Vasquez gets bad news ahead of rematch against former Rep. Herrell

In a strategic move to maintain its majority in the House, the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), a super PAC endorsed by Speaker Johnson and House Republican Leadership, has announced its first wave of fall ad reservations for the 2024 election cycle. The initial reservations amount to $141 million, covering television, streaming, and digital platforms across 37 media markets. This figure surpasses the spending from previous election cycles, with nearly $20 million more than in 2022 and over three times the amount spent in 2020.

Dan Conston, President of the CLF, emphasized the significance of this early investment, stating, “This is a significant early down payment on Republicans holding the House Majority. The map is undoubtedly small, and we are in a dogfight. Yet we are in a stronger position than the mainstream narrative suggests, with a promising political environment and standout Members and candidates in the toughest races. Effective campaigns and resources will really matter.”

A notable aspect of this announcement is the substantial ad spending in New Mexico’s Second Congressional District, where a highly anticipated rematch between GOP former Rep. Yvette Herrell and Democrat Rep. Gabe Vasquez is set to take place. The CLF has allocated $2.3 million in Albuquerque, which includes $345,000 for Spanish-language media, underscoring the importance of reaching diverse voter demographics in this district.

The Herrell-Vasquez race is expected to be one of the most fiercely contested battles in the 2024 cycle. Herrell, who narrowly lost her seat to Vasquez in the 2022 election, is looking to reclaim her position. Conversely, Vasquez aims to solidify his hold on the district amidst a challenging political landscape.

The CLF’s significant investment in Albuquerque reflects the critical nature of New Mexico’s Second Congressional District for both parties. This funding will be pivotal in financing extensive television, streaming, and digital advertisements designed to sway voters and bolster Herrell’s campaign efforts. The $694,000 reservation in the El Paso market may also partly be used to support Herrell.

In addition to New Mexico, the CLF has made substantial reservations in other key markets. These include $20.7 million in New York City, $18.2 million in Los Angeles, and $6.5 million in Fresno-Visalia, among others. Each market allocation is strategically designed to maximize Republican influence and voter reach ahead of the 2024 elections.

In response to news of the ad buy, Vasquez wrote in a panicky email to supporters, “The Congressional Leadership Fund — a dark money group supported by MAGA Speaker Mike Johnson — wants to intimidate Team Vasquez into giving up. But, let’s be honest, this just shows that MAGA Republicans are the ones running scared.”

However, CLF is not a “dark money group” since it discloses its donors and supporters to the Federal Election Commission, unlike true dark money groups, such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the League of Conservation Voters, which donate from their leftist dark money nonprofits to PACs. These groups are backing Vasquez’s run with true “dark money.”

Conston’s statement highlights the Republican strategy of leveraging resources effectively to maintain their majority. The emphasis on a “promising political environment” and “standout Members and candidates” indicates a calculated approach to overcoming the competitive challenges presented by the upcoming election cycle.


13 thoughts on “Vasquez gets bad news ahead of rematch against former Rep. Herrell”

  1. It is critical that the Congressional Leadership Fund and other Republican donor organizations spend a great deal of money in NM’s CD-2 to help insure Herrell’s victory. Individual Republicans should also donate to her campaign.

  2. Herrell’s money appears solidified. Additional consideration should be given to CD 1 and Louie Sanchez to defeat stansbury. lastly Domenici needs help to get rid of maryland marty!

  3. Where are the Republicans on the other two congressional seats? What is Herrell the only vote needed in congress. What about helping District 3. As I have stated before if NM doesn’t assist these other two districts with as much justo as they have for District 2, we will only have one vote and back to what we had before. So I ask the state Republican Party to wise up and put some effort into all the district not just one.

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