ABQ Mayor Keller sides with eco-left, vetoes bill to rein in ‘rogue’ board

In a recent development, Mayor Tim Keller has vetoed Bill O-23-88 and R-23-176, sending ripples through the Albuquerque City Council. The bills aimed to repeal and replace the Air Quality Control Board and impose a moratorium on the board, restricting its ability to pass a Health, Environment, and Equity Impacts rule without scientific evidence, arguing it falls beyond its jurisdiction based on case law.

City Councilor Dan Lewis expressed concern, stating, “By vetoing these bills, the Mayor has put the City of Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico at risk of losing thousands of jobs.”

 Lewis criticized the Mayor for siding with enviro-Marxists, particularly mentioning Marla Painter, whom he accused of representing only the South Valley, and her husband Mark Rudd, a domestic terrorist associated with the Weather Underground. Lewis argued that the veto goes against economic development and the interests of numerous family-owned businesses, expressing grave concerns about the proposed rule. In a press release, Lewis wrote that the veto “puts checks and balances on rogue Air Quality Control Board.”

According to Lewis, the Air Quality Control Board intends to implement regulations that would make it extremely challenging, if not impossible, for companies to obtain air permits in Albuquerque. Despite the Mayor expressing serious concerns with the proposed rule, he chose to veto the legislation, preventing the board from moving forward with these regulations.

The Albuquerque Journal characterized the proposed Health, Environment, and Equity Impacts rule as “perhaps the most restrictive regulatory rule in New Mexico history,” with environmentalists supporting its broad application to various businesses requiring air quality permits, from small enterprises to schools, hospitals, and more.

The University of New Mexico voiced its apprehension, stating that the proposed regulations could negatively impact UNM operations on the main campus, the Health Sciences Center, UNM Hospital, and anticipated developments like the South Campus TIDD and UNM Health infrastructure.

Even the City’s Environmental Health Department expressed concerns, noting that the proposed rule seemingly applies to a wide range of entities, including small businesses, schools, hotels, office buildings, gas stations, and larger corporations.

The undemocratic decisions and alleged behind-the-scenes deals of the Air Quality Control Board are now a cause for concern, potentially harming major employers and jeopardizing the city’s ability to attract businesses crucial for job growth. The Air Quality Control Board is set to review the proposed rule from December 4th to 8th. The City Council will have an opportunity to override the Mayor’s veto with six votes at the regular meeting on December 4th.


9 thoughts on “ABQ Mayor Keller sides with eco-left, vetoes bill to rein in ‘rogue’ board”

  1. Worthless clown should be more worried about our crime ridden city and what needs to be done to correct it. I never thought I’d miss Marty Chavez. We haven’t had a good mayor since Harry Kinney.

  2. My goodness – he’s dumber than a box of hair! But, hey, they keep re-electing him even though they all know what an idiot he is. Unfortunately, no one any better runs for mayor. Plus, he’s auto-elected due to the “D” after his name. Wise up, ABQ! You are so being played by leftists!!!

    1. Eddie Aragon would have been a great mayor and that is who I voted for. He came to the table with an actionable plan to fix the city and all of its issues. He would have been kicking ass and taking names about now.

  3. It’s amazing the clowns that post on this site. They love name calling and crying and whimpering but they don’t really bother to read the article or understand the issues. They think they’re so f****** smart they don’t have to. But obviously they are not.

  4. Albuquerque used to be a destination, but now it’s just a dead end. Haven’t been there in years. Use to go frequently but with crime and its garbage atmosphere, I’ll just stay home. ART is one of the biggest clue to inept leadership.

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