Toulouse Oliver campaign claims she’s ‘been upholding election integrity’

In a recent fundraising email, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s campaign made an inaccurate claim that she “has been upholding election integrity since she took office.” This comes after she has repeatedly tried to unilaterally change the election code, which has forced the state Supreme Court to strike down her attempted changes.

Also, Toulouse Oliver backed multiple far-left proposals in the Legislature to remove integrity measures and let absentee ballots arrive the Friday after an election. That proposal also called for universal unsecured ballot drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and other measures that would have left New Mexico elections even more wrought with fraud.

But despite that, her campaign claims, “In one of the most vital election years on record, they say it’s all about election integrity for them, yet we’re not sure why because Maggie has been upholding election integrity since she took office. She intends to continue ensuring our elections are fair, free, safe, and secure when she wins reelection.”

Also, Toulouse Oliver’s campaign asserts it is “busy fending off attacks from far-right extremist billionaires with deep pockets claiming our election was a lie,” citing an unnamed “billionaire-backed dark money group.”

The comment reeks of irony as Toulouse Oliver has had the backing of far-left billionaire-backed dark money groups, including George Soros-funded pro-abortion EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico, eco-Marxist “350” and the “Sierra Club,” among others.

The Secretary of State has weaponized her office throughout the years to go after political opponents, including her attempt to stop the Otero County audit of the 2020 election, which has already shown multiple abnormalities. She has worked in concert with Attorney General Hector Balderas and State Auditor Brian Colón to attempt to stop the county-sanctioned inquiry.


4 thoughts on “Toulouse Oliver campaign claims she’s ‘been upholding election integrity’”

  1. No election integrity in NM unless it's for democraps

    Hahaha haha. We’re not stupid Ms. Evil Oliver. The only election integrity you have maintained is more ways NM democraps can steal our elections. Just praying for the day, all democraps house of cards comes crumbling down.

  2. So, are you prepared to state unequivocally that Biden was elected in a fair election or will you take the position that the election was stolen from Donald Trump? AND are you OK with his Jan 06 Coup attempt?
    BTW Heritage Foundation Voter Fraud Database lists 2 —— TWO —— incidents in the 2020 election in NM.
    The only problem with our election system is the political party trying to falsely discredit it.

    1. Coup: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government. There was no coup attempt, there was a protest of the fraud in the election. I am happy to state unequivocally the DNC stole the election.

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