TV reporter humiliates Lujan Grisham with this one question 

On Wednesday, far-left, ant-gun Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico announced a special legislative session to address growing public safety issues in the state while refusing to add the border issue to the docket. During an interview with Action 7 News reporter John Cardinale, the governor detailed her observations and the motivations behind her decision.

Lujan Grisham shared her personal experiences that underscored the urgency of the situation, saying, “I’m continuing to see an escalation of risk in our communities. I go to the grocery store, and I go to the pharmacy. I don’t think I’ve been once in a year and a half where a theft is not in progress. It’s outrageous.”

In response to these concerns, the governor outlined key legislative goals for the upcoming session. One of her primary objectives is to implement tougher penalties for felons found in possession of firearms. “If you just got out and now you are possessing a firearm illegally, you are not rehabilitated. You are a risk and a threat to my public safety,” she stated. “If I can hold you in there for five more years, maybe you don’t get rehabilitated. But I’m safer for those five years.”

Additionally, Lujan Grisham advocated for changes to pre-trial detention policies, suggesting the adoption of a “rebuttable presumption” model. This would require defendants to demonstrate that they do not pose a danger to the community before being released. “It works in the federal system. It mitigates risk in the community. I don’t know why we’re not replicating it here,” she explained.

When Cardinale asked if “crime was the worst she had seen it in New Mexico,” she replied, “This is a hard thing to answer because I don’t want viewers to think that I’m trying to sidestep your very pointed, productive question. It’s more visible than I’ve ever seen it, and it feels to me a little more brazen,” she said. Lujan Grisham elaborated on the adaptive nature of criminal organizations, stating, “What I see is that the really bad organized actors find a gap and move into it. Then we deal with that gap, and then they move into another one. I want them to stop being able to go anywhere. I want bad actors in jail where they belong.” The word salad answer shows just how out-of-touch Lujan Grisham has become on the issue of crime.

The special session is scheduled to commence on July 18, when lawmakers will convene to discuss and potentially enact these new public safety measures. It is unclear what, if any, anti-gun bills Lujan Grisham will attempt to ram through.


26 thoughts on “TV reporter humiliates Lujan Grisham with this one question ”

  1. How can MLG expect to not have crime running rampant in our state? She won’t close the border! She doesn’t want a bail system in our jails. Our education system is the lowest in the nation. She needs to attend to the real problems. Leave our guns alone!

    1. That is the truth I’m Carlsbad it is now El walemarte and El macadonalds we have been invaded by illegal aliens it is ridiculous

  2. Typical communist double speak. Her democommie “progressives “ made NM a no or low bail state and created the revolving door justice system that she now wants to “fix”. Her and her ilk approved removing police authority and defunding and are OK with coddling criminals while caring nothing about the victims of crime. Now they seem surprised at the results! It’s not like they’re gonna suddenly care , this unnecessary session May just be a Trojan horse for gun grabbing, making the crime situation worse. A fix would be to pass tough legislation to keep criminals in jail and “castle laws “ so citizens can protect their own property!

  3. I would be very surprised if MLG went to a grocery store or a pharmacy. I am sure she has someone do those chores for her. Going to either would be below her dignity.

    1. I agree. Back in the day, though, even though you may not like them, I would see Jill and Tom Udall at the grocery stores.
      I shop in Santa Fe all the time because I live up here. I have heard of theft in some stores at some times of the day. I have never seen one. I wonder where she shops that she’s seen it every time she goes for the past year and a half. What a joke!

  4. She gets softball questions. I don’t see how this puts her in a bad light at all.
    She gets away with her rhetoric. She want’s people in prison to “learn” and “prove” their brainwashing worked while incarcerated. She is wanting to jail citizens for exercising a constitutional right.
    Judges let the criminals out, pending trial to cause more crimes. Word salad is much to kind a term for MLG. She is a deliberate liar!

    1. Main stream news never ever asks the left hard questions. He could have asked her about all the good crime relief bills that came up that her ilk voted down. We know she agreed with them or she would have made it public. Not to mention that our court judges are hands tied by her ilk. Plus many of our judges being emerge trained could have been brought up..

  5. MLG isn’t bright enough to realize much of the increase in crime is due to thousands more illegals crossing the border into NM … or she just doesn’t want to admit it.

  6. I usually don’t watch when she is talking and now I know why, she looks too much like Hilary Clinton. She is a disgrace and embarrassment to the people of New Mexico.

  7. Everyone needs to realize that there is no rehabilitation in prison. They are all put together nonviolent in with violent offenders. The ones who are separated are sex crimes against children. This demented governor is trying to do as much damage to New Mexico as possible. Impeach her ass!

  8. This won’t be the time it happens, but it is happening. MLG along with the Sierra Club are in the process of making you pay taxes to support others buying electric vehicles, which is a non-solution to environmental problems. The legislature has already passed the laws. She intends to have evs mandated by 2030 at the latest. 80% of all vehicles coming into NM are to be evs. Different subject, but I want to spread the word.

  9. Ha! Last I remembered that she went to the jewelry store during COVID and bought our tax money for an expensive necklace. I don’t think she ever went any other stores . Had she been to sanctuary stores? I doubt it. She knows that there are high crimes but won’t admit it. She’s a joke. IMPEACH MLG!!!

  10. When us minions can’t afford the EVs that this dictator has demanded how will the elites deal with the horse poop? Because that will be how us little guys get around. It’s the affordable transportation for us hard working class.

  11. Close our border. Stop with the double talk. Use tax payer money wisely. Stop killing babies in our state. Quit trying to force the people of NM to follow her ridiculous climate change agenda. She put us into the federal governments cloud seeding climate change scheme. She needs to be impeached. She also needs to respect and understand our 2nd amendment. It is “We the People”, not “Me the governor”!

  12. She started the M seen and you know the other. So what are the NM’s into now. Not the majority ! We need prayers and get the word out. Change NM to the good and PRAY!

  13. On You Tube is a page just for NM. “New Mexico Body cam” at the end of every event is the deposition of the criminal, NOTE everyone of them has mutable arrest then release, possession of firearms, attacks on police, fleeing etc.etc.etc.etc.

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