the state’s infrastructure. 

“Like they always say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” concluded the Journal.


11 thoughts on “Albuquerque Journal editorial chides Lujan Grisham’s extreme EV mandate”

  1. Stephanie McKenzie

    the wicked witch of the west is once again forcing New Mexicans to bow to her will. I have no problem if people WANT to buy an EV but do not force me to buy one when in reality they are much harder on the environment from the mining of lithium for the batteries to the inability to recycle a worn out car. And now the firemen admit that they cannot put out an EV on fire, they just have to let it burn down spewing toxic chemicals into the environment. Come up with an actual green answer to the gas engine and I’ll consider it, but this is not that.

  2. Gotta get beyond – … and then a miracle happens. More load on the grid (EVs) requires more power generation and more renewables doesn’t provide more consistent generation (sun doesn’t always shine and wind doesn’t always blow.)

    Adding EVs and reducing fossil fuel generation is a sure fire way cause rolling blackouts.

  3. That witch of a governor is totally out of her mind!! Surely she can’t get away with this one?! Please tell me there is some sanity left in our state. She has to be stopped before NM sinks even further down the toilet.

  4. This has gone WAY to far. Went the Government starts tell the citizens what they can and cannot buy the party over!! This type of action is unconstitutional because it infringes on our right to choose what we think is best for us and what we can afford.

  5. Screw the governor, there is no way to enforce the mandate. EVs are for rich folks the poor people must pay the rich subsidies to buy them because even with subsidies most of us (>75%) of New Mexicans can’t afford an EV now. Being last in everything NMs will not be able to afford them in 9 years either. Plus how do I pick up hay in an EV, how do I pull a trailer which I use 2 or 3 times a month with an EV? These are issues are common for many of us in NM. I think the truck EVs are 90k. Heck most of us buy used for 10 or 15k which is costly to most of us.

  6. If she continues with this mandate for EVs she should also mandate that all parts made for these vehicles be made in America including the mining of the needed earth minerals. As it is now most of the parts are made in China and the minerals are mined in China and Nigeria by underage slave labor. I, for one , do not want to support China like MLG does. She must be getting kickbacks from them.

  7. In a state that is at the bottom of the economic index ( and has over 17% of its citizens living BELOW poverty level (2022 study), I don’t understand how she can think this is a good idea. Not to mention how those living on the reservations where the electrical grid is spotty at best can put in a charging station. People can barely afford groceries and gas. They are struggling to pay their electric bills now without an electric guzzling car.

  8. Well, she’s an idiot so……. Isn’t MLG the moron that created the best quote about EVs where she said New Mexicans can’t afford them and the distances people have to drive in this state don’t support them.

  9. She will be gone when the mandate takes effect, its just smoke and mirrors. Closing the power generation plants is more of a threat to our state than her babble and BS. There will be blackouts and system failures with this rush to so called green energy.

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