Unconstitutional Gov. Lujan Grisham renews assault on Second Amendment

In a move that has again sparked a flame to the Constitution, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has decided to renew executive orders declaring so-called “gun violence” a public health emergency, which restricted guns for New Mexicans. The extension, set to last until December 1, 2023, is being met with fury over its blatant unconstitutionality.

Governor Lujan Grisham again doubled down on the unconstitutional measure, saying, “This executive order sends a clear message that the safety and well-being of residents are our top priorities. We stand united in our resolve to combat gun violence and protect our communities.” However, it remains to be seen whether the renewal of this emergency declaration is effective at all.

The governor initially declared a state of public emergency on September 7, 2023, and her administration promptly launched initiatives to address the crisis. During a press conference to announce the measure, which banned gun possession for all residents in Albuquerque Bernalillo County, the governor claimed that “no right,” including her oath is absolute. 

Her unconstitutional action led state Reps. John Block (R-Alamogordo) and Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) to launch an impeachment process against Lujan Grisham, which requires large numbers of legislators to sign a certification form calling for an extraordinary impeachment session. So far, 33 legislators have signed the petition.

Patrick Allen, Lujan Grisham’s secretary for the New Mexico Department of Health, defended the renewal by emphasizing the gravity of “gun violence” as a public health concern.

The order also mandates that the New Mexico State Police will be hosting gun buyback events in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Española. These measures have proven ineffective in reducing crime. Those deciding to disarm themselves will receive Visa and/or American Express gift cards in exchange for their firearms.


31 thoughts on “Unconstitutional Gov. Lujan Grisham renews assault on Second Amendment”

  1. Gov Useless just can’t get it through here thick skull that she is can’t override the Constitution. Anyone that gets slapped down by the judicial system like she’s been should have learned a lesson. She hasn’t because, like democrats everywhere, she’s dumber that Biden and Kamaltoe and that says a lot.

  2. Ok, so more arrests have been made in ABQ as a result of additional state police in the area, fine. However, this bolsters MLG’s thought that she is doing the right thing…
    MLG did not, and does not need this draconian ban to assign state police to any community in the state. Just send them there and get the job done. Simple…
    For any local police department to indicate otherwise, is complicit in her unconstitutional measures. Crime is out of control due to many liberal policies. Public safety is a priority for government at the very basic level. Manage the criminal element, and we can manage the crime without removing God given rights of the constituency.

  3. This will never stop until she is removed from office. This is Abuse Of Power 101
    Remember, what you allow is what will continue. She needs to be impeached, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. It’s not just removing her from office (except to stop the executive orders). We need to somehow convince Democratic gun owners that they need to stop voting for Democratic legislators if they want to be able to continue to legally own and carry guns in this state.

    2. i consider the Governor to be very brave in view of extreme views like what is expressed here. I am not anti gun possession, but I do feel we need to examine and make rules and laws about wh can own and buy guns. Most the the needless gun violence has been due to people who are mentally unstable. The local authorities in some instance knew but could not act because of restrains.

      1. Her actions were a reactions to events taking place in ABQ. YET THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER LEGAL actions she could enacted
        The meeting she called and those agencies all sworn an oath of office and to uphold the laws, rules and regulations that are legal. The governor even stated she did expect criminals to obey , so what was the point? She then stated that her oath and the US and state constitution were not absolute. WOW what a statement. Clearly defining the lengths she was to go without attempting any other solution.If the US and the state of NM constitution are not absolute then we have a lawless society where anyone can do as they please. She has failed as governor to govern. She has attempted to circumvent the rule of law. While she is educated as a lawyer, and she has stated she does not need anyone teaching her about the law which is classic dictatorship thinking . It is very apparent to most and to courts she does need a lesson. Her actions to continue the EO again clearly demonstrate here willingness to rule and not govern. Here actions are contemptible, and impeachment is warranted. Write your state reps. Let’s send a clear message that such action is not acceptable in any forum. There were others actions she could have taken, she failed to consider. Again showing her unwillingness to govern. She lost the confidence of the people. She should be banned from ever holding any elected or appointed office. She has failed in her oath.she can never be trusted with the peoples house. She will be remember as well as Benedict Arnold, who lived in obscurity, penniless and in disgrace.

      2. I’m not saying you are not trying to do something right, but the issue is not the ones that need help with mental illness, just go into a Lowe’s and watch as healthy men old and young walk right out the doors caring tools! Or Albertsons watch people stealing stuff running out the door! This Governor has not clue where to start.. she just gives candy to these people. Then they become bolder and commit more crimes. There is no punishment for them. BUT FOR US SHE TAKES AWAY OR RIGHTS!!

  4. Enough is enough. She has NOT upheld her oath of office,nor done New Mexico any favors! It’s to arrest and escort her out of the roundhouse! In handcuffs and dragged by her feet if necessary!

  5. All levels of NM law enforcement have essentially nullified Grisham’s executive order so it’s OK to leave her engaged with delusionary proclamations or useless actions such as buybacks for now.

    Better to let legislators know that we won’t tolerate new anti-gun laws nor the cost of the expensive legal fees that states such as California or Illinois that are trying to push unconstitutional actions through the courts.

    1. I agree. That is what I do. It is very liberating to free yourself from the government. They are making many of us criminals. Revel in it.

  6. Coward Sheriffs refuse to enforce Constitutional Law and arrest a criminal who is violating Constitutional rights of citizens.


  7. Where are the Sheriffs?????????????????? They took an oath to protect the US and NM constitution and now they have violated that oath.

  8. Earlene Groseclose

    Why doesn’t she address the REAL public health issues of suicide, mental health and substance abuses? Those are the true public health emergencies. However, it’s not about public health, it’s about tyranny and controlling the masses. She needs to be removed.

  9. For those of you agree with this abuse of power, wait until she calls to suspend the 3rd amendment. Or the 4th amendment because fentanyl is health crisis. May everybody and home needs to be searched to end the crisis. Or everybody in public in Bernalillo County should be searched for drugs and weapons. We have rights for a reason.

  10. I agree to the above statement: Ignore her. The blue house and senate will side with the governor. What to do about the terrorist coming over because of open borders? We will give MLG a call and she handle those bad terrorist and they will turn over their weapons to her like good boys, that’s how much power she think she has. The rest of the bunch that support and back her crazy schemes, shame on them.

  11. Let’s remember Emergency Orders are not laws. You have no obligation to follow Emergency Orders, as long as citizens allow this behavior on the Governor’s the longer she will exploit her tyranny.

  12. Two things 1. “Gun buy back” how is it they call it buy back when they never owned it in the first place?? 2. “Gun Violence” How does a gun commit violence??? You have to physically pick a gun up and pull the trigger for it to fire. (it’s an evil person committing the violence ,not the gun)

  13. Show me a gun that committed a crime. Show me a gun that was arrested and jailed for killing someone. Show me a gun that was open carry get out of the holster, aim at a person and pull the trigger. Show me a concealed carry get out of the pocket, purse, or wherever concealed and shoot someone.
    Gun violence is not the fault or doing of a gun. A gun is a tool to be used as self defender, hunting, or other form of survival. A knife, also a tool with the same functions as a gun. They don’t kill people either yet they be been involved in stabbings and other forms of violence. Why not ban them too?
    Listen up people, especially you Ms Donkey rat,

  14. She claims all of this is to protect the children from gun violence. What a hypocrite! Why doesn’t she protect the unborn? How many babies are killed in NM from abortion. Plus she just allocated $10 million dollars this past session to build another abortion clinic in southeastern NM, to accommodate out of state abortionist. Why does she have NMSP guarding her with weapons but wants to take guns from law abiding citizens. She’s a joke.

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