Woke local TV station devotes entire segment to ‘proper pronoun usage’

On Wednesday, KOB 4 TV devoted an entire segment on its broadcast to discussing “proper pronoun usage” with a supposed “HR expert,” Heather Talamante of “Tell Us About Yourself Inc.”

The host, Colton Shone, brought up what he called “DEI,” which stands for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” asking Talamante, “How do you go about the discussion of pronouns?”

Talamante said, “So, essentially, the employee will reach out and say, ‘Hey, this is my preferred pronoun, this is how I would like to be addressed. In the workplace, how we go about it is by respecting their request, Right? So you want to make sure when they say, ‘This is what I’d like to be referred to,’ we address it, and we honor that. And we moving forward, use that term, whether it’s he/she, they/them/their, whatever they would like to be used.”

Shone asked, “Is it appropriate to ask what someone’s preferred pronoun usages are?”

“You probably wouldn’t want to ask. That person would ask you,” Talamante replied. “So, um, if they haven’t fully made the decision on what pronoun they would like to use, let them come around to that decision and then ask. If they haven’t asked yet, it’s not safe to assume. We don’t want to make any assumptions.”

Talamante added, “If you are the employee that is asking for a new preferred pronoun or a pronoun that’s not necessarily natural for individuals yet, just be patient as they learn to use the new pronoun, or to address you by that pronoun.”

“What if someone is refusing to use someone’s preferred pronouns?” asked Shone. 

Talamante responded, “And this will happen. I will be very honest. In the workplace, this will happen. We have feelings about the pronoun, we don’t agree with it, so we don’t know why we have to use it. So it’s important if you don’t agree, to still just use their first name. This isn’t something that would rise to the occasion of getting written up if you refuse to use it, but this could rise to the occasion of bullying. That person may be repeatedly asking you, ‘This is how I would like to be referred. Please stop, you know, calling me he when I would like to be called she,’ and this person just refuses to do it, and that person just has this like tone about it. So just manage it as you can. As the employee, if somebody is refusing, just reach out to your manager or HR, and we will kind of come in and mediate the conversation and make it more comfortable for you.”

Talamante also said when addressing large groups to stray away from gender-heavy terms and stick to saying things like, “Hey everybody,” “hey folks,” and “hey friends.”

The video of the clip posted by the popular “Libs of TikTok” account has already had over 337,500 views as of Thursday morning.

“Navigating proper pronoun usage in the workplace can be tricky but being aware of it can be essential to maintaining respect between you and your co-workers,” wrote KOB 4 in a tweet.


6 thoughts on “Woke local TV station devotes entire segment to ‘proper pronoun usage’”

  1. Outlaw Preacher

    What a bunch of losers. Any company that embraces this type of garbage will not succeed in the long run. Show, up, do your job, and quit being such a cry-baby about stuff that doesn’t matter.

  2. Stop…just stop this ridiculous nonsense! If you can’t handle Mr, Mrs or Miss then stay in your basement. It was truly bad enough with the Ms foolishness. I will not let a bunch of societal deviants dictate to me how I will use the English language. Thank you for the chance to rant.

  3. Are we not only changing pronouns, but now also changing grammar? “Them”, “they” and “their” are plural pronouns and don’t apply to a single person. I agree with other comments before mine. This is insanity at its worst. I, too, am done with KOB4 News.

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