Transgender cyclist wins major New Mexico tournament

Over the weekend, transgender cyclist Austin Killips competed in the women’s Tour of the Gila tournament, a major Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)-sanctioned competition in Silver City, New Mexico. 

UCI is the world governing body for sports cycling and oversees international competitive cycling events. The UCI is based in Aigle, Switzerland.

Killips, sponsored by the Amy D Foundation, ultimately won the race, beating all biological women in the tournament to claim the “queen of the mountains polka dot jersey” and a $35,000 prize. 

According to a press release from Tour of the Gila, “But it was all eyes on the overall race lead, in which only 10 seconds separated leader Killips from Emily Ehrlich (Virginia’s Blue Ridge TWENTY24) and Ehrlich’s third stage race win of the year. But Killips put the kibosh on any triple crown for TWENTY24,” referring to the other two competitors’ sponsor. 

“We really wanted to get into a break,” Julie Kuliecza, the team director of Killips’ sponsor – Amy D Foundation – said afterward to Cycling News. “We thought that there was going to be something that would go right after the second sprint point, and we wanted a rider in that break so that when Austin and the other GC riders came up to it, Austin would have someone to help them and protect them, and it worked out perfectly.”

As Fox News reported, “Killips was also the subject of controversy at the UCI Cyclocross National Championships in December 2022, when she was accused of pushing another competitor off course. Killips denied making the move in a statement to the Los Angeles Blade.” 

Watch the video here: 

“In my book, athletes like Austin Killips are thieves – yet those whose prizes they take are being forced to maintain this mortifying charade,” wrote Allison Pearson of The Telegraph after Killips’ win.

Killips’ presence in women’s competitive cycling pushed cyclist Hannah Arensman, just 25, to quit the sport, saying his presence in the competition was an “unfair advantage.” 

Arensman said, “I have decided to end my cycling career. At my last race at the recent UCI Cyclocross National Championships in the elite women’s category in December 2022, I came in 4th place, flanked on either side by male riders awarded 3rd and 5th places. My sister and family sobbed as they watched a man finish in front of me, having witnessed several physical interactions with him throughout the race.”

“Additionally, it is difficult for me to think about the very real possibility I was overlooked for an international selection on the US team at Cyclocross Worlds in February 2023 because of a male competitor,” she concluded.


16 thoughts on “Transgender cyclist wins major New Mexico tournament”

  1. He should be disqualified. Of course a man cyclist will beat all women cyclists, given his greater lung capacity and muscle mass.

  2. Of course, a man will beat out women cyclists, given his greater lung capacity and muscle mass.

  3. As wrong as this is, this is the end result of feminism. Feminists wanted to play sports with the men, have female sports reporters in the men’s locker room, etc. The feminist movement has done a great disservice to all women. We have been robbed of our very womanhood and it is time to take it back!

    1. Christine you are absolutely right. Feminists have pretty much destroyed women’s sports. To make matters worse, these “men” competing in women’s categories are nothing but cheaters; they cannot win as a man competing against other men. I would describe them as pussies!

  4. Win by any means possible. If this guy that just stole the $35,000 prize from a woman tried to complete against men he would be nothing more than an also ran. Men continue to browbeat the people in charge to allow them to compete. These men and their sponsors are nothing more than “blackface clowns” with no chance of ever succeeding on their own.

  5. I hold the organization equally at fault as the man. They helped each other cheat and both should be punished. Thanks a lot, New Mexico! Truly the sportsmanship of Santa Fe.

  6. Will Steinberg

    Hey, Transgender is the new Calling everyone “racist.” After awhile people caught onto that Liberal tactic. It was like crying WOLF all the time! It lost it’s true meaning because it was over done. Now it’s this trans issue. It’s all BS to get you to shut up or not be able to respond. The Trans community, nationally. is made up with LESS than 1% of the population. These fine folks need to be challenged every single day. FREE speech is NOT what they say it is.

  7. If you voted democrat in NM , this is what you get. Elections have consequences. Many of u out there claim u r a democrat, but you do not believe in murdering babies, u believe in less government, you believe in not cutting off children’s body parts, but u continue to think you r voting for your grandpas Democratic Party. That party has turned Marxist and socialist. Continue your misinformed actions and we will all be speaking Maderin!

  8. We need a new set of rules for the transgender population who want to participate in women’s sports because they couldn’t make it in men’s sports. Have your transgender sports alongside men’s sports or women’s sports just keep them separate. Track is a perfect example. Women run separately, men run separately and transgender run separately and no one is cheated. Just a thought.

  9. Welcome to New Mexico.
    Where the men are men
    So are the women
    The criminals are loose
    And the babies are aborted

  10. Dwaine Kimmick

    So isn’t this Fraud? He got 35k for the thing. They use Taxpayers Money for this contest so can’t We The People Press Charges??

  11. The problem with many of these comments is they are blaming this on state politics. This has nothing to do with that. The rules that allow who can race in the event are UCI cycling rules. They are international rules set by the governing body in Switzerland. So regardless of wrong or right, if you want to complain about this complain at the international governing body over the rules and don’t blame local New Mexico politics. I do agree maybe there needs to be separate category because it does seem unfair. But that has to work both ways for men and women sports and events.

  12. It would be difficult and demoralizing but women have to stop competing. If he was the only person showing up, there would be no race. The women standing on the podium with this guy (man; imposter) are as much to blame as the organization who put on this farce of a race and the government that gives this organization cover by saying the ridiculous statement “a man can be a woman”. Absolutely nuts. Women!!! Have your own private races and start checking DNA. This insanity must stop and you as the competitors have the power.

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