NM House and Senate to hold final votes on abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bills

Today’s a deciding moment in New Mexico, with both the House and the Senate chambers to decide the fate of a radical abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill, H.B. 7 in the House S.B. 10 in the Senate. Sens. Linda Lopez (D-Bernalillo) and Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe) are sponsoring the legislation in the Senate and Reps. Micaela Cadena (D-Doña Ana), Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), Joanne Ferrary (D-Doña Ana), Deborah Armstrong (D-Bernalillo), and Georgene Louis (D-Bernalillo) are carrying the bill in the House. 

The bill would flatly strip away all protections on the books in New Mexico for women, children in the womb, and health care workers. The bill rips out portions of the law protecting medical professionals’ conscience rights, allows teen girls to get abortions on-demand with no parental consent, and paves a path for unregulated, unsafe abortions in New Mexico. 

The bill is an exact mirror image of 2019’s failed bill, which pro-life Democrats killed in the Senate. Since that vote, most of these pro-life members have been ousted by their parties or have mysteriously died. Gov. Lujan Grisham took out retribution on these pro-life Democrats by mounting well-funded primary challenges to them, made up of mostly out-of-state PACs, dark money organizations, and misinformation campaigns to malign their reputations. 

It should be noted that not a single co-sponsor of the radical abortion bills comes from any locality outside of the three Democrat-dominant population strongholds of Bernalillo, Doña Ana, and Santa Fe counties, which says a lot about where the bill comes from and where support for it comes from also.

Out-of-state abortion giants, including Planned Parenthood and far-left dark money group the American Civil Liberties Union, have spent an unknown sum on expensive mailers and digital advertisements on their deep-pocketed misinformation campaign. 

H.B. 7 and S.B. 10 were rushed through both chambers’ committees and both chambers will decide whether they support the right to life or abortion up-to-birth and infanticide. 

ACTION ALERT: Please reach out to your representative and senator here. Call them and tell them to vote “NO” on S.B. 10 or H.B. 7. Remind them how quickly the next election is coming and how you will never forget their vote on Election Day.

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