Vasquez refuses to join vast bipartisan majority against illegal voting

In a major move, the House of Representatives has passed bipartisan legislation to overturn a progressive immigration policy that allows illegal aliens to vote in local elections in Washington, D.C. This legislation garnered widespread support, with over fifty Democrats joining Republicans to endorse the measure. It passed 262 to 143. However, far-left Rep. Gabe Vasquez (D-CD2) voted against it, a decision that has drawn sharp criticism from various quarters, especially since Vasquez represents southern New Mexico, where New Mexico’s entire border with Mexico is located. Vasquez was joined by Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez (D-CD3) in opposing the bill, while Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-CD1) was absent from the vote.

The legislation, seen by many as a common-sense approach to ensuring electoral integrity, was supported by a broad coalition in the House, including 52 Democrats. Maureen O’Toole, Regional Press Secretary for the Congressional Leadership Fund, emphasized the bipartisan nature of the vote and criticized Vasquez’s stance. “Preventing noncitizens from voting in American elections is as basic and commonsense as it gets, which is why it passed with a clear bipartisan majority in the House, yet Gabe Vasquez was too extreme to support it,” O’Toole stated. “Today’s vote makes it clear: Gabe Vasquez’s top priority is pushing radical illegal immigration policy, not fighting for New Mexico citizens or protecting the security of our elections.”

The National Congressional Committee’s Spokeswoman, Delanie Bomar, wrote following the vote, “Don’t believe extreme Democrat Gabe Vasquez’s election year posturing, just look at his votes – he is a radical open borders zealot. As long as Vasquez is in office, illegal migrants will get the red carpet treatment while American citizens get the shaft.”

Vasquez’s vote against the legislation is consistent with his history of advocating for progressive immigration policies. He has previously called for defunding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and has supported shutting down ICE facilities altogether. 

Critics also point out that Vasquez has downplayed the severity of the border crisis, accusing Republicans of politicizing the issue rather than addressing it substantively. He has consistently voted against stricter border security measures despite concerns about an increase in crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

The decision to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections in the nation’s capital has been a flashpoint, with many arguing that voting should be a privilege reserved for citizens. 

Vasquez faces a tough reelection battle against GOP former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who has the support of Republican House leadership and many other key voices.


25 thoughts on “Vasquez refuses to join vast bipartisan majority against illegal voting”

    1. You see, this is why New Mexico has so many issues and problems now. It’s because of this guy, Gabe Vasquez, who apparently has refused to be against the very thing that would destroy this country, illegal voting. I mean, voting after the polls close at midnight? That is illegal. In fact, that is what happened in 2020. It is illegal to vote after the polls close at midnight. It’s illegal to do that. Why would anyone do that? Vasquez basically wants illegal voting to occur simply because he doesn’t like Trump because he actually represents the true American values of the United States of America like freedom of speech and freedom of religion and religious liberty and school choice and supporting Israel and the Pledge of Allegiance and standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance, etc like a real American is supposed to do, and Vasquez doesn’t represent those values. He thinks he does. He really doesn’t. Vasquez wants to defund the police. All police, literally. He wants to defund all of them because he assumes, he thinks that all law enforcement officers and departments are “racist” towards African Americans and other races and he thinks that defunding law enforcement will “reduce the rising crime” in the United States, even globally. Here’s the problem with his claims. Their not true. Their not true at all. First of all, the vast majority of Americans, including African Americans, support the police in the United States. In fact, 81% of African Americans support the police in the United States, all police officers and departments. They do not want the police to be refunded. They do not want that. They don’t support the defund the police movement. For very good reasons……. because police officers and departments, the vast majority of them, are not racists!!!! Second of all, defunding law enforcement, all law enforcement literally in the United States or even globally, will NOT reduce the rising crime. It will not do it. We have clearly seen that in like Portland, Oregon, where after their law enforcement agency was heavenly refunded, guess what happened. Crime went up even further. That’s what happened. Don’t believe me? Go there, go to Portland and see if I am lying. Ask any of those residents in Portland who have common sense why their crime rate went up after their police was refunded. Because they defunded the very thing that is supposed to reduce crime and does reduce crime…….the police! Law enforcement! What a freakin concept! And no, a social worker like a therapist is not going to reduce crime. They have tried this, and it hasn’t worked. Therapists are not cops. They don’t have the authority to solve a crime. They don’t have the capability of solving a crime. Sorry to say, but they don’t. And sorry to say, no offense to therapists, but they shouldn’t be able to solve a crime. Their not law enforcement. Law enforcement does that and their supposed to do that which is why we need law enforcement. Get it?! I get it. Trump gets that. John Block gets that. Ted Cruz gets that. Ron DeSantis gets that. I don’t know why Vasquez gets it. Oh that’s right. He thinks that law enforcement officers and departments are racists. Their not. He’s clearly lying. Again, Gabe Vasquez is one of the reasons why New Mexico has so many issues and problems now.

      And that is not a exaggeration. New Mexico has so many issues and problems now, some of which the state has had for years, even decades, maybe longer. I mean, NM is now ranked almost at the bottom for military retirees out of all 50 states and territories in the United States. We’re now the most dangerous U.S state in the United States in terms of crime and all that stuff(Louisiana is ranked second most dangerous state). Our state’s education system absolutely sucks now and has actually sucked for years. But now, it sucks even more especially with the radical leftist gender agenda that’s being shoved down children’s and parents’s throats in the state. We have one of the highest crime rates in the country, if not the highest crime rate in the country now. We have one of the highest rate of drug users and stuff like that in the country. We have like the highest suicide rate in the country now. New Mexico’s CYFD organization is basically useless now. Plus, we also have Jewish people in New Mexico being wrongfully targeted just for being Jews in the state by pro-Palestinian aka pro-Hamas “protesters”. Plus the fact that we have a Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, who wants to take away people’s Second Amendment rights. Plus, she leaves the state almost every five freakin seconds. Plus, we have people who are on the Left who live here in the state who absolutely hate Republicans and common sense minded people in the state(that’s not a exaggeration either unfortunately, the leftists in the state especially the people in New Mexico who love Michelle Lujan Grisham and Biden, hate Republicans and common sense minded people who are against them. Sad isn’t it?). Plus, we are dealing with the worst, arrguably, the worst border crisis this state and the United States has ever seen and our Governor is doing absolutely nothing about it. And so on. I mean, we have so many issues and problems now and unfortunately not all of them are going to be solved overnight. I mean I am sorry to say it, but we suck. New Mexico sucks as a state. I am sorry to say that and stuff like that. But it’s unfortunately the truth. We absolutely suck. I mean it’s beautiful here in New Mexico in terms of geography and it does get nice here weather wise and there are good people here too(including John Block and Steven McCutcheon and Yvette Herrell and all those guys) and all of that stuff. But in terms of politics, especially the leftist politics and figures that control our state and the rising crime in New Mexico now and that stuff?! Yeah, we suck. Sorry to say it, but we do. We suck.

      1. And I hate saying that New Mexico sucks because of the leftist politics and figures that control our state, because that is one of the main reasons why we suck as a state. But I hate saying it. Because I grew up here in New Mexico. I have lived here in New Mexico since October 2005 when I was in fifth grade. I grew up here. I went to middle school here. I went to high school here and made a lot of friends here in New Mexico(a few of whom still live in the state by the way) and stuff like that. So I grew up here in New Mexico and now seeing this state become what it’s becoming, a state that is now controlled by radical leftist figures who want our borders open to the point where unprecedented influxes of illegal immigrants including terrorists and suspected terrorists and those who are on the terrorist watchlists to come into our country to basically vote illegally and all that stuff and the fact that we have a Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham who wants to take away people’s Second Amendment rights for no reason and who wants to transition little kids from one gender to another and wants to hide information about it from parents and who wants to defund all law enforcement simply based on the assumption that all law enforcement officers and departments are racists and all that stuff, and the fact that crime is skyrocketing in New Mexico to the point where we are now literally the most dangerous U.S state in the entire country, and all that stuff, makes me sad. I mean, the crime in New Mexico wasn’t this bad when I moved here in October 2005. I mean, it was bad even back then, but not as bad as it is now. It wasn’t as bad as it is now even when I was in high school here in New Mexico. Now, it’s even worse. It’s just sad.

  1. If New Mexicans continue to ignore the actions of our U.S. Representatives and Senators, the plagues of poverty, child abuse, low education scores will continue and worsen.
    New Mexico, we must change who we vote for. Democrats continue to vote and enact legislations that is not going to ever result in positive or good results for this state. Truth be told, there are Republicans who vote with Democrats on these horrible policies.
    It is your due diligence to know how these people vote and to speak up and out when politicians reject transparency of what is actually good for you and this state. Hold every politician to account for their actions. They have long been left to do whatever they want with zero consequences. Life doesn’t work that way. There is a consequence to every action.
    New Mexico, do you want the negative consequences that that come from decisions these people make on your behalf?

    Do Better New Mexico!
    Rev. Rico

    1. So true! Voting out the rotten Dems and RINO Repubes is the surest way to clean out the corruption up north. Only then can we ever have the possibility of fair elections in the future. I’m afraid that in November we’ll see the level of voter fraud that far surpasses the 2020 election. This state, because of ignorant, brain-washed voters, continues to drag its knuckles on the ground. Wake up people and acquire some common sense.

      1. The North is a key to change in NM. It is pertinent to have that tough conversation with family and friends about these issues. It is that important for the future of this beautiful state.

        Do we really want drag queens reading and performing for our youth, minors, in schools? Our kids need to be learning, and reading for knowledge and understanding, not “entertained” by sick demented adults.

        Are we going to just settle for crime and illegal activities in our cities? Our kids do not need to see drug addicted adults at every street corner. How do we build trust in our kids, when we allow such danger right in front of them.

        Have that talk, it matters…

  2. Until the MSM and NPR are taken over to actually report the truth, there is no changing people’s minds about things.

  3. Vasquez is PATHETIC plain and simple. Those who voted for him and will do so in November are Pathetic. Apathy is his middle name.

    1. Vasquez was voted in by people like my parents, dead, and by illegals coming across the borders in Gabe’s district

  4. Vasquez believes in open borders and that there is no such thing as illegal aliens. Hell, he’s counting on them putting him in office again.

  5. Stephen C Helmreich

    I don’t know. If you are a resident somewhere, you ought to be able to vote for who represents you. I don’t think it would be bad if Las Cruces, El Paso, and Juarez residents could all vote in the same elections. After all, who gets elected in El Paso affects people in Las Cruces and vice versa.

  6. As far as I am concerned what Mr. VASQUEZ is doing is TREASON. when you want to ignore and disregard the Law, I don’t care what your job or Last Name is you need to go to jail.

  7. “Today’s vote makes it clear: Gabe Vasquez’s top priority is pushing radical illegal immigration policy, not fighting for New Mexico citizens or protecting the security of our elections.”

    Gabe’s gotta go!

  8. Vasquez has been anti- police, since he was an 18- year- old, when he failed to appear in court following several traffic violations in El Paso.

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