After razor-thin 2022 loss, GOP state House candidate files for rematch

Retired teacher Elizabeth Winterrowd, a Republican, lost by a razor-thin margin of 133 votes in 2022’s election for New Mexico House District 53, located in Doña Ana and Otero Counties, against Democrat Rep. Willie Madrid.

She is looking to reclaim the seat for the GOP that Rep. Ricky Little formerly held before Madrid’s election in 2018.

Winterrowd’s campaign wrote in a press release, “Elizabeth has personally experienced the struggle of educating students as well as the failure of CYFD to protect New Mexican children as the mother of four grown children including one adopted through the New Mexico foster system and in her role as a special education teacher and teacher of gifted students for 17 years.”

“Parents now face a new blockade in raising their own children because of the extreme agenda carried out by Santa Fe politicians. A new law passed this session will now allow children to get life-changing, potentially endangering abortion or transgender procedures without parental knowledge or consent. Even further, those politicians are threatening schools with fines for ‘interfering.’”

The campaign contends that Madrid wasn’t present for “several critical votes.” It notes bills about free cultural programs for foster families and legislation providing funding for rural broadband.

“Since Willie Madrid has been in office, Southwest New Mexico families have been overlooked and ignored by Santa Fe politicians. At some point we have to ask ourselves, where is the guy who is supposed to represent us? Why doesn’t he speak up?” Winterrowd said. “Experience doesn’t count unless you put it to work for the people who are counting on you. I have the experience. I’m willing to put in the work. I am ready to fight for the interests of OUR district and put families first as your State Representative.”

The 53rd District, despite being redrawn in 2022 to favor Democrats, has remained competitive, as evidenced by Winterrowd’s strong performance last November. In 2020, Madrid held his seat by only 38 votes, and in 2018, a terrible year for Republicans, Madrid won the seat by 291.

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12 thoughts on “After razor-thin 2022 loss, GOP state House candidate files for rematch”

  1. The legislators in Santa Fe, led by the ‘wicked witch of the north’ Lujan Grisham are evil S.O.B.’ s who wouldn’t know a good thing if they had it come up to them and introduced itself. They would probably throw it in prison. All they know is the liberal/socialist agenda of destroying our children’s lives and the economy of New Mexico while claiming all the good things that they didn’t do. WE MUST GET RID OF THEM before the state is destroyed totally. Then stop voting them into office forever, while making the ones that are there do what we want, not what they want.

    1. I agree completely Robert; However reality shows we have an uphill battle at best. Socialists cheat, brainwash and have convinced many we want to take away their “freedoms”. We do not have much of a chance of changing much and they will eventually get their way even making many guns illegal. We have to take the countryside away from them. Sheriffs that will not enforce their laws; Jury nullification (look it up); Cities that ignore their laws; Take your kids out of public/government schools and bankrupt the school system; Lots of stuff that is hard to do but necessary. If we do not fight like them, we will lose.

      1. So, it is only the liberals who cheat and try to take rights away from others? I don’t think so, and I am a Republican. This article smacks of GOP buzz words about how somehow parents are losing their rights and that the evil democrats want all children to have abortions and transgender surgery, but it is just political hysteria! We need to stop acting like it is us or them – we are all Americans and need to work together instead of slinging mud at each other all of the time!

  2. I wish her luck, we call him Slick Willie, he is slick. He pushed for pot shops in Chaparral that the majority of the people were against. He did no ask the community what we wanted. Chaparral gets little to no money from the taxes from the pot shops. Slick Willie has a habit of taking credit for backpack and jacket give aways that other organization do. That is probably the only reason he received more votes. He once called me out to fight him outside at a community meeting. He does not like non hispanics so in my book he is a racist which has been backed by many hispanics that believe all are welcome in our small community. We have 38,000 folks in our community and one ambulance and two volunteer fire departments. Taxation without representation. If Slick Willie is so good why do we not have more emergency support. We have had folks die waiting on an ambulance. If ambulance services paid taxes like the pot shops in our community we would have 4 times the support in emergency services. SAD!

  3. Planned Parenthood New Mexico Votes IE Committee paid $9,450.60 for marketing in support of Willie Madrid and paid $12,726.28 in opposition marketing AGAINST Winterrowd in the 2022 election. District 53 was purchased for a total of $22,230.88 by Planned Parenthood New Mexico Votes. Information is on the SOS website, CFIS reports.

  4. Interestingly, in the 2022 General Election Ms. Winterrowd tallied more votes in the Dona Ana County portion of District 53; Dona Ana being thought of generally as the more Democrat dominated and Progressive county. I would have to presume that her message and vision was sufficient to sway enough voters to her camp , not to Mr. Madrid. However, she failed to garner enough votes in the Otero County portion of District 53 even though generally Otero County is thought to be more Republican and Conservative than Dona Ana. Hopefully the Republican Party of New Mexico and Otero County will place greater effort in getting out the vote and other measures to have Ms. Winterrowd join other Republicans in the 2025 Legislature.

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