Three anti-gun bills advance in NM House, anti-business bill stalls in Senate

In the New Mexico Senate Thursday, a radical bill to establish a paid family and medical leave program faced a delay as Republican members of the Senate Tax, Business, and Transportation Committee did not attend the meeting, depriving the committee of its quorum. Despite their absence, Democratic members, forming a subcommittee, decided to proceed with discussions on Senate Bill 3, claiming to vote on the matter the following week, irrespective of the Republican members’ attendance — which would go against the rules if no quorum is present again. The chairman, Democrat Sen. Benny Shendo, was absent from the meeting.

The bill’s proponent, Senate President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart, accused Republicans of not wanting to collaborate with them.

In another legislative development, the New Mexico House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee passed three anti-gun bills, but not without thorough debate from Reps. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) and John Block (R-Alamogordo). 

Earlier in the day, far-left anti-gun Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, alongside other supporters, argued that these measures are essential steps toward addressing the pervasive issue of “gun violence,” citing a “negative gun culture,” while laughably claiming banning guns was a “constitutional responsibility,” despite previously saying her oath and the Constitution were not absolute while signing a previous unconstitutional executive order to illegally snatch guns.

The bills that passed include:

H.B. 137 banning all semi-auto and all “high capacity” firearms and forcing those who do own them to register with the government.

H.B. 127 taking guns away from law-abiding 18-20 year-olds.

H.B. 129 mandating a 14-day waiting period for all firearms purchases.

Opponents of the bills, including representatives from the New Mexico Firearms Industry Association and the National Rifle Association, argued that such legislation infringes on constitutional rights and fails to target the root causes of gun violence, primarily illegal gun access. The debate underscored the deep divide between those advocating for stricter regulations as a means to prevent violence and those defending gun ownership rights as enshrined in the Constitution and reaffirmed in the recent U.S. Supreme Court case New York Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen.

The three anti-gun bills now head to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration. 


22 thoughts on “Three anti-gun bills advance in NM House, anti-business bill stalls in Senate”

  1. This has nothing to do with preventing “gun violence”. This is about civilian disarmament. To believe otherwise is foolish.

  2. They are very biased on the 2 amendment and on many other bills. If they wanted better and more effective that would work in our state to prevent violence then they would sit down and talk with the N R A, gun rights activists, gun owners of America, law abiding citizens. I am tired of all of them wasting New Mexican citizens time and money. I say impeachment is needed for all of them on the grounds of them being bias on the 2 amendment, they are bound by law to protect and defend the constitution, but they don’t want to protect the southern border to keep drugs out.

  3. These bills do absolutely nothing to stem the culture of violence in our state and mainly the inner cities. It does however put rural communities at risk by taking away their rights to defend themselves. Over night they will turn hard working and law abiding citizens into criminals. Democrats declared that young adults of 18 to 21 are incapable of make good decisions. This legislation should direct their attention to improving mental health and instilling a respect for life in our youth and adults. The violence will continue with or without these bills.

  4. The crime problem could be almost entirely fixed by enforcing the laws that do exist and having strict and harsh punishment for actual criminals. Keep the criminals in jail and have a 3 strikes you’re out law. That would keep the repeat offenders off of our streets. MLG has no interest in curbing crime, she wants to disarm the citizens for reasons of control.

    1. I totally agree with you. The criminals in this case are the ones that voted for these bills, which I believe are unconstitutional. They should study history and they will see what these laws actually do. The tyrants that instilled these laws got rid of many, many people.

  5. The NM Marxist Government does want to unarm its citizens. If these bill are approved young families will not be safe. We have families with children that parents are 18 and 19 and they will just have to defend themselves with bats and crow bars, sad, sad, sad. They then want law abiding citizens inform the state if the own an AR platform, is this just make it easier for the state to come take them? These laws also make law abiding citizens into felons. I would guess, it will be the governor and the Marxists coming to our homes to confiscate our fire arms and NOT the Sheriffs and State Police, law enforcement knows it is against the State and Federal constitution more do they want to face armed citizens defending their constitutional rights.

  6. What’s next for us? are they going to outlaw Knives because someone got stabbed, cars because someone got run over, ropes because someone got choked? I could go on forever! It’s not the gun, it’s the person holding it! This is all part of the plan that started with the COVID control idiocy. They want us broke , scared, hungry and defenseless. You cannot control an armed and educated population!

  7. Doesn’t she know that the 18-21 year olds are the largest age group in the country that JOIN THE MILITARY? What does the MILITARY do lady? THEY FIGHT THE ENEMY WITH GUNS! Not being mentally fit to use or own a firearm at 18 is hogwash, I learned about and was using firearms at 10 years old! Oh thank GOD i moved away from the INSANITY that is NEW MEXICO!

  8. If you take away weapons from 18 to 21 year olds they should revert the voting age to 21. If you attack one Federal Law you need to do all of them.

  9. MLG you are the criminal that we need to protect ourselves against. How do we do that?? Impeach you and your cronies. I want a governor that will uphold the oath of office and not treat it as insignificant. You have no respect for our State, the Citizens and the Constitution. You are a bully, a blowhard and a murder of the unborn. God help and protect us from you and your evil diabolical agendas.

  10. This is EXACTLY why we have left Nuevo California ( formally known as New Mexico) for the free-er state of TEXAS.

    Registering your firearms with the state WILL. at some point, result in the midnight knock on your door – quickly followed by the door ram and a stack of SWAT officers.

  11. She’s still trying to make a name for herself in a democrat administration by seeing how far she can go.

    If she wants to keep children safe, perhaps she should quit advocating for murdering them in the womb.

  12. Open borders= “soft” invasion of the homeland
    Attack of 2A= sitting ducks
    No way to defend ourselves= end of a free nation
    Fall of a free nation= one world order
    And that is what MLG and those like her are fighting like hell for. The American people should have access to the same weapons as the military without permits, registering, etc. The 2A is the only thing standing between We the People and a tyrannical government. “Gun laws” in general should be unconstitutional. We must be a well armed militia and prepared to overthrow the government at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, that day is soon approaching as these politicians have gotten “too big for their britches.”
    Make no mistake- Covid was a test run to see how obedient and compliant we would be.

  13. I guess many New Mexicans will be outside of the law if they bandar platforms. What law are the marxist making for the bad guys, the gangs, the folks that do not buy their guns legally??? NONE!!! One these laws are not in line with the NM constitution nor our federal constitution. How are these elected officials supporting their oath to the constitution? They are not. They need to be voted out of their jobs.

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