WATCH: Devastated NM small business owners speak out about Governor’s lockdown

On Saturday, 80 days before the November 3 election, the Republican Party of New Mexico released a video featuring anonymous devastated small business owners and other New Mexicans affected by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s strict lockdown of the state, and the stories revealed the true pain and hurt caused by the Governor.

The video opens with one man’s voice saying, “My business has been hurt. We are about to lose our homes and our family… this is a joke.” 

Another comments, “The leadership of New Mexico has nearly closed my business.” 

One woman’s voice says, “The Governor has kept big businesses open, and yet she has denied people like my own mother critical life-saving health care.” “It’s unfair and it’s morally and ethically wrong.” 

“Big box stores have never been forced to shut down. Only small businesses have suffered the consequences,” a small business owner remarked.

“Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to attack us personally, and we will stop at nothing to try to make us go out of business completely,” said another small business owner. 

“Everything is essential. A community doesn’t operate because you hand-pick certain businesses to remain open.” 

One woman, presumably one working in the health care industry said, “We’ve had doctors leave, specialists leave, medical staff be furloughed or laid off or permanently lose their jobs.” 

“Small business is the engine of the economy. They call it ‘the small,’ but actually this is the main business,” another voice remarks, adding, “If this thing stays longer than this, I think the whole economy will collapse.” 

The video, which features voices from all across New Mexico shows an eye-opening look into the pain caused by the Governor’s health orders, and why the November election is so crucial. As the video says, “New Mexico, don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. The Silent Majority needs to start making some noise,” and “Save New Mexico, Vote Republican.” 

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4 thoughts on “WATCH: Devastated NM small business owners speak out about Governor’s lockdown”

  1. Loserjan Gruesome has only 1 thing in mind– to be in control.. If anyone challenges her they become targets of her thugism.. Small businesses can’t afford to pay her to “protect them” therefore they fall victim. Big corporations can funnel monies wherever they need– She has done nothing but work to destroy New Mexico!! I want to be deputized so I can be a part of the team that arrests and removes her from the roundhouse.. and little Benny boy needs taken down as well!

  2. The father/son owners of one of our most popular and long-time Mexican food restaurants here are facing $50,000 in fines from the state for defying Wuhan-Lujan’s mandatory shutdown edict. They prevailed in court getting their food-service health permit reinstated, but convincing a court to strike down the fines is another challenge. The father recently suffered a stroke as a result of all the pressure he and his family and employees have suffered from the shutdown.

    I read a wire service article yesterday quoting the NM House minority leader that Wuhan-Lujan was acting more like a queen than a governor. Personally, I would call her a heartless dictator.

  3. Big details on how badly business is hurt:
    – Santa Fe real estate brokers can’t show the Archdiocese complex (being sold to sell sex abuse cases) since investor buyers won’t come to tour the property due to 14 day quarantines.
    – The ABQ Journal is now printing at the Santa Fe New Mexican…..New Mexican newspaper lost all 7 special festival magazines when Grisham shut down the events.
    – over 300 restaurants have permanently closed

    Follow the money….new legislators can begin an investigation deep into Grisham and top officials finances, including Foundations.

  4. gregory daniel lococo

    It’s breaking bad, were becoming the walking dead. The governor dangles her trinkets while families and their futures are lost. And she dared sending me a “democratic” fund raiser letter? This is godless cruelty by an incompetant person who’s “in charge”. Welcome to New Mexico…

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