Thousands of Texans are flocking to New Mexico for this specific reason

Data from the 2022 U.S. Census highlight that the allure of New Mexico is drawing a significant number of Texans, according to Business Insider. The statistics reveal an impressive migration trend, with nearly 17,000 individuals relocating from Texas to New Mexico in the span of just one year, from 2021 to 2022. This movement marks Texas as the leading contributor to New Mexico’s population influx.

Among the new residents are Don and Patti Crook, who decided to leave Texas behind, driven in part by the burden of substantial property taxes. “People are getting priced out of their homes due to super high property taxes,” Don Crook expressed in a discussion with the Albuquerque Journal.

The financial strain of these taxes is not negligible, with Texas being ranked as having the seventh highest average property tax rate in the country at 1.63%, a figure reported by ABC13, an ABC News affiliate in Houston. In contrast, New Mexico offers a more appealing rate at 0.74%.

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Despite the absence of a state income tax and relatively moderate home prices in Texas, the high property taxes are a significant factor in many people’s decision to move. Greg Brown, a former Texas resident of 35 years, shared his sentiment with the Journal, stating, “New Mexico just has more of that family feel to it. New Mexico is the Texas that I grew up with.” This comment underscores the cultural and community aspects that also influence the migration trend.

Interestingly, despite the notable exodus to New Mexico, Texas continues to attract a substantial number of new residents, maintaining its position as the leader in population growth within the United States. As reported by Business Insider, this trend is particularly evident among unmarried millennials who opt for renting, a demographic for whom property taxes may not be an immediate concern.

The movement of Texans to New Mexico is multifaceted, influenced by economic factors such as property taxes and the search for a community that resonates more closely with individual values and lifestyles. This migration pattern reflects broader trends in domestic mobility, where economic considerations are balanced against personal and community values.


45 thoughts on “Thousands of Texans are flocking to New Mexico for this specific reason”

  1. Maybe their fleeing a state that is a law and order state for a lawless communist hellhole that murders its infants and taxes everything including labor. This is a perfect state for criminals since it’s “leaders “ are certainly so. “Family values “ what a joke. I’ve lived here most of my life and have seen it change from a good place to live to mini California. Oh by the way Grisham and Newsome govern similarly, each trying to out Soviet the other. Maybe they just like being last in everything good.

    1. I so agree with you. I moved here because my two grown children had moved here and my grandchildren. Not knowing how bad it was. It was good the first few years until the evil ice queen MLG got into office. Why would someone think this is a great place for family??? Crime is high like you said and it’s the capital to murder babies up to birth. It’s a sinful place to live, if I could I would move to South Dakota. I keep praying for NM and for the Lord to take the blinders off peoples eyes so they see the truth.
      The people who say this is a land of milk and honey are most likely liberals. God have mercy on us all.

      1. Karen, I’m sorry New Mexico has disappointed you. We are capable of so much better than we have. Thank you for your prayers!

  2. They’ll pay a lot less in property taxes and a lot more in state income taxes. I can see that working for retirees, but if you’re earning a full-time paycheck the income tax expense will outweigh the property tax savings. But if it means more people in NM who know better than to vote for Democrats, I’m all for it.

    1. Marcello T. Hinojosa

      I’m a 4th generation New Mexican. My family has been here since it was a Territory. I must say I have the privilege of saying I’ve lived a great life in New Mexico. I don’t worry about what I can’t control. Warning to the generations behind me. Hold on tight the future looks bumpy.

    2. wrong. Median house price in Texas $300,000
      Property tax on that is $7100

      $300,000 property tax in NM is $2280
      $100,000 income tax in NM is $3200
      Add it up

    3. I wonder where in New Mexico they’re moving to. If it’s Santa Fe, they are probably the people moving into the multi-million dollar houses where the property tax is lower than the multi-million dollar houses in Texas. If those are the sorts of people who are moving here, they’re also likely to be MLG supporters. I know a bunch of very nice TX women who moved to Rancho Viejo where the housing is more reasonable, but they are self-proclaimed liberals and supporters of MLG. So don’t hold your breathe.

  3. I like many folks are thinking of moving out of NM. The reason is the Marxist government. Our state is at best the 3rd worst state in the nation. We have bad schools (50 of 51), the schools can help ur child transition with out parents permission, our state does not know how to properly spend our tax dollar (47 of 50), NM is slowly creeping in on taking our 2A rights away.

    1. And if you are all in for electric vehicles, this is your state. It looks as if MLG with the help of the Sierra Club managed to get tax rebates for those who want to buy them. There are other tax breaks to promote them, as well as mandates for public vehicles to be switched out for electric ones.

  4. Haha..this is warped reporting…krqe reported that 17,455 new Mexicans moved to Texas in 2022. Every year it’s just about a wash between these two states. It means zip squat as its been that way fir a long time…just crappy journalism trying to get clicks

  5. Um, no. NM is corrupt beyond measure. If you’re a Socialist or Marxist, it’s a great place to live. If you believe in erasing history you don’t like, it’s a great place to
    live. If you worship at the altar of abortion, it’s THE best place to live. We’re a gay couple and we’re on our way out.

    1. Yup we packed it up and moved to a crimson RED state last year. Its a shame to say this about my own home town/state, but NM is a sh!thole. I’m sure leftist/libs and Democrats are moving there for the same reasons we left there. Some people love to live in sh!tholes. Look at California for example.

    2. I guess you won’t have to worry about abortion so that’s lucky for you. We live in a late stage capitalism and what comes next is democratic socialism.

    3. You need to move to Travis county because the rest of the state won’t like you much. As for your political beliefs the whole state of Texas is for you.

  6. I hope these Texans bring their conservative values and votes! We need to get back to common sense and get rid of politicians like MLG trying their best to make NM into little CA. Help us turn NM red!

  7. Robert (Bob) Parmelee

    I grew up in Los Alamos (late 1940’s), received a BSEE at NMSU and lived in 11 states (most with state income tax) and several foreign countries. My wife and I left Santa Fe New Mexico for Texas back in 2007 to help with an ailing son-in-law. Here’s my input.

    The problem with New Mexico is the prevailing Marxist government mentality in Santa Fe and the associated income tax. The problem with Texas, as described previously, is property tax, however I have no issue with property tax. If you live frugally and have a modest home all is well. Our home in Central Texas has a retail (current sales prices) of about $350K with an annual property tax of approximately $5000. Our tax is restrained by a homestead exemption. The Republican government (Gov Abbott, et al) is always concerned with taxes.

    Lets take the example, of wealthy California couple which sells a similar modest house in California for say $1million and is considering relocating to NM vs Texas. If they plan to continue working and can find equivalent jobs in both states, you would pay ZERO income tax in Texas. That’s a big (maybe VERY BIG) deal.

    Similarly, if you are retired and are relying on investment income from 401Ks and IRAs. You will probably pay less in Texas.

    If you are younger, with kids, you have additional concerns. In my opinion, NM has a very poor k-12 educational system. (I wrote a ppt presentation back in 2004 entitled Stupid in New Mexico) and with the Dims and teachers unions in power, good luck in changing that.

    On the other hand Texas is on the road (finally) to a robust School Choice Program in which the money will follow the child. Your most important asset is your children. They only go around once.

    Regards to all, Bob Parmelee

    1. I agree, it must be extremists that want to move to New Mexico. Who else would want to come here?
      Please get involved, write articles, help where you can.

      1. THE PEOPLES OPERATION RESTORATION…non of our elected officials have a proper constitutional oath on file, nor do they have a proper surety insurance bond, which makes each one personally liable for each claim made against them. They are part of the US corporation and not the Republic. They are using admiralty/maritime law not common law. They are a defacto govt using civil procedures not dejur. The treasonous Organic act of 1871 sold us out to the British crown. Our founders gave us the solution. Time to get involved to save our country.

        1. By the way…this is a foreign insurrection which gave Trump special powers. If you follow his EO’s, PEADs, and the Law of War manual, you can clearly see how he set the framework to give power back to the people. Military Occupation and Continuity of Operations are key.

  8. Sweet As Strawberry Wine

    It is so easy to sit back and complain about our state. Be courageous! Get involved with your local conservative candidates to help them win the election this year! They need your help. Be willing to talk to other conservatives who either don’t vote or vote for the “D” candidate because that is the way they have consistently voted. We have to change minds and hearts to change this state.

    1. I have tried and have found that Republican in New Mexico means RINO. Republican politicians in New Mexico are afraid to say “TRUMP” out loud. It’s a real shame.

  9. They are buying vacation home maybe. Ruidoso and Cloudcroft is where they are buying homes. Quick ride from El Paso to the cooler mountains in the summer.

  10. I’m in Texas and it’s not all that great. High cost of living including property taxes. BUT, don’t forget that NM taxes income at 6 percent (vs zero in Texas) And NM tax even applies to Social Security income (very few states are that brutal). Nice place to visit… I would not want to live there.

  11. I’m from TX and lived in NM. Moved back to TX 2 yrs ago. I had to get away from the awful government, awful schools. COVID was the last straw. No school for over a year. MLG is a little tyrant. They only vote in Democrats there and it seems lost. Glad to be outta there!

  12. How many of them are bringing business or investment capital with them, or are creating wealth or adding value?

  13. I agree NM has become sh**hole due to the powers that be. Power hungry greedy elitists telling the illegal and criminals to come on down. We have sanctuary cities, we very seldom put anyone in jail or make them pay restitution for the damages they created. We also give you FREEBIES, to include paying for rent, food, child care, medical, dental and education. The demoncraps tell the majority what they want to hear just to get voted in. Since the majority of the voters have always voted “D” they feel the “D’s” are for the people. Add this to the dialog to the illegals you must vote “D” or you won’t get all this free stuff, you’ll have to work and pay your own way. Corruption? You better believe it!

  14. Tax rate in Bernalillo County is about 1.42%, so not much different than Texas. You would be hard pressed to find a home in NM that has a tax rate of only 0.74%.

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