Abortion up-to-birth Gov. MLG claims we must ‘protect ALL of our children’

In another spout of irony, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham claimed “we must protect ALL of our children,” citing a shooting in Uvalde which left 19 children and two adults dead.

Lujan Grisham wrote, “In the wake of Uvalde, I think about our children’s safety every day. Democratic governors are the last line of defense against gun violence, and we must protect ALL of our children. For the security of your families and mine, vote like our kids’ lives depend on it.”

The Governor using the slain children as political props to push for anti-gun measures is not new since she has done this on multiple other occasions in the wake of mass shootings to weaponize the issue for political gain.

But even more ironic, Lujan Grisham’s tweet claims to want to “protect ALL of our children” and save “our kids’ lives,” but backs policies to kill the most vulnerable babies in the womb up to the date of their birth.

In 2021, Lujan Grisham signed a law stripping all protections for mothers, children, and babies, legalizing abortion up to the date of birth. Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion groups rejoiced when she did this.

So Lujan Grisham saying she supports “ALL” children while pushing anti-gun laws to strip citizens of the right to defend themselves and promoting killing children through abortions does not pass the smell test.


13 thoughts on “Abortion up-to-birth Gov. MLG claims we must ‘protect ALL of our children’”

  1. I never in my life ever thought I would be reading and experiencing such INSANITY from a state and national government!

  2. Couple of Good Job examples,
    NM Ranks 50th in Child Well-being for Third Time
    NM Shatters Homicide record by 46 %
    #2 in the country for violent crimes
    Poverty 2nd highest
    Gallup most dangerous city
    19 killed in Uvalde – 5,800+ killed in NM abortions
    abortions increase of 32% in 1 year 2019-2020
    2021 and 2022 abortions figures to increase wildly

  3. Part of me wants her to shut the hell up, but I know that the hypocrisy and lies that spew out of her mouth is great exposure in showing exactly who and what she really is.
    Abortion, Marxist indocrination, and pushing harmful vacs on our kids is NOT protecting them!
    Not knowing who and what type of illegals are in our state is NOT protecting them!
    Chemtrails, chlorine and flouride in our water is NOT protecting them!
    Spare us your useless rhetoric, Grisham.

  4. I agree we should protect ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. We should not have
    unlimited abortions. A child is a gift from GOD and should not be

    Red Flag laws do nothing to protect children they only harass law
    abiding gun owners and violate both the second and fifth amendment
    of our Constitution.
    If our government would follow The Bible and The Constitution it
    would run more smoothly and The United States of America would
    be a great country once again.
    So please vote as if your children’s lives depend on it, they do! Get
    rid of these left-wing liberal idiots that only want to control us.

  5. Hypocrisy is a trait all communists share. While they purport to do good , they destroy humanity and all that is good. Unfortunately NM is infected with this vile ideology most of it manifested by”elected “ officials. MLG is the-head of this venomous snake and must be replaced this November. Even though that happens, the den of vipers remains producing creatures that are totally anti-constitution and guarantees that NM Democommies continue NM’’s downward spiral.

    1. Downward spiral? Haven’t we hit the bottom of all lists enough times to know we aren’t ever going to break this liberal trend EVER? Check out Convention of States for the last gasp of democracy before MS.EVITA wins the governorship. I swear the Republicans are just as bad not making a stand, and shooting themselves in the foot. This is the only bastion of sanity left. Hope you win John.

      1. -YES, John needs to win! I have so much faith in his abilities. He is destined to help deliver this state from programmed demoturds/so-called “progressives”/marxists/leftie-gagme flavor-of-the week media event/or FULL-blown communists. (Please note; I refuse to capitalize the hateful titles of the creatures above. These killers of FREEDOM do not deserve any respect, even if I usually try to write a correct sentence. Oh, welly WELL!)
        -Thanks for recommending Convention of States. I constantly search for reasons.

  6. And then there’s the ads against Mark Ronchetti saying he’s against abortion, therefore he’s not protecting women! Democratic insanity at its best!!

  7. It is difficult for me to even comment anymore. I just want to vomit when I look at these murdering, lying, self-serving communist politicians. God help us.

    1. -I agree with you. Looks like the favorite “ISM-of the century” is run by satan. One has to wonder.
      -YES, please, may God help us.

  8. Anyone who votes for MLG is guilty of murdering babies,
    Our Governor is a left-wing socialistic communist,
    She only wants to have total control over all the residents of NM.

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